Moon & Back Session :: Koji

Ladies and gentlemen… Koji

Koji has recently concluded a tour of the UK and Ireland with Into It. Over It., but before he left Manchester he was kind enough to let us a record a little something for another ‘Moon & Back Session’. Rather than going with one of his own, the Philidelphia-based singer/songwriter decided to cover Pedro The Lion’s ‘The Longer I Lay Here’. As expected, it’s awesome. Be sure to check it out below.

If you have a particular artist in mind for a ‘Moon & Back Session’, drop us a message in the comments section and we’ll do our best to secure them next time they’re touring. We’ve got more of these coming in the next few weeks and we’re really excited about them. Thanks for watching and thanks to everyone who shared this online, that was awesome!

Moon & Back Session :: Into It. Over It.

Ladies and gentlemen…Into It. Over It.

The idea of having artists do “sessions” for Moon & Back is an idea we’ve been throwing around for a while. Today, that idea comes to fruition. Into It. Over It. performed in Manchester last night, so we asked Evan if he’d be kind enough to record a couple of songs for us. He obliged and completely blew us away.

First up, he performs a fantastic version of, his own, ‘Augusta, GA’ (taken from the album Twelve Towns). He followed that with a brilliant cover of Iron Chic’s ‘Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good). Be sure to let us know who you’d like to see do a ‘Moon & Back Session’ and, if they’re on tour somewhere near us, we’ll do our best to track them down. I hope you enjoy this. We’ve got a few more lined up and would love to keep bringing these to you on a semi-regular basis.

All footage was shot and edited by, our in house video team, Dicking Around Productions. Check them out here.

Augusta, GA

Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good)