Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 7: Love Boobs. Hate Cancer.

“Flaming Labias…Bubbling Chi-Chi’s…Vaginal Explosion…What were we talking about again?” – Ian Critchley

Under The Bridge returns this week with a slightly new format. We’ve tweaked it a little and have actually managed to get it down to just under an hour (before editing). Don’t worry, the same amount of banter is still there. It’s just a lot more focused. You’ll enjoy it more now, mainly because you’ll be able to listen to the whole thing without falling asleep.

This week we talked a bit about the Against Me tour cancellation, Dave Grohl vs. The Scissor Sisters and even Joe McElderry. The big talking point this episode was Lexapalooza – the all day gig in London dedicated to Lexi Burrows in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign. It’s just a shame we couldn’t get this up before the gig on Saturday. We’ll talk more about how the gig went on the next show.

This week’s music was provided by, Pontefract punkers, Above Them:

. For Those Who Paved The Way

. Put Your Heart Into This

. Give It Up To Start Again

. Perfect Like Life

. Keep Smiling

Go on, have a listen

Under The Bridge – Episode 7: Love Boobs. Hate Cancer. (Right click/ctrl + click to download)

Main Topic


  • Talk a bit about the gig/day
  • Talk a bit about the cause
  • Who was there? Who do we rate?


Dave Grohl Sues Scissor Sisters

  • Suing the band, the venue, ticketmaster, their label and everyone else for $75million
  • Listen to the interview.

New 7” Coming From Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

  • Sound Bully Recordings announced this earlier in the week
  • Two new songs
  • Released October 29th at The Fest 9
    • Limited To 500 Copies

Fat Wreck Brining Back ‘Fat Music’ Series

  • Volume 7 – Harder, Fatter + Louder is coming out on November 23rd
  • Features artists such as: NOFX, The Lawrence Arms, Against Me!, Smoke Or Fire and Dillinger Four

Against Me! Cancel UK/European Tour

  • Due to “unforseen circumstances”
  • Crazy Arm, Fucked Up, Japanese Voyeurs trying to “salvage” some dates
    • Vans night looks on track
  • Everyone is gutted. Fans and bands both.

Germs Of Perfection

  • We now have details on that Bad Religion tribute album.
  • A new track streamed daily on MySpace
  • Barlow’s Daily Feature

Joe McElderry Almost Wet Himself At A Beyonce Gig

  • Spent the entire show needing a piss.



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Stuff worth mentioning

  • Sundowner – We Chase The Waves album review
  • Germs Of Perfection daily feature.
  • Going Underground is back!

Coming Soon

  • Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man album review
  • Well Wisher EP review
  • Oli Wood Interview
  • Andrew Jackson Jihad Interview
  • The Xcerts Album Review
  • Dicking Around in London coming soon


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Germs Of Perfection :: Guttermouth


Guttermouth, I haven’t heard that name in a while. The last time I listened to those guys I was trying to work out the words to one of their songs. I think it was something about bullets…who knows? Well they’re the latest band to add to this wonderful Bad Religion compilation. These guys have almost been around as long as Brett Gurewitz and co.

For their contribution they’ve gone for one of Bad Religion’s early anthems, ‘Pity’. The original track was on the band’s, 1982 album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse. The same album features, the iconic, ‘We’re Only Gonna Die’ and ‘Fuck Armageddon…This Is Hell’. Check out Guttermouth’s interpretation on a Bad Religion classic here.

Germs Of Perfection :: The Weakerthans


Canada, eh? That’s where the next band to cover Bad Religion hail from. The Weakerthan’s have been compared to bands like Against Me! for their punk rock take on folk music and they’re really bloody good. Yet another band that I’ve heard of, but not heard much by. Then again, that’s what compilations like this are for aren’t they? Well, besides being a fitting tribute to one of the best punk bands going.

The guys have covered ‘Sanity’ from Bad Religion’s fourth album No Control, released in 1989. It’s a chilled out take on the classic song and, again, isn’t something I’d expect on a compilation like this. Be sure to check it out.

Germs Of Perfection :: William Elliot Whitmore

Don’t Pray On Me

We’ve had auto-tuned Danish punk from New Politics, the down tempo, acoustic, stylings of Tegan & Sara and now Bad Religion goes country with William Elliot Whitmore. Whitmore’s soulful, Blues infused, voice, with it’s wonderful Southern twang, may be the best and most interesting song on the album thus far. I’d go as far as saying I love it.

The Iowa-born singer/songwriter has covered ‘Don’t Pray On Me’, originally recorded for Bad Religion’s 1993 album Recipe For Hate. You can check it out here and be sure to check out William Elliot Whitmore on MySpace too.

Promo :: Under Stars & Gutters


Irish punk rock band Under Stars and Gutters have released their first EP Soundtrack To This City today on Death To False Hope records. The 5 track EP is available for download for free or donation from here

The band also have plans to tour the UK in January/ February so be sure to catch them live.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Patton

Album Review :: Sundowner – We Chase The Waves

“…this is not an album of incredible studio production, mass-multi-tracked instrumentation, auto-tuned, top ten hit record bullshit. But who the fuck would want that?”

For anyone who doesn’t know, Sundowner is the acoustic side-project of Chris McCaughan, guitarist and singer of the band Lawrence Arms. I was skeptical of using this as an opening line, I didn’t want to give the impression that this was just a side-project and that without the Lawrence Arms link, Sundowner would be nothing. Oh contraire, Sundowner is by all means a project to be taken very seriously, and this second release only continues to clarify that point.

The album has quite a peculiar start, the song The Flicker, is very sombre and not one you would expect to be chosen as an opener. It’s a good song, just one that seems odd to begin with. Less than three minutes in and it is obvious the lyrical talents of McCaughan have not diminished in the slightest. It becomes clear at the end of the song why this was chosen,  as it builds up and slips sublimely into Araby by way of a classic ‘1, 2, 3, 4.’

As far as progression goes, there is nothing intensely different from the first Sundowner record. If anything, this record has been given even more of a stripped down feel, with minimal instrumentation giving it a real home recording effect. Some people might find this a little strange. I personally, think it’s fucking great, as the album focuses far more on the lyrics, vocal melodies and guitar tracks, making this a very personal record with a far more natural flow than previous effort, Four, One, Five, Two.

Making this record was no half-arsed process. Whilst listening through the album, it is clear that a lot of work has gone into the vocals specifically. Both the main vocal and back up sounds have pushed the boundaries for Sundowner. Not so much in terms of range, with a very comfortable array of notes coming from the mouth of this Chicago born singer/songwriter, but more in terms of rhythm. The closing track, What Beadie Said, is a perfect example of the entire albums curious but effective motion.

As said before, this is not an album of incredible studio production, mass-multi-tracked instrumentation, auto-tuned, top ten hit record bullshit. But who the fuck would want that? If you look for deeply intricate lyrics, kick-ass sing along melodies and some good acoustic rocking, then this album might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Check out Whales and Sharks and also Mouth Of A Tiger, personal faves of mine.

Germs Of Perfection :: New Politics

I’ll be honest with you, I know very little about this band. New Politics are a punk trio from Denmark and, like everyone involved with this wonderful project, heavily influenced by Bad Religion.

They’ve a sound that’s unlike what I’ve heard in a long time. It’s hard punk with a pop-infused edge. How that works, I’ve actually got no idea. It does though, and their take on ‘Generator’ (one of my favorite Bad Religion tracks) is great. It’s got a slight elecro feel too it, but it works well and is definitely worth a listen. The track is taken from Bad Religion’s 1992 album of the same name.

You can listen to the track here.

Video :: Dicking Around In Southsea (Featuring: The 255s Apologies I Have None, Above Them & Crazy Arm)

After an extended leave of absence Dicking Around productions is back with a new video. After the poor audio quality on those Jonah Matranga videos, you thought we’d have learnt something. Well, we haven’t. The audio is as terrible as ever, but that will be fixed for the next installment. This one was kind of on a whim, using borrowed equipment and recorded by two guys that had just taken a 9-hour coach ride. I’m sure you can forgive us.

The story is that we decided we needed a bit of an adventure after sitting on our collective laurels for almost the entire summer, so where else could we go other than to Southsea? The all-day festival, which took up the entirety of the town’s Albert Road, was great. Loads of great bands played and we got to see some people we hadn’t seen in a while. The journey almost took it out of us, we were running on very little cash, but we came out alive. Check out the video below.

Advance EP Review :: Kelly Kemp & Bangers/El Morgan & The Arteries

What happens when you combine two Southsea songstress’ with two awesome punk bands?

For many artists the split EP (or EP’s in general) are a thing of the past. Thankfully they’re still a factor in the underground music scene, helping promote new bands and introduce people to acts they otherwise might have passed by. I mean, Without Alkaline Trio’s iconic split with Hot Water Music, the sultry tones of Chuck Ragan and Chris Wollard might have eluded me for even longer (cheers, Ian). That’s exactly what’s happened here.

I was introduced to El Morgan back in May when she toured with Austin Lucas and I, along with many others in that pub cellar, immediately became a fan. When I found out she was putting out some new material, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The fact that this was a collaborative effort was icing on the cake. Unlike the Trio, my love of El’s music had given me three new artists to listen to. I’d heard of everyone included on this record before, but had never really checked them out. As per usual, I find out I should’ve been listening to these guys a long time ago and feel like a fool.

This type of collaborative effort is something I’m not familiar with. Maybe I’ll sound like even more of a fool, but this combination seems rather original. Four artists – two singer/songwriters and two bands – paired up to collaborate on a record. It intrigued me to say the least, especially considering I was a fan of the El/Arteries tracks in their original form. The outcome is great.

El’s tracks have a harder edge than the acoustic originals. The main vocal is delivered with a ferocity I’m not used to hearing from her, and it took me a few listens to properly appreciate them. The addition of The Arteries turns simple, melodious, acoustic songs into fast paced punk anthems. ‘Ballroom’ is probably my favorite of El’s tracks, and a good bit slower than ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’, so I was really interested in how this would turn out. I was really impressed – as I was with all four tracks – but the way this track slowly builds before revealing it’s true punk colours made it for me. I still have a soft spot for the originals though.

Kelly’s songs are one’s I’m less familiar with and I think that made them an easier listen. I wasn’t constantly thinking about another version, like I was with the other two. The former NoComply singer really shows her range here. ‘Bridges Over Broken Hearts’ is my favorite of the four tracks. I still haven’t got it’s sing along hook out of my head. ‘The Great Fall Down’ is just as good. Both tracks have got a great 90’s punk feel to them. They’re fun, sing-a-long songs that’ll stick with you for a while. If you’re a punk fan and want something new and interesting to listen to, you won’t go wrong with this.

The EP is released on 7″ on October 11th. You can buy it at Specialist Subject Records and get the MP3s now.

Going Underground :: Above Them

With a minimum of bands to bother (probably due to festival season) I’ve slowly found my clarification for existence slipping away, so decided to start ‘Going Underground’ — A cliché-named segment to promote wicked music that very unfortunately evades the public eye. This will feature on the site weekly/bi-weekly/whenever the fuck I feel like it, I haven’t decided yet.

First on the agenda is a beautiful band called Above Them.

Above Them have been flying just below radar for sometime now, but since the release of their “now-nearly-a-year-old” album, Blueprint For A Better Time, the trio have been well and truly making a name for themselves in the punk scene playing with other greats such as Chillerton, The 255s and even the almighty Chuck Ragan.

The bands sound itself is a hard one to pin: It’s slick, smooth and melodic but at the same time featuring all the rawness of true punk rock or a chapped arse, but in a good way. Above Them have totally found their own sound. They’ve a uniqueness that is so relieving when compared to the many ‘might-as-well-be-tribute’ bands that occupy the punk scene.

As a live act the boys don’t hold back, with high energy, hard-hitting sets and some half decent banter to boot. Go and listen to the boys from Pontefract on Myspace, buy their album, go watch them live, whatever. Just make sure you sample the sweet sound that is Above Them. Oh, and buy a t-shirt, they’re smart as fuck.

I give Above Them 4/5 Special Brews, they lose a point because they’re from Yorkshire.

Above Them are playing an all day festival at the Oxford pub in Manchester this Saturday 24/07/10. Details below:


You can buy Blueprint For A Better Time on i-Tunes by clicking this link: