Podcast :: Under The Bridge #18: “Do Squirrels Have Knuckles?”

“You could, like, cure AIDS with the theremin…” – Ian Critchley

Here we are for another Under The Bridge, it’s time to spent another hour or so listening to “drunken louts” offend the world with their views. I hope you all know that we are not full of hate and everything we say is in jest. We have another guest this week, and he’s a musical guest too. As Cara Moore correctly guessed, Ben Marwood is joining us this time around. He’s here to discuss the week in music and to talk about his forthcoming jaunt around the UK with Frank Turner and Franz Nicolay. Tune in for fun, frolics and a fuck load of swearing!

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Under The Bridge #18: “Do Squirrels Have Knuckles?”

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Music – Ben Marwood

  • Singalong
  • Tell Avril Lavigne I Didn’t Want To Be Her Stupid Boyfriend Anyway
  • Oh My Days
  • They Will Float Your Body Out To Sea
  • District Sleeps Alone Tonight (Postal Service Cover)


  • Morrissey announces new UK tour
  • Frank Turner Minute
  • The Foo Fighters
  • Britney Spears
  • Nerve Centre call the (thought) police
  • Rise Against to stream Electric Ballroom show online
  • Iron Chic debut LP released on Banquet Records
  • Lots of festival news
  • Jimmy Eat World playing London and Cardiff
  • Alkaline Trio finish recording “reimagined” album
  • Green Day to release, live album, ‘Awesome As Fuck’ through Adeline Records
  • Bowling For Soup announce new album
  • Screeching Weasel stream new record

Main Topic

  • Ben’s touring with Frank Turner and Franz Nicolay in May.



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  • Facebook – Ben Marwood

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Single Review :: London Elektricity – Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm / The Plan That Cannot Fail

Hollow, cold and haunting, London Elektricity’s new single “Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” is humble but sharp-edged, with rough, raw straight-from-the-wax breaks and a minimalistic, slow-motion-movie approach to a genre that is no longer afraid to show its versatility (and one that, fortunately, does not rely on “rinsing it out proper” to gain popularity.) This two-tracker is London Elektricity’s first work in 3 years, and with vocals reminiscent of Sia’s “Breathe Me” and an odd change in moods being a prominent feature, Hospital Records’ new offering might not be ripping up every dancefloor in the country this month, but it definitely won’t be going unnoticed.

“The Plan That Cannot Fail” is a slightly safer bet for London Elektricity, admittedly, but fails to disappoint. A piano richer than a bath of Belgian Chocolate and Honey, an infinite soundscape, a drum break like James Brown’s backup after a 12-pack of redbull and what can only be described as some insane kind of spiritual, euphoric, feel-good, summer’s-here-but-it-isn’t-really-but-it-feels-like-it stellar experience for the soul. Nice.

Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming album “Yikes!” which is coming soon on Hospital Records. Pre-orders are available now.


Watch the video from 18/03/2011 at http://londonelektricity.com/tv/

WU LYF :: Just Another P.R Campaign?


After being asked who let off the smoke bomb, the culprate evntually owned up.

 Billed as the most enigmatic band of the 21st century by some, the future of British music by others and the most pretentious outfit to come out of the north by the rest. But, what just is it that is causing such a rigours divide between the music press up and down the country about WU LYF?

 In a year where the press’ ‘ones to watch’ consist largely of Eaton College drop outs on a gap year prior to taking up an executive position at Uncle William and Auntie Kate’s law firm, it would be fair to assume that Manchester is arguably the most likely place to produce creative a response from the working classes. And, in any other circumstances one would be right to assume so. However, these are not regular circumstances and this is not 1994. As it happens, WU LYF are as middle class, as educated and laden with far more pretence than any of this years ‘hype bands‘. Although, it just so happens that they are far more talented.

Any attempt at research in relation to the band falls flat at the first hurdle. A useless Myspace page that contains no information about the band and a website that combines post apocalyptic imagery with that of urban decay and famine stricken countries, in a mash up of religious iconography (pretentious enough?). Not a single interview nor press shoot exists of the band. They casually refer to their management as ‘Warlord’ and they define their genre as ‘Heavy Pop’ (also the name of their debut single). It would seem outside of a handful of well documented gigs in their managers Manchester venue ‘An Outlet Café’, that this band simply does not exist.

It is these poorly recorded videos of the bands hometown performances along with their debut single (Heavy Pop), which have saved them from being thrown upon the art school scrap heap along with proving that they do actually exist.

First and foremost, this is loud music. Never is there any hint of a lull in which a song dares to reside into brief moment of serenity. Every cymbal crashes with the vigour of the last, every scream as sincere as the first and every riff as prominent as the next. This is noise that can not be escaped.

More importantly, WU LYF have done what very few if any of their noise rock predecessors have accomplished. They have successfully managed to transcend the overwhelming noise of their live performance onto record without compromise.

On debut single ’Heavy Pop’, the lyrics are simply inaudible, possibly this is the only real shame of WU LYF however, the onslaught of noise does more than compensate. The organ swells from the start and remains a daunting presence throughout the song, whilst reverb drenched guitar jars against the crashing cymbals with its dream pop melodies. The feverous vocal enters with all the hostility of a Birthday Party era Nick Cave to create a wall of sound bigger than Phil Spector could have possibly fathomed. However it is on forthcoming single ‘Split it Concrete Like the Colden Sun God’ that the band show their versatility.

Adapting their ‘Heavy Pop’ style, the drums lead an agile samba rhythm, whilst the bass provides the platform for the surf guitar and what was an in-audible yelp becomes a tribal sing-along. The art house style video depicts the western colonisation of a rainforest tribe with scenes of gratuitous violence and a subtext with varying implications of revolution. A long way from Manchester, I am sure you will agree.

Similarly, on live favourite ‘Lucifer Calling’, the band leads the audience from a Manchester café and into the closing scenes of Apocalypse Now with all the ease of a band four times their year. Not before the song descends into an un-ending drone of feedback as the rest of the band take up sticks to provide an onslaught of cross rhythms to which audiences respond with equal animalistic enthusiasm.

There can be no doubt that WU LYF have the catalogue to support the growing fascination that surrounds them. However, this makes the bands representation all the more curious. Could it be, that WU LYF have taken it upon themselves to iron out the creases in punks flawed fundamentals by refusing to acknowledge media presence in order to make their ant-establishment ideals all the more ‘real’? Or, could it be the most carefully constructed P.R campaign of the year, the likes of which are reserved strictly for soulless ‘Brit-School’ graduates to mask their minuscule puddle of talent?

Either way, WU LYF remain 2011’ s only real interesting prospect. Whether that says more about this years wave of new bands or not, will no doubt play a factor in any conclusion. For as long as WU LYF keep refusing to provide answers, the world has no choice but to keep asking questions.

Josh Miller

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #17: “I Hate Bitches!”

“Why does Thom York spell his name with a ‘H’, is he a wanker?” – Ian Critchley

Wouldn’t a tattoo of an aligator wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigar saying “I hate bitches” be great? We seem to think so. In this latest dose of Under The Bridge we’re joined by, GamerWok Entertainment editor in chief, Jeff Clemens for more offensive and insightful musings about music. In this episode we have an interview with Giles Bidder (a.k.a Cynics), talk about the new Radiohead record and discuss colloquial terms for English and Canadian money.

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #17: “I Hate Bitches” (right click/ctrl + click to download or Subscribe on iTunes)



  • You’re Alright
  • Stones I’ve Thrown
  • Be Excellent To Eachother
  • Knightcap
  • 14 Coleman Street


  • Frank Turner Minute
  • Thursday to play three pre-Groezrock shows
  • Justin Bieber gets shot on telly
  • The Menzingers to play Warped Tour
  • Trio to “reimagine” old tracks for new release
  • Lady Gaga says ‘hollywood parties’ won’t change her/compares new songs to heroin
  • Matt Skiba and Atom Willard form From Hell
  • New York Dolls playing London
  • Kayne causes Epilepsy
  • Austin Lucas announces European tour
  • Michael Jackson’s kids talk about him all the time
  • Moving North 15 in Manchester

Main Topic

  • Cynics Interview



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Guitar Hero – Game Over

Rock fans and gamers alike are mourning this week – Guitar Hero, probably the most successful music-based video game ever created, has died,and there will be no more future releases. Activision stated quite simply that they are “disbanding Activision Publishing’s Guitar Hero business unit.” I’m sad to see it go, but there are reasons why it just couldn’t have survived.

Activision just did not understand the product. We live in a strange time – if we disregard the earliest sad attempts to create a computer game, then gaming has been popular since around the mid to late 70’s (I’m talking Pong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders.) That’s 35 years or so of time to develop from a tiny 2-colour seed to a full blown rock extravaganza. Granted, it’s a highly competitive market, but Activision have been around for years themselves. Harmonix simply created the games, Activision put them in the public eye.

When I first really started getting into the series, Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock was just about ready to come out. After that came World Tour, Warriors of Rock, GH5 and half a dozen band-specific games. Aside from a copy of Van Halen I picked up cheap, I owned none of these. The reason is simple – the games preceding GH3 were almost no different, and didn’t require another bloody controller with touch pads and 700 extra buttons and a new mega-uber-turbo whammy bar with inbuilt godknowswhat. You don’t buy a new CD player every 5 or 6 months, nor do you even buy any sort of new Xbox/PS3/PC controller every 5 or 6 months. People ended up shelling out for something that frankly, wasn’t much different, because backwards compatibility was poor and games were a little too expensive. Unless you went completely tits over shoulders for Guitar Hero, on or two was enough.

Compare this to Rock Band’s rather more clever sales ethic, however. Let’s face it – it’s Russia’s Ukraine – the little brother. The songs are unspiring, it’s blocky as fuck and the characters look like they’ve come from a Battle of the Bands somewhere deep in South Devon. Now consider that there have been over 70 million downloads of Rock Band songs, over 2,000 unique songs to choose from, and the game alone has netted over $1bn in sales. How does this happen? Because they sell a format. They are not selling repackaged game after repackaged game after repackaged game – there are a total of 5 Rock Band games, an original trilogy and Beatles and Green Day versions, and every version has seen large updates to the way the game works and instrument support. Rather than having 50 odd songs to choose from, you have their entire library, which is being constantly updated. A couple of quid here and there, buy a few new tracks, and you’ve got what could be considered a tiny iPhone App Store – the custom keeps returning with a small amount of effort, the people are happy. Now there’s a “little brother” title I wouldn’t mind having.

There’s only so many times you can buy the same thing over and over and pretend you’re getting more. Pringles are awesome but sometimes you just want to smash off a bag of Red Sky, and don’t even forget about Chipsticks. The more flavours, the less likely you are to stop trying Pringles early on. Just don’t take the piss and charge 5 quid a tube, that’s all I’m saying. I love snack-based analogies.

So what does the future hold for interactive music games? GH has gone down the pan and eventually, people are likely to get bored of strumming along to some punk hit from yesteryear. I believe, simply, it’s going to be in incorporating music tuition and recording. Attempting to conquer Dragonforce’s Through The Fire And Flames may be something, but as long as it’s kept entertaining, I can say without a shadow of doubt that our next generation of musicians may very well have been trained by a computer game. Chord recognition through a line-in? Not exactly unknown technology. Amp simulators? Easy. Drum multi-tracking through MIDI? It’s been going on for years. Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time.

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #15: Something, Something…Tom Gabel Lookalike

“Ian, stop talking about Abbie like that” – Chris Farren

It’s taken fifteen episodes, but we finally managed to get Chris Farren on the show. Chris’ band, Fake Problems, had taken a break from touring so he decided to finally accept our offer of appearing on the show. Of course, with us at the helm, it soon became chaotic and Chris got a bit of ‘hard time’. We only do it because we love him. Check out this episode to hear us interview Chris whilst he tries to fuck up the show.

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #15: Something, Something…Tom Gabel Lookalike (right click/ctrl + click to download / Subscribe on iTunes)

Show Notes:


  • The Gaslight Anthem release free alternative version of ‘Boxer’
  • H20 to play Groezrock
  • Kanye says Jay-Z collaboration record is coming next week.
  • Angels & Airwaves releasing Love II on Valentines day.
  • Peter Jackson reveals Beatles/Kubrick planned a Lord Of The Rings Movie
  • SideOneDummy to sign new band, call it a ‘big announcement’
  • Slapstick to play Asian Man 15th Anniversary Show
  • Paul McCartney proposes ‘Vegetarian Day’ to Indian Prime Minister
  • No Doubt are making a new record
  • Michael Buble shocked after ‘penis’ question
  • Some band called Fake Problems doing a split with Never Shout Never]

Main Topic

  • An interview with Chris Farren

Moon & Back Music Presents :: Readers Choice Award 2010: The Results

Rather than do what we did before and have a little description about the artist and album, this is just a list of winners. It’s just more convenient that way. The Moon & Back community have spoken and it turns out we were wrong. As good as American Slang is, The Gaslight Anthem don’t quite stack up according to our readers.

In fact, the Jersey boys didn’t even make it on to our readers list. Looks like we’ve not been doing our jobs properly…

5. The National – High Violet

4. Frightened Rabbit – Winter Of Mixed Drinks

3. Jonsi – Go

2. Airbourne – No Guts, No Glory

1. Fake Problems – Real Ghosts Caught On Tape

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #14: C’est La Vie (Incest Love Veal)

“I got something off Heather Gabel that also involved a hand…it was a shake” – Ian Critchley

After a typically drunken and offensive Christmas (what more did you expect?) we’re back to bring you episode fourteen of the podcast, with a Fall Out Boy-inspired subtitle courtesy of Mr. Critchley. This week we discuss who might make it big in 2011 and our most anticipated records of the new year. All of that plus your regular dose of news and other bullshit. Enjoy!

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #14: C’est La Vie (Incest Love Veel) (right click – or – ctrl + click to download and Subscribe on iTunes)


  • Allister new 7
  • Wonder years AP sesh
  • Still remains reform
  • Frank Turner Minute.
  • Bob Dylan cleared of Pizza prank
  • Boney M frontman snuffs it
  • Queens Of The Stone Age to begin recording in January.
  • Abba’s Agnetha Faltskog hints at reunion
  • Bernard Wilson dies
  • Winehouse Lyrics found in a dump
  • Lady Gaga scorse biggest selling album of 2010

Main Topic

  • Looking ahead to 2011
    • Show recomendations
    • Artist recomendations
      • Who’s going to make it big/semi-big/get a bit more recognition in 2011?
    • Records to look forward to

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #11: Bum Tish Skillz

“Is it gay if you have a dream about sucking yourself off, but you don’t cum?” – Ian Critchley

With Ian back from his holidays and a busy week ahead of us, we got around to recording episode 11 of Under The Bridge. This week we were joined by our favorite ex-pat Kris Smith to let you know what was going on in the world of music. Prepare for laughs as we discuss cheese rolling in Portsmouth, Blink-182’s UK tour and Sweeden’s population of cats. Kris tried to talk about John Coltrane, but we talked over him. Shame.

This week our music comes from Frank Turner — ‘St. Christopher Is Coming Home’, ‘I Still Believe’, ‘Try This At Home’, ‘The Ballad Of Me & My Friends’

Go on, have a listen – Under The Bridge #11: Bum Tish Skillz (right click/ctrl + click to download or subscribe on iTunes!)


  • Southsea Fest wins ‘Best Event’ in Portsmouth’s The Guide Awards
  • David Lynch to release electro album. Single already released.
  • Laura Marling cancels tonight gig due to snow.
  • Blink-182 add 3 more dates to their UK tour
  • Elton John calls Oasis brothers “silly sods.”
  • System of a down confirmed for Download 2011.
  • ‘Give Peace A Chance’ gets new verse.
  • Jay-Z & Beyonce will make great parents, says her mum.
  • Rival Schools interview and acoustic set on Punktastic.com.
  • Panic at the disco to release their album March 8th 2011.


  • Good reception to the video
  • Good reception to the podcast
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The Podcast

Moon & Back


Stuff worth mentioning

  • Interview :: Sean from Your First Mistake
  • Going Underground :: Leagues Apart
  • Canada, Eh? :: The Flatliners
  • Brothers In Arms – Famous Siblings In Rock & Roll – Jon Whitelaw
  • Interview :: Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Album Review :: Buffoon – Familiar Sounds
  • Album Review :: Tinashe – Saved
  • Interview :: Buffoon
  • Interview :: Less Than Jake

Coming Soon

  • Interview – Chuck Ragan
  • Interview – The Menzingers
  • EP Review – Frank Turner – Rock & Roll
  • Video Interview – Jonah Matranga
  • Dicking Around Presents… Jonah Matranga (Again!)
  • Dicking Around Up North/With Frank Turner
  • Interview – Frank Turner
  • Interview – Dive Dive
  • Carolling With Crazy Arm
  • Interview :: Crazy Arm


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Help Ian Make An EP!

What you gotta do to be part of the E.P is simple.

1. Download something to record yourself on. If you haven’t got any preferences, use Audacity. You can get that for free here.

2. Download the vocal track I prepared from here.

3. Add the vocal track to Audacity and create a separate track to record your vocals on.

4. Make sure you use headphones so the backing track isn’t picked up on your recording.

5. Hit record and sing your heart out, the lyrics are, “WE HAVE FAITH, BUT THESE DAYS IT AINT GETTING MUCH SUSSED, OUR STOMACHS ARE PITS, AND WE TALK ABOUT OURSELVES TOO MUCH.” (Just follow the backing track. Its easy.)

6. After recording, delete the backing track and mix down so JUST your vocal track is on the finished piece.

7. Slap the track into an e-mail and send to me in an email or Megaupload it and drop the link into a message on Facebook! (Harmonica Frank)

I was hoping to have this done by the 19th of December so get your tracks in pronto!