Podcast :: Under The Bridge #11: Bum Tish Skillz

“Is it gay if you have a dream about sucking yourself off, but you don’t cum?” – Ian Critchley

With Ian back from his holidays and a busy week ahead of us, we got around to recording episode 11 of Under The Bridge. This week we were joined by our favorite ex-pat Kris Smith to let you know what was going on in the world of music. Prepare for laughs as we discuss cheese rolling in Portsmouth, Blink-182’s UK tour and Sweeden’s population of cats. Kris tried to talk about John Coltrane, but we talked over him. Shame.

This week our music comes from Frank Turner — ‘St. Christopher Is Coming Home’, ‘I Still Believe’, ‘Try This At Home’, ‘The Ballad Of Me & My Friends’

Go on, have a listen – Under The Bridge #11: Bum Tish Skillz (right click/ctrl + click to download or subscribe on iTunes!)


  • Southsea Fest wins ‘Best Event’ in Portsmouth’s The Guide Awards
  • David Lynch to release electro album. Single already released.
  • Laura Marling cancels tonight gig due to snow.
  • Blink-182 add 3 more dates to their UK tour
  • Elton John calls Oasis brothers “silly sods.”
  • System of a down confirmed for Download 2011.
  • ‘Give Peace A Chance’ gets new verse.
  • Jay-Z & Beyonce will make great parents, says her mum.
  • Rival Schools interview and acoustic set on Punktastic.com.
  • Panic at the disco to release their album March 8th 2011.


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  • Good reception to the podcast
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Stuff worth mentioning

  • Interview :: Sean from Your First Mistake
  • Going Underground :: Leagues Apart
  • Canada, Eh? :: The Flatliners
  • Brothers In Arms – Famous Siblings In Rock & Roll – Jon Whitelaw
  • Interview :: Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Album Review :: Buffoon – Familiar Sounds
  • Album Review :: Tinashe – Saved
  • Interview :: Buffoon
  • Interview :: Less Than Jake

Coming Soon

  • Interview – Chuck Ragan
  • Interview – The Menzingers
  • EP Review – Frank Turner – Rock & Roll
  • Video Interview – Jonah Matranga
  • Dicking Around Presents… Jonah Matranga (Again!)
  • Dicking Around Up North/With Frank Turner
  • Interview – Frank Turner
  • Interview – Dive Dive
  • Carolling With Crazy Arm
  • Interview :: Crazy Arm


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Help Ian Make An EP!

What you gotta do to be part of the E.P is simple.

1. Download something to record yourself on. If you haven’t got any preferences, use Audacity. You can get that for free here.

2. Download the vocal track I prepared from here.

3. Add the vocal track to Audacity and create a separate track to record your vocals on.

4. Make sure you use headphones so the backing track isn’t picked up on your recording.

5. Hit record and sing your heart out, the lyrics are, “WE HAVE FAITH, BUT THESE DAYS IT AINT GETTING MUCH SUSSED, OUR STOMACHS ARE PITS, AND WE TALK ABOUT OURSELVES TOO MUCH.” (Just follow the backing track. Its easy.)

6. After recording, delete the backing track and mix down so JUST your vocal track is on the finished piece.

7. Slap the track into an e-mail and send to me in an email or Megaupload it and drop the link into a message on Facebook! (Harmonica Frank)

I was hoping to have this done by the 19th of December so get your tracks in pronto!

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #10: “Duke I is nou ervo .-“

“Suffolk can’t have a lord, it doesn’t even have a post office” – Ian Critchley

No, you’re not seeing things. This is another episode of Under The Bridge. We’ve not taken the podcast weekly, it’s just Ian (a.k.a. Jesus King Of The Gods) is in Spain and wouldn’t be able to record next week, as planned. Rather than have you lot stew for a week whilst he’s getting all tantastic, we recorded a week early. I can hear you all saying “aww, bless” in unison now.

Anyway, this week it’s not just us two providing you with a dose of bullshit. We’ve also got, Editor In Chief of Unrated Music, Jeff Clemens on the show. He chimes in on this week’s most pressing issues, whilst adding a touch of Canadian class to proceedings. On the cards for this episode: Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, more on Kanye West being his arrogant self and we talk about Lord Dani Filth…yes, Lord.

Go on, have a listen – Under The Bridge #10: “Duke I is nou ervo .-“ (right click/ctrl click + save to download or subscribe on iTunes)


  • Bomb The Music Industry to cover Weezer’s Blue Album
  • Eminem finds dating difficult
  • New Jacko song is real
  • Punktastic detail new compilation
  • Kanye West gives ‘concert’ on plane
  • Thin Lizzy to tour UK in 2011
  • Cradle Of Filth frontman becomes Lord


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Podcast :: Under The Bridge #9: We Should Have Gone To University, So We Did

Ian and Jamie Lenman (formerly of Reuben)

“I could go for a lefty, but that’s just messy” – Ian Critchley

After another ‘lost episode’ (one that should have featured guests), here’s episode 9 of Under The Bridge. This week we had a bit of a Reuben theme to our episode. For the ill informed, Reuben was an alternative rock band from Surrey that split up in 2008. There’s a campaign to get their song ‘Christmas Is Awesome’ to the top of the charts this Christmas and we’re fully behind that. Also this week: We announce a new ‘worlds nicest man’, we tell you why NATO canceled an Arcade Fire gig and tell you about a bunch of cool bands touring the US.


  • Blamethrower
  • Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies
  • The Weight Of The World
  • Suffocation Of The Soul
  • Agony/Agatha

Go on, have a listen – Under The Bridge #9: We Should Have Gone To University, So We Did (right click/ctrl + click to download)

Main Topic
Make Reuben’s ‘Christmas Is Awesome’ number 1 in the UK charts this Christmas!


  • Chuck Ragan ousts Jonah Matranga as ‘World’s Nicest Man’
  • Plan B not looking to crack America
  • North American Tour News (Quick mention)
  • XFM Winter Wonderland lineups announced (Quick Mention)
  • Johnny Cash memorabilia up for auction
  • Public Enemy raise $75,000 for fan-funded album
  • Foo Fighers to play two shows in…Milton Keynes
  • NATO Cancel Arcade Fire Gig
  • Taylor Swift likes a man to ‘take charge of her’
  • George Harrison once tricked Paul McCartney into thinking he was his dead mother
  • MC Hammer disses Jay-Z. Jay-Z doesn’t care
  • Lil’ Wayne released from prison (Quick Mention)
  • Justin Beiber gets bullied on the Internet


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Stuff worth mentioning

  • Album review – Robert Plant – ‘Band Of Joy’ by Jonathan Whitelaw
  • Interview – Oli Wood (Above Them)
  • Goiing Underground – Yashin
  • Album Review – Morrissey – ‘Bona Drag (20th Anniversary Edition)’
  • Promo – Frank Turner -’I Still Believe’
  • Going Underground – Hans Island
  • EP review – Under Stars & Gutters – ‘Soundtrack To This City’ by Joe Brownridge
  • Album review – Bad Religion – ‘The Dissent Of Man’
  • Album review – Dave Acari – ‘Devil’s Left Hand’

Coming Soon

  • Interview – Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Interview – Austin Lucas, Jon Snodgrass, Cory Branan, Chole Manor (video)
  • Album review – N*E*R*D – Nothing
  • Dicking Around in London


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Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 7: Love Boobs. Hate Cancer.

“Flaming Labias…Bubbling Chi-Chi’s…Vaginal Explosion…What were we talking about again?” – Ian Critchley

Under The Bridge returns this week with a slightly new format. We’ve tweaked it a little and have actually managed to get it down to just under an hour (before editing). Don’t worry, the same amount of banter is still there. It’s just a lot more focused. You’ll enjoy it more now, mainly because you’ll be able to listen to the whole thing without falling asleep.

This week we talked a bit about the Against Me tour cancellation, Dave Grohl vs. The Scissor Sisters and even Joe McElderry. The big talking point this episode was Lexapalooza – the all day gig in London dedicated to Lexi Burrows in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign. It’s just a shame we couldn’t get this up before the gig on Saturday. We’ll talk more about how the gig went on the next show.

This week’s music was provided by, Pontefract punkers, Above Them:

. For Those Who Paved The Way

. Put Your Heart Into This

. Give It Up To Start Again

. Perfect Like Life

. Keep Smiling

Go on, have a listen

Under The Bridge – Episode 7: Love Boobs. Hate Cancer. (Right click/ctrl + click to download)

Main Topic


  • Talk a bit about the gig/day
  • Talk a bit about the cause
  • Who was there? Who do we rate?


Dave Grohl Sues Scissor Sisters

  • Suing the band, the venue, ticketmaster, their label and everyone else for $75million
  • Listen to the interview.

New 7” Coming From Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

  • Sound Bully Recordings announced this earlier in the week
  • Two new songs
  • Released October 29th at The Fest 9
    • Limited To 500 Copies

Fat Wreck Brining Back ‘Fat Music’ Series

  • Volume 7 – Harder, Fatter + Louder is coming out on November 23rd
  • Features artists such as: NOFX, The Lawrence Arms, Against Me!, Smoke Or Fire and Dillinger Four

Against Me! Cancel UK/European Tour

  • Due to “unforseen circumstances”
  • Crazy Arm, Fucked Up, Japanese Voyeurs trying to “salvage” some dates
    • Vans night looks on track
  • Everyone is gutted. Fans and bands both.

Germs Of Perfection

  • We now have details on that Bad Religion tribute album.
  • A new track streamed daily on MySpace
  • Barlow’s Daily Feature

Joe McElderry Almost Wet Himself At A Beyonce Gig

  • Spent the entire show needing a piss.



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Stuff worth mentioning

  • Sundowner – We Chase The Waves album review
  • Germs Of Perfection daily feature.
  • Going Underground is back!

Coming Soon

  • Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man album review
  • Well Wisher EP review
  • Oli Wood Interview
  • Andrew Jackson Jihad Interview
  • The Xcerts Album Review
  • Dicking Around in London coming soon


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Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 5: Lovely, Grovelly, Gravelly Groans

© Matt Volp 2010

“The Blackout are turd…they’ve got, like, two singers and they shouldn’t even have one” – Ian Critchley

Anthony was a little under the weather this week. His sore throat and bastardly, nature combined with a love for The Lawrence Arms, made ‘Lovely, Grovelly, Gravelly Groans’ the perfect subtitle for episode 5. This week we discuss music videogames and what we think of them, our disdain for festivals, how Tupac, Biggie, Elvis and Kurt Cobain are all living on the island from LOST (complete with polar bear!), John Berna brings us more words of widsom and it’s as unsavory as ever. Lovely!

This week’s music is a little different to the usual fare we use as jingles. The soothing tones of the Vitamin String Quartet split up our segments this week, but can you guess which songs they’re playing? All will be revealed at the end of the show. So, go on, have a listen! (The list is also available at the end of the show notes and in the description on iTunes, if you want to cheat).

Under The Bridge – Episode 5: Lovely, Grovelly, Gravelly Groans


  • New Frank Turner EP confirmed for November
    • New full-length in “Early 2011”
    • Album with Jon Snodgrass
  • Blink-182 coming back to the UK next summer
  • Canterbury join The Blackout & Set Your Goals as support for You Me At Six’s next UK tour
  • Meatloaf announces UK tour dates
    • We have to interview Meatloaf!
  • Katy Perry has been offered $340,000 to judge the US version of X-Factor
  • Green Day planning new live album
    • The news was announced during a show in Colorado
    • They also played a new song
  • Axl Rose is in loads of shit with festival promoters
    • GNR turned up an hour late at Reading
    • Gave promoters shit at Leeds – Be safe getting out of here. And for the problems with the promoters: fuck you.’
  • Rod Steward’s 8th child to be his last
  • Leona Lewis is a bitch
    • Didn’t speak to her support act, Gabriella Climi, whilst on tour
  • Susan Boyle has moved house
  • Jacko’s kids are having trouble fitting in at school due to bodyguards
    • No shit, Sherlock!

Main Topic

  • Music videogames: a discussion
  • Festivals: a discussion.

What Anthony’s Been Listening To:

  • Vitamin String Quartet
  • Real Ghosts Caught On Tape…still
  • Dan Andriano/Mike Felmulee split

What Ian’s Been Listening To:

  • Loads.


  • Email anthony.barlow (at) gmail (dot) com to submit your questions for us or visit our Formspring

John Berna’s Words Of Wisdom

  • “Ladies, Being Pregnant is a problem, having your period is a blessing, so stop complaining about how bad it is.” – John Berna (2010)
  • John Berna’s Twitter

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  • Go and read our stuff at Moon & Back Music
    • Films of Color – ‘Actions’ advance single review by Jonathan Whitelaw
    • Fake Problems – ‘Real Ghosts Caught On Tape’ advance review
    • Going Underground – Special Agent Set
    • Iron Maiden – ‘The Final Frontier’ album review by Jonathan Whitelaw
    • Dave McWane (Big D & The Kids Table) interview
    • We Were Promised Jetpacks gig review from Edge Festival by Natalie Deans
    • Blink-182 gig review from Glasgow SECC by Natalie Deans
  • Coming Up
    • Bad Religion gig review from Academy 2, Manchester
    • Get Up Kids gig review from The Dog & Partridge, Bolton
    • Matt Skiba – ‘Demos’ album review
    • Next installment of Going Underground
  • @Mandbmusic on Twitter
  • This week’s music is provided by the Vitamin String Quartet
    • Can you guess which songs they’ve covered?

Be A Part Of Jonah Matranga’s New Album

Audience participation has reached a new level.

Have you ever wanted to share your talents with the world and be on a record that you can buy in shops and stuff? Well thanks to Jonah Matranga, you can! The singer/songwriter (and Far frontman) wants you to help him make his new album, regardless of your musical talent (although some would probably be nice).

The album is set to be released on August 11th and all contributors will be credited in the album’s liner notes. Jonah is very big on interacting with fans and this is his latest, and largest, way of doing so. Of course, he doesn’t just want you to do anything. He’s provided everyone with the stuff to get them started and is keeping everyone informed with the record’s progress.

So if you want to work with an amazing, truly lovely person and be part of musical history get involved! It’s on a voluntary basis, but he’s promised if it makes millions of dollars all contributors will be taken care of. This is a really cool, fun experiment and I hope it goes really well. Ian and I are getting involved, that’s unlikely to sway anyone though.

Head over to here for more details.

Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 2: Real Idiots Caught On iTunes

“If You Don’t Like James Brown, You Should Fuck Off” – Ian Critchley

We’re back for a second episode. That’s right, we didn’t get canceled and Paul still hasn’t chucked us so all is well. This week we’re ‘Real Idiots Caught On iTunes’. We got some beers and a better set up and hopefully this is a little bit more listenable than it’s predecessor.

We’ve tried to tidy up the show a little bit more. We couldn’t help, but give a few more mentions of Frank Turner. This episode was really all about Fake Problems. The, Florida-based, indie-punk foursome provided us with music for this week and we talked up their new album, Real Ghosts Caught On Tape, and their support slot with Gaslight Anthem on their US tour. We also try and find out which new/recent artists we’ll be listening to in 50 years time and discuss the niceness of, Against Me! frontman, Tom Gabel.

We’ve also got a new segment that comes courtesy of, tour manager extraordinaire, John Berna. He’s provided us with some ‘Words Of Wisdom’. Under The Bridge is a podcast you can live your life by. Fact!

Prepare to listen to us getting drunk. Also: We mean “stalk” in the nicest possible, non-creepy, way.

Under The Bridge – Episode 2: Real Idiots Caught On iTunes (Featuring Fake Problems)

As I mentioned, music this week comes courtesy of Fake Problems. Here’s the tracklist for this week:

  • Sorry, OK, Sorry
  • Alligator Assassinator
  • Diamond Rings
  • Born & Raised
  • Rumble In The Jungle
  • Heart BPM

Disclaimer: Apologies to anyone offended by this episode of Under The Bridge (especially you, Chris Farren). Everything said was said in jest and is not meant to be taken seriously. I mean, when do you ever take us seriously and, honestly, why should you? We’ll try and curb the drunkeness, but it’s highly unlikely this show would exist without the help of a few Scrumpy Jack’s. – Barlow x

Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 1: Something To Do With Trolls

First of all, we’d like to appologise to Paul Tyers for this podcast being around two months late. We originally planned to do this on a train to/from Leeds on May 5th, but we’ve only just gotten around to doing it.

‘Under The Bridge’ is a music podcast hosted by us two – Anthony Barlow & Ian Critchley – in which we chat bollocks about music for a while, tell some stories, give out some recommendations and promote some up and coming new bands. This week we have an interview with, Far frontman, Jonah Mantranga as our “main topic”. We also discuss the merits of the film ‘Riding In Vans With Boys’. how good Crazy Arm are and stalking Frank Turner.

Under The Bridge – Episode 1: Something To Do With Trolls (Featuring Crazy Arm)

This week’s music was provided by Crazy Arm. You can find out more about the band on their MySpace and be sure to buy their album here.

The tracks used are as follows:

  • Roasting River
  • Still To Keep
  • Kith And Kingdom
  • Henry Fabian Flynn
  • Poverty And Spit
  • Broken By The Wheel

Each episode we want to feature a different, up and coming, artist. So if you have any suggestions you can contact us by email, by leaving a comment below or on Twitter.

Classic Rock – Who says its dead!

Classic rock and roll, an old dog with very sharp teeth!

Angus Young of AC/DC

Angus Young and AC/DC are still favourites. Photo www.ishootshows.com Copyright © 2009 Todd Owyoung

“Rock n roll aint noise pollution, rock n roll aint gonna die” The screeching voice of AC/DC’s Brian Johnson sings the signature lines to the 1980 hit from the Australian rockers. The line is from a song that bring ups the rear end of arguably the most famous classic rock album, and certainly the best selling, of all time, Back in Black. Regarded as little more than a traditionally blues based filler song, the band, or any of the listening fans, know that, after some thirty years after its initial release, the song would become a signature anthem and epitome of what classic rock music has become.

It is not an unknown fact in the current music industry that there is still a thriving market for aging rockers. Many accredit this to the saturated markets of pop and RnB for delivering their same act re-packaged, re-dressed and re-branded every few years. This has led to a boom in the indie scene, house and electro pop markets as listeners seek out new and more creative forms of music. But a side effect of this has seen a recurring theme of fans, of all ages, screaming for classic rock and roll music. But it would be unfair to lay the credit and responsibility for rock’s inclination at the glitter drenched feet of the pop industry. The truth is that classic rock is just a great way of having fun and is genuinely good to listen to.

For the most part, standard rock will compromise of three main topics, women, drinking and a jolly old knees up. The variants on these themes differ depending on the sentimentality or in some cases the degree of which drug induced bedlam has been declared norm, of the band but always remain true to the classic rock fundamentals. It is no wonder then that in a world suffering the biggest financial crisis and unemployment at their highest in decades that the seemingly utopian lifestyle of partying, girls and late night hotel shenanigans has become a predominant escapist fantasy of the modern world.

Leading the charge of assault on the heavily powdered, complacent fortress of popular dirge are a number of aging bands still pumping out loud static from their marshal stacks. AC/DC treated long time fans and new listeners to their 2008 offering, Black Ice, their first album since 2000. Although not perfect by any means and pallid in comparison to their heyday albums, the album resorted to a more straight edged, crowd pleasing format. The band’s previous two efforts had been more aimed at longer, more established fan bases. 2009 has also produced new material from the likes of Alice in Chains, Foreigner and KISS, who’s Sonic Boom album released in October was more than a blatant nod to their glory days of the late 1970s and 80s. As far back as 2007 with the remaining members of Led Zeppelin reforming as a tribute to the late Atlantic Records mogul Ahmet Ertgrun, millions of fans, old and new, clamoured for only a few thousand tickets. This style of frenzy has been replicated across the world as the aging bands have gone on tour to promote their new work, usually selling out within moments. This shows that there is still a lot of life left in the old shaggy dog.

The future is mixed for the classic rock industry. On one hand there is new material readily available for fans of any generation to enjoy from some of the best known and loved masters of the game. On the other hand, however, the men and women of this age of music are now nearing their 60s and beyond bringing into question who will take the beer stained guitar and amplifiers when they are retired. Regardless of the future, enough of our heroes have taught us not to think about it, the desire and willingness to pay for classic rock music is still very much alive. With new techniques of recording, production, indie and popular favourite Mark Ronson contributed to Foreigner’s latest album, and easier access to rock music continuing to change and simplify, the industry truly does look like it will never die.

By Jonathan Whitelaw

For more info on the bands in this article, check out their official websites: www.acdc.com, www.kissonline.com, www.foreigneronline.com and www.ledzeppelin.com. Also http://www.ishootshows.com