Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 8: Pegwarmers

“Ray Charles is what you need to set the mood…Then you slap on your Hot Water Music and just pound the crap out of her.” – Ian Critchley

We’re back again to bring you an eighth dose of Under The Bridge goodness. It’s as crude and laughter-filled as usual, but without Barlow’s Vader-esque breathing. There’s a lot of news in there and we also had a bit of a chat with Well Wisher. All in all, we have an awesome show for you.

This week we chatted about some of the music industry’s more arrogant folks. Kanye west was compared to Morrissey after an outburst about suicide, Barlow’s gone through one of his ‘phases’ again and we don’t fail to bring the laughs with news on Justin Bieber’s latest gaff.

This week’s music was provided by Well Wisher:

  • Pegwarmers
  • Fill Me, Filmy
  • Tops Off
  • White Krunk

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Well Wisher Interview


Breaking News: Morrissey Says Something Nice!

  • Hails, Doll & The Kicks singer, Hannah Scanlon “the best british singer in years”
  • “When I first saw Doll & The Kicks live, I could not, even with the best will in the world, look away,” explained Morrissey. “I can’t be reasoned with where Hannah is concerned – she is the best British singer of recent years. She will sing an entire song without any breathing lulls, and the boys seal her confidence brilliantly. How they work off each other is the most any group could give; the soft tones as arresting as the muscular tones. They certainly deserve far more serious treatment than they have received.”
  • “The fact that they remain unsigned is bizarre beyond belief, but insofar as I can tell, the entire point of the X Factor culture is to starve genuine music out of existence – whether that be Doll & The Kicks, or, for that matter, me,” he noted. “What this means, I think, is that, these days, being blacklisted from the game is a compliment, and you can’t continue to pledge allegiance to the world of music if it doesn’t pledge allegiance to you.”
  • Hannah said she was honored.

Vans Music Night Details

  • Fenix TX headline Stage 1
  • Dead Swans headline stage 2
  • The lineup is pretty fucked.

The Hold Steady Announce February Dates

  • Bristol Academy – 5th February
  • Birmingham Academy – 6th February
  • Newcastle Academy – 8th February
  • Glasgow ABC – 9th February
  • Manchester Ritz – 13th February
  • Leeds University – 14th February

Frank Turner Minute

  • Frank’s new EP will be titled ‘Rock & Roll’ and will be released on December 6th.

First Few Bands Announced For Groezrock

  • NOFX, Further Seems Forever, Millencolin, Dashboard Confessional, Piebald and Teenage Bottlerocket all on the bill.

Jerry Lee Lewis writing autobiography

  • Plans to release it in 2012
  • He says: “I have spent my life listening to those who know so little say so much about me and my life. I am ready to say a whole lot about why I lived my life the way I did. People can read it, burn it, or never give it another thought. Either way the truth is about to be told, and I’m the only man still standing who can touch it.”

Culture Club to reform in 2012

  • 30th anniversary tour
  • Boy George says: “We’re definitely doing it, in 2012. Our D-Day is April 30, which is the same day as our first-ever single release, “White Boy”… it’s going to be great fun. If we don’t do it now we’ll do it when we’re 60, which will be really tragic.”
  • Last played in 2002 for their 20th anniversary

Kanye West Suicided and has album cover banned

  • Told the audience watching his film “Runnaway” he had considered killing himself.
  • Described himself as a pop icon and a “solider for culture”. Before saying: “I will not give up on life again.”

Justin Beiber Bullied by 12-year old.

  • 12-year old boy claims the ‘singer’ hit him during a game of laser tag in Toronto, Canada
  • The kid apparently cornered him, shooting him repeatedly, before Bieber said enough was enough. The kid responded: That’s enough.” The little kid then asked, “What are you gonna do about it, faggot?”
  • Bieber pushed the kid’s hand away, and now the family are suing him for assault.



  • Last week’s music was great. I’ve now bought Above Them’s album off iTunes – Simon Lee
  • No words of wisdom last week, what gives? – Anon.

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    • Stuff worth mentioning
  • Abi Thommes Going Underground
  • The Xcerts Album Review
  • Well Wisher EP review

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  • Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man album review
  • Oli Wood Interview
  • Andrew Jackson Jihad Interview
  • Dicking Around in London coming soon
  • Jon Snodgrass, Austin Lucas, Cory Branan Video Interview
  • Morrissey – Bona Drag (20th Anniversary Edition) album review


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Album Review :: Morrissey – Bona Drag (20th Anniversary Edition)

“Re-issue, re-package, re-package”

When I hear on the TV that Pixie Lott has got a ‘deluxe’ or ‘expanded’ edition of her debut album, I can’t help but ask what she or her album have done to deserve such treatment. It’s not that I don’t think she’s talented, and this definitely doesn’t just apply to her, but does a year (or less) old album really need a re-release? No, I didn’t think so. That’s not the case here. Morrissey’s eponymous solo compilation, Bona Drag, has clocked up twenty gruesome years, and the arrogant king of indie rock has decided it’s time to unleash it upon the world again. This time, with a host of unreleased tracks and bonus content.

The man who sang about the tacky, needless practice of re-releasing songs with The Smiths is now on his fourth solo re-release, and there’s not a hint of irony about it. Whilst some, myself included, decree Mozzer’s constant contradictions, I can’t help but love this expanded and remastered version of a classic indie album. Morrissey is known for his perfectionism, and it was under his watchful eye that Bona Drag was given a new lease of life. The quality of each track has been improved, and in some cases extended, to create one of the finest remasters I’ve ever heard.

Though it may be a B-side collection, Bona Drag contains some of Morrissey’s finest solo tracks. Those who dismiss his solo work as lacking in comparison to The Smiths may be surprised to find they enjoy this. Tracks like ‘Hairdresser On Fire’, ‘The Last Of The Famous International Playboys’ and ‘Picadilly Palare’ all feature and sound fantastic. The real ‘meat’ (bad choice of words really) of the album comes from it’s bonus material. Some tracks have been extended, for better or worse, but some previously unreleased tracks have been included too.

Outside of the a brand new release, it’s rare for a fan like myself to find a Morrissey track I haven’t heard. This re-issue contains 6 previously unreleased songs from Manchester’s most famous son. Seeing as this is a twenty year old album, it’s hard to review it on the merits of the original tracks. I mean you’ve had two decades to listen to them. With the bonus stuff, it’s a different story. All six tracks are good and each were recorded around the time of the original release, something that definitely helps keep things cohesive. ‘Lifeguard On Duty’ and ‘The Bed Took Fire’ (an early recording of ‘At Amber’) are the standouts, alongside ‘Please Help The Cause Against Lonliness’. By far the best of the bonus material, it was written by Morrissey but recorded by Sandie Shaw. A demo was recorded during the Viva Hate sessions, and that’s what’s on offer here. It’s great and I can’t see why it was never properly recorded.

Despite this being a re-release, it’s something every Morrissey fan should be buying. The remasters are some of the best I’ve ever heard. They alone should be worth price of entry. The bonus material just puts the icing on the cake. If you felt a bit burned after Mozzer’s recent re-issuing, fear not. This is not just the same again.

Doll & The Kicks Interview Coming Up

Hey guys, I just thought I’d let you know that myself and Ian will be interviewing, Brighton-based, indie-pop foursome, Doll & The Kicks this coming Wednesday. If anyone has any questions post them in the comments below.

The guys supported Morrissey on his last two tours and have gained quite the fan base. I urge everyone to try and see them live this year as that’s when they’re at their best. Be sure to check them out, they’re coming to a town near you very soon.

:: Tour Dates ::

8/2 – Boileroom, Guildford

10/2 – Ruby Lounge, Manchester

11/2 – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

12/2 – Korova, Liverpool

14/2 – Barfly, Cardiff

18/2 – Mad Hatters, Inverness

19/2 – Woodlands Centre, Stornoway

20/2 – The Arch Inn, Ullapool

21/2 – The Tunnels, Aberdeen

24/2 – The Doghouse, Dundee

25/2 – Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh

26/2 – Greenside Hotel, Fife

27/2 – The Classic Grand, Glasgow

2/3 – The Dutchess, York

3/3 – The Cellars, Portsmouth

4/3 – Camden Barfly, London

6/3 – Audio, Brighton

For more info and extra tour date’s check out the band’s MySpace page. You can buy their, self titled, debut album here.

– Anthony

Interview :: Doll & The Kicks

Doll & The Kicks are one of the most exciting bands to come out of the UK this year. I had a chat with Doll, Chris and Olivier from the band, a few hours before they took the stage at Liverpool’s Echo Arena in support of Morrissey.

7720_137341826228_517046228_2604442_4158085_nSupporting a legend like Morrissey seems like a big deal, but unsigned indie rockers Doll and The Kicks are taking it all in their stride. They’ve been touring the world in support of the former Smiths frontman and even found time to do a successful UK tour of their own. Like I said in my review, how these guys remain unsigned really is beyond me. I asked them some questions, they answered them. Why don’t you take a look?

Anthony Barlow: Hi guys, thanks for doing this. First of all, I have to admit, I had no clue who you guys were before Morrissey’s Manchester gig, but i’ve been a fan ever since and it seems like a lot of the music press are too. How does it feel getting such high praise and even being compared to bands like Blondie?

Doll: It’s really nice to be compared to people who’ve had as much success as Blondie. I am a big Blondie fan as well, so it’s nice to be compared to people of that stature.

AB: Do you like that sort of praise and hype or does it put more pressure on you?

Chris: I don’t think it’s really so much hype. You’re naturally going to get compared to bands, every band does, that’s just the one they’ve picked out for us.

AB: How would you guys describe your sound? I’ve tried to tell people about you guys, but when I try and pinpoint your sound, I can’t.

Doll: *laughs*

Olivier: Sort of, indie, dancey, sing along pop songs I guess really.

Chris: Definitely with a bit of a rock influence too

Doll: Yeah, there’s definitely a bit of a 70’s punk kind of edge too.

AB: You are an unsigned band. Correct?

Doll: Yep

AB: Is that likely to change any time in the near future?

Doll: Not in the near future, not as far as we know *laughs*\

AB: That surprises me actually, you’d think being on a big tour like this one someone would be watching and would’ve snapped you up.

Doll: It’s definitely increased our fanbase loads, but I think it’s difficult with the current climate and how the music industry is at the moment as well. I think the most important thing at the moment is to try and build up our fanbase and get our music out there.

Chris: At the moment we haven’t really had any better offer than what we could do for ourselves at the moment. What we’re doing, it’s working so we might as well keep on doing it until somebody comes along with an offer we like.

AB: Fair enough, seems like a wise choice really. Not to talk of such unnecessary things as money, but how have the sales been of your album since you started on this tour?

Doll: Really good. We’ve sold, pretty much, 4,000 physical copies of the album since we started the tour in April and we’ve sold a lot online and on iTunes as well. Obviously, that doesn’t count all of the illegal downloads *laughs*

AB: Do you think illegal downloading affects you then?

Doll: Being a band of our size now, yeah it would actually directly affect us. Saying that, we don’t mind illegal downloading. Not that you should do it.

All: *laughs*

Doll: Because we’re of that generation who are used to sharing music with others and I think the music industry has just got to find another way of making that money they might be losing in sales.

AB: I interviewed Frank Turner a few weeks back and he said that, basically, the whole economy of the music industry needs to change before all recorded music goes free, because it’s not free to record an album and instruments e.t.c. aren’t free, so for now they [the music industry] need to find a way to stop illegal downloading.

Doll: Well, they’re never going to stop it, so they need to accept it and then find other revenues. Like, quite recently, there was talk of a five pound tax for everyone on the internet. If some of that could go to the entertainment industry, then that would help to combat that loss of revenue.

AB: Where do you think the music industry will be in five to ten years. Do you think recorded music will be given away free?

Doll: Eventually I think there will be some form of, legal, free downloads.

Chris: People are always coming out with new ideas everyday. We just need to wait for the next one to come along really and then to implement that on a bigger scale. That’s why I think the tax idea or a liscense is good.

Doll: Or things like Spotify.

Chris: Yeah, getting people to pay for live streaming and stuff, rather than the traditional way of handing over money and buying something. I think that’s what will happen in the future.

AB: Yeah definitely. Like you said, you are unsigned, so how did you catch the attention of Morrissey or Morrissey’s people and get on this tour?

Doll: Our manager, Jennifer, used to work for Sanctuary Records, which was Morrissey’s old label, so they were friends. She mentioned to him that she had begun managing a band and, one day, he decided to come and watch us. He really, really liked us and, so much so, he came a few more times. Then he asked us join the tour.

AB: So he asked you personally then?

Doll: Oh yeah, we wouldn’t be doing it if he hadn’t asked himself.

Chris: He’s known for hand picking bands that he likes, but not who everyone else necessarily likes.

All: *laughs*

Chris: and, well, he picked us.

AB: How do you think the response has been from the Morrissey crowd?

Olivier: It’s been great so far.

Chris: Much better than expected, actually.

Doll: Yeah, we were expecting it to be really, really tough judging from what we were told about other acts, but they’ve been so supportive. Even, so far as, helping us out personally with things we need. They’ve, generally, been really good to us.

AB: Looking at the different Morrissey-based websites out there, I think a lot of the fans were expecting a more established act to be supporting and I think you guys came as a surprise. A nice one though.

Doll: As Chris said, Morrissey does handpick his support acts and, quite often, they are quite obscure, lesser known, acts that people really haven’t heard of. So, it’s certainly not an unusual thing for him to do. Maybe because he is such a big act, people might have expected someone more established.

AB: Now these tours are massive, so how many countries have you played to date?

Doll: I think I counted and it was nineteen countries on the last one [tour]. We’re going to Holland this time around, we didn’t go to Holland last time did we?

Chris: Yeah, we’re revisiting a load of countries. We’re doing Belgium and Germany for a second time and then off to the States.

Doll: So it’ll be 20 by the end of this tour.

AB: I do believe you’re off to Europe tomorrow?

Doll: Yeah, we’re going to Folkstone to get the train over to where? I can’t pronounce it.

Olivier: Well, to Calais then on to some place in Holland with a weird name *laughs*

AB: 19 different countries, how’s that been, being on the road for that long?

Doll: Brilliant. We’ve gotten the chance to see so many countries we never though we’d ever be able to see.

Olivier: Russia, for instance. I never thought we’d be going there. We’ll probably never go back either.

All: *laughs*

Olivier: Not out of choice, the opportunity doesn’t arise that often y’know.

Doll: Yeah, I think we’ve all wanted to visit Russia and we were really surprised that part of the leg was going to be over there so we were really grateful.

AB: Exactly. I mean, you’re now ‘out there’. People know who Doll and The Kicks are. Did you expect that in such a short time? Did you expect to be on a tour of this size too?

Chris: We hoped.

Doll: We knew our manager was a friend of Morrissey’s and the idea of supporting him was banded around, in jest ‘oh wouldn’t it be good to support Morrissey’. Never for a minute did we think that it would ever happen, but it did happen.

AB: There’s a ton of bands that would die to go on tour with someone like Morrissey. Although, in hindsight, dying probably wouldn’t help.

Chris: We know how lucky we are. To think where we’ve been as well. I mean, between the previous Morrissey tour and this one, we actually went away for about 5 weeks and did our own tour around the UK and playing to 20 people makes us realise how much this is worth.

AB: Sort of, a shock to the system?

Doll: Yeah, it makes you realise how important it is to have that kind of backing from someone like him [Morrissey] and to get this kind of opportunity.

AB: Are we going to see another Smiths or Morrissey cover like Hand In Glove by you guys tonight [07.11.09] then?

Doll: No. No, that was a special birthday present for him [Morrissey] and we won’t be doing it again I don’t think.

AB: Is that your Candle In The Wind then?

All: *laughs*

Olivier: Yeah, I guess it is.

AB: So you’ve no plans to record a version of Hand In Glove then?

Doll: If demand was really that big for it then, yeah, I think we’d do it at some point, but it was meant just as a birthday present.

AB: How was the Manchester gig by the way?

Doll: It was amazing. It was one of my favourite gigs of the whole tour. Manchester Apollo, obviously, a major venue, it was his [Morrissey’s] 50th birthday and everyone got special 50th birthday things with

their tickets.

Chris: The atmosphere in there. Being in Manchester, being his [Morrissey’s] birthday.

Doll: They go mad anyway, but in Manchester it was something else.

AB: Yeah, it was a really good gig. I got caught up in the wall of people and, sort of, collapsed and was dragged out.

Doll: Yeah, you could see people fainting and stuff

[Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, my mate Dan sat in on this interview too, here he is now]

Dan: So, since you’ve been on this tour have you been approached any other large acts wanting you to support them?

Doll: No. I don’t think any larger bands have seen us really.

Chris: The thing is, unless bands know of you beforehand, it’s often a booking agent that will sort all of that stuff out.

Doll: Like we said, it’s really unusual for a main act to be able to pick their support act. It’s only because it’s Morrissey, that he can do that.

Chris: The thing that usually happens is, labels will usually get one of their smaller bands on the bill with a bigger act.

Doll: Yeah, more often than not, a record label will get one of their smaller acts and put them on with someone more well known to try and promote them. It’s really down to the record label.

AB: Yeah, that makes sense. Finally, i’ve had a lot of people requesting I ask you this, where did the big bow come from?

Doll: *laughs* The internet. It’s from a shop called Johnny Loves Rosie. They sell it in London TopShop, but they’ve got a website you can buy them from too. They should be sending me free stuff now *laughs*

AB: Definitely. Well, I think that about wraps us up. Thanks a lot guys for sitting and chatting with me. Good luck for tonight.

Doll: No problem, thanks.


Doll & The Kicks On MySpace

Buy The Album ‘Doll And The Kicks’ iTunes BigCartel

Gig Review :: Doll & The Kicks – Liverpool Echo Arena – 07/11/2009 (Supporting Morrissey)

Morrissey might have only stuck around for a bit, but these guys were stuck in my head all night. Bloody fantastic, it was!

datkI might have branded last night as a “waste” (I feel ashamed right about now) in my previous review but, prior to the departure of the aforementioned, Brighton-based Doll & The Kicks warmed us all up. Just a shame it turned out to be a bit of a tepid evening.

The unsigned, indie foursome have been supporting Morrissey since the UK leg of the Tour Of Refusal began back in April, and came as a nice surprise when Moz hit Manchester. Since then I’ve been following their progress and was more than happy to see them for a third time in Liverpool last night.

Fronted by the extremely charismatic Doll, the band (seperately known as Doll, Chris, Matt and Olivier) have gone from strength to strength, and are one of the most energetic acts I have come to witness over the past few years. How these guys haven’t been snapped up by some label yet is beyond me.

The one thing everyone will notice about DATK is their energy. It’s great to see a band that just go out there and give it all they’ve got. They’ve certainly got an amazing amount of talent, charisma and stage presence. You can’t ask for anything more really. Their “dancey” beats complimented perfectly by Matt’s guitar playing was more than enough to get people on their feet. I reckon there was a fair few albums bought that night too. The crowd seemed really into the music. You can definitely hear the influences, but DATK certainly have a sound of their own.

No matter who you are, you need stage presence to be good live,and these guys have it in bucket loads. Doll has a fantastic voice and just seems to command attention. I don’t think there was anyone in the building who could look away. She danced around the stage in a very avant-garde manner and, as my mate Dan pointed out, often in quite a Morrissey-esque way. Minus the foliage of course.

Us Morrissey fans might be known for our love of meloncoly and complete apathy, but these guys got the Moz-faithful going and really got the night off to a great start. Those who’ve seen them before will have recognized songs like: Roll Up The Red Carpet, You Turn Up and He Was A Dancer. There was one new song included, but as Doll said herself, they were all new to the majority of people watching.

I’ve already said these guys are great and certainly think they’re going to be big in the future. They certainly deserve to be. A great start to what should’ve been a great night. Go and see them if you can, you won’t be disappointed.

Doll & The Kicks On MySpace

Buy The Album ‘Doll And The Kicks’ iTunes BigCartel

Gig Review :: Morrissey – Liverpool Echo Arena – 07/11/09

For those who are yet to hear the news, this was a night to remember. It’s just a shame it’s for all the wrong reasons.

mozzerAfter his collapse in Swindon two weeks ago, Morrissey was said to be fighting fit. Fans like me were told not to worry, that the Manchester-born singer would appear on stage at Liverpool’s Echo Arena. If we all knew how brief a performance it was going to be, I don’t think we’d have bothered.

Right from the off it seemed like this was going to be a good one. It even crossed my mind last night might be better than the Manchester homecoming/50th birthday show, back in May. Greeted by thousands of adoring fans, Morrissey walked onto the stage and after a bit of banter with the crowd he and the band launched into a rendition of, Smiths classic, This Charming Man.

The crowd were going mad, surging forward trying to get close to their idol. The atmosphere was fantastic and Moz seemed to be back to his best. Black Cloud came next. Well, half of it did anyway. As Morrissey knelt to greet some of his faithful, he was struck by, what was described by security as, a bottle (presumably a bottle of beer). Not only was the singer visibly dazed, but he was soaked. After staggering backwards, he raised the microphone to his mouth before telling the crowd “goodbye” and walking from the stage.

Security tried to find who had thrown the object, but it was to no avail. Chants of “Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey” did little, nor did a similar one of “Get him out”. After some waiting a spokesperson came onto the stage and told us that Morrissey would not be returning tonight.

After less than a few minutes the gig was over. Fans visibly annoyed at what happened, some even crying on the shoulders of loved ones. A gig that promised so much, turned out to be a wasted Saturday night for all involved. Hopefully, we’ll all get some kind of compensation. Maybe even a rescheduled gig. However, no details have been released thus far.

You can see the incident below.


  • This Charming Man
  • Black Cloud

Album Review :: Morrissey – Swords

Morrissey’s B-sides are great. How nice of him to have the best of his recent ones compiled for our listening pleasure.    Cheers Moz!


Love him or loathe him, Morrissey has been a musical icon for close to 30 years, and, after the success of Years Of Refusal back in February, he’s set to infiltrate the Top 40 again. Swords is a compilation of B-sides recorded over the past five years during sessions for his last three albums (You Are The Quarry, Ringleader Of The Tormentors, Years Of Refusal).It’s unlikely Moz fans haven’t heard this stuff before (although, his cover of Bowie’s Drive In Saturday was new to me), but it’s good to have the best of them on one CD.

The first thing I noticed about Swords is, despite it being a compilation, it still feels like a cohesive, well rounded album. Often, an artist will release a compilation that just doesn’t sound right. You might have heard all of the songs before, but none of them seem to go together. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. From the start of the first track, Good Looking Man About Town, to the sorrow-filled closer, Because Of My Poor Education, this CD is great. Sure, there’s a few hit and miss tracks (Sweetie-Pie springs to mind), but on the whole there’s a great bunch of tracks here. Certainly something that will appease the Morrissey faithful.

The collection might be a great one but, as always, there’s a few stand-out tracks that I feel I must mention. My personal favourite is If  You Don’t Like Me Don’t Look At Me. There’s a good combination of Smiths-esque guitar playing and the harder style seen in his more recent releases. Highlights include: It’s Hard To Walk Tall When Your Small, the somewhat controversial, Munich Air Disaster 1958 and, heartfelt ballad, The Never-Played Symphonies.

Now, whilst these initial 18 tracks are great, I can’t help but think there have been some odd omissions from this collection, the track Mexico immediately springing to mind. That said, tracks such as that one aren’t too hard to find and most Morrissey fans will already have it anyway.

Alongside Swords (for it’s initial run) is a bonus, live disc. Personally, I think that it’s this that’s going to sell this compilation to the die-hard Morrissey fanatics. This disc is comprised of eight tracks taken from the Tour Of Refusal’s stop in Warsaw and, as is the case with most live Morrissey recordings, it’s great. More recent songs such as: I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris and I’m OK By Myself are joined by, Smiths classic, You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby and Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself.

Overall, Swords is a great compilation of Morrissey B-sides worthy of a place in any fan’s collection. If you’re just getting into Morrissey’s music, then this might be a good place to start. There’s a great range of styles here and more than enough to keep you happy (well, maybe not happy. How about…contented?), especially with that great live disc too – Anthony Barlow

Buy Swords At Amazon