Moon & Back Session :: Great Cynics

© 2011 Louise Distras

Ladies and gentlemen… Great Cynics

Great Cynics are one of our favorite bands right now, so to have Giles do a session for the site was pretty awesome. We’d dragged him up to Manchester to play a show, but made sure to get him “in session” for you guys too. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a dodgy hat, Giles sat and performed ’14 Coleman Street’ and a cover of, Paint It Black’s, ‘Memorial Day’ outside a Manchester bar.

We think it turned out quite well, but what do you think. Let us know in the comments and be sure to let us know who you’d like to see us get a hold of in the future.

14 Coleman Street

Memorial Day (Paint It Black cover)

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #27: “Wheatus & Chips”

“If Brian Fallon tried to mug me, I’d just chin him” – Ian Critchley

There was another ‘Under The Bridge Presents…’ show the other week, so we couldn’t miss such a great opportunity to podcast. All of us p iled back to a house in Manchester and recorded the show. Our guests this week are: Martin Moran, Clare Arnstein, Graeme Brown and Giles Bidder (of Great Cynics). The show is completely off the rails and barely audible. It was fun to do though. Don’t judge us.

Our music this week is inspired by that show, so we have Crywank, Louise Distras, Jimmy Islip and Great Cynics breaking up the show. If there’s any music you’d like us to play or things you think we should discuss on the show, email utbcast [at] gmail [dot] com.

Go on, have a listen!

Under The Bridge #27: “Wheatus & Chips” (stream/download or subscribe on iTunes)

Interview :: The Menzingers

“It’s crazy how full circle it’s come…” – Tom May (The Menzingers)

The Menzingers were in the UK for a little while a few weeks back, so we couldn’t resist going and bothering them again. Having played in London with Make Do & Mend and Leagues Apart the night before, and played awesome sets at Reading and Leeds festivals, the guys were in good spirits. We talked about what playing that festival means to them, their recent switch to Epitaph Records and grilled them about some forthcoming new material.

Interview :: Leagues Apart

“Oh, it’s Moon & Back!” – James Hull (Leagues Apart)

Leagues Apart recently embarked on a short tour in support of The Menzingers. Having already toured with the band last year, the Manchester-based punk foursome were happy to be touring with their friends again, as well as just playing shows. We caught up with the guys to talk new material, ‘side projects’, singing with Hot Water Music at Reading Festival and playing Fest 10. We also found out that they’d, inadvertently, ruined our surprise for Chuck Ragan. Bastards!

Below is either the best, or the worst, interview we’ve ever done. Decide for yourselves and let us know in the comments.

Moon & Back Session :: Into It. Over It.

Ladies and gentlemen…Into It. Over It.

The idea of having artists do “sessions” for Moon & Back is an idea we’ve been throwing around for a while. Today, that idea comes to fruition. Into It. Over It. performed in Manchester last night, so we asked Evan if he’d be kind enough to record a couple of songs for us. He obliged and completely blew us away.

First up, he performs a fantastic version of, his own, ‘Augusta, GA’ (taken from the album Twelve Towns). He followed that with a brilliant cover of Iron Chic’s ‘Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good). Be sure to let us know who you’d like to see do a ‘Moon & Back Session’ and, if they’re on tour somewhere near us, we’ll do our best to track them down. I hope you enjoy this. We’ve got a few more lined up and would love to keep bringing these to you on a semi-regular basis.

All footage was shot and edited by, our in house video team, Dicking Around Productions. Check them out here.

Augusta, GA

Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good)

Interview :: Cheap Girls

“We’ll see if we even sell any records.” – Ian Graham (Cheap Girls)

Michigan-based pop punk trio, Cheap Girls have just completed a tour of the UK with Lemuria. They stopped off in Manchester a couple of weeks back, so we went down and had a chat to them (amidst a sea of technical problems) about touring with their friends, their recording plans, the stillness of a German punk show and much more.

Anthony Barlow: Hey guys, how’s it going?

Ben Graham: Hey. It’s going good.

AB: Are you looking forward to the show in Manchester tonight?

Adam Aymor: Yeah. It’s been two years.

AB: It’s been over two years since you were last here?

AA: Yeah. May ’09 or something.

AB: You’ve toured a little in the UK so far, as well as the rest of Europe, how’s the whole tour been so far?

AA: Awesome.

BG: Yeah, great so far.

Ian Graham: No, we’ve had a good time. It was our first time in mainland [Europe], second time in England. It’s been cool to see new areas. Things are much older here.

AB: Best bits? Worst bits?

IG: Paris. Paris was really good.

AA: Paris, Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic.

BG: In the UK they’ve all been good. Southampton, Bristol, Kingston, Swansea.

Ian Critchley: You’re hearding to Belgium and Germany after this. Do you have a good following over there?

AA: German shows are good.

AB: I’ve always been told they’re very…still.

IG: Yeah, they are. They’re pretty relaxed, but they’re fun. The shows are always good.

AA: Hamburg was great. We hit Berlin after this, and stuff.

IC: And you’re touring with Lemuria. How’s that going? Are they nice people?

BG: Oh, they’re great. We’ve known them for years. We’ve toured with them a little bit in the states, and we’ve been talking about this tour for a long time.

IG: We got that seven-inch together, that just came out. So it seems like good timing.

AB: Has the response been good to that, so far?

IG: Yeah, we like it *laughs*.

AA: People have been nice every night when they’re talking about it.

AB: You said you were last over here in May ’09, was that on the back of My Roaring 20’s?

IG: No. We had just recorded the record, and it was kinda in the period before it came out.

AB: Did you find it harder with the record not being out?

IG: Not necessarily. We put our first record out free, digitally, and that made a huge difference. People who came to the shows were well aware and knew the songs, so it was great. That’s one of the smarter things we’ve probably done.

AB: That seems to be the norm for a lot of bands these days. Do you really think that helped you guys?

BG: Yeah, definitely. When we were in the UK before, it was even on the fliers. “Download the record on Quote Unquote”

IG: For a band that’s touring an area, especially for the first time, there’s not really a better thing to have available.

IC: And you did a split with Above Them too, that must have helped?

BG: Yeah.

IC: You just talked about the new split, but have you any other projects in the works?

AA: We get back from the tour in late August, have a month off, and in October we record full length number three.

AB: So before we have more tech issues I’ll go for our final question. With the new record on the way, we wondered if you’d be willing to donate some of the profits towards a Chuck Ragan fishing show.

BG: A Chuck Ragan fishing show?

IG:Actually, a friend of ours goes fishing with Chuck a good amount. I know he fishes a lot.

AB: Are you up for that? Will we have ‘Cheap Girls’ listed in the credits?

IG: Sure. We’ll see if we even sell any records.

BG: I’ve got at least six bucks on it.

Interview :: Nuno Pereira (A Wilhelm Scream)

“Oh he’s gonna shit talk Blackpool” – Nuno Pereira (A Wilhelm Scream)

After a lengthy tour of mainland Europe, A Wilhelm Scream recently embarked on a few dates around the UK. The Boston-based punk outfit were playing a show in Manchester, so we went down and caught up with, singer, Nuno Pereira. We talked about spending time in Europe, the city of Blackpool, Smacking Isaiah and why the band covered The Outfield’s ‘Your Love’.

Interview :: Lou Hanman (Caves)

“I really like whoas…” – Lou Hanman (Caves)

If you like your music simple, upbeat and hard not to sing along you, then you’ll love Caves. The Bristol-based punk trio recently embarked on a UK tour with Sundials and it sounds like they had a great time. We caught up with, singer/guitarist, Lou Hanman to talk about the tour, Homeward Bound – the band’s new record – and the reason behind all of that wonderful ‘whoah-ing’ and ‘oh-ing’ that’s become a staple of the Caves sound.

Interview :: Roo Pescod (Bangers)

“I saw Robson Green on an island, and his whole tent blew away…Chuck Ragan would’ve handled that better” – Roo Pescod

Readers of Moon & Back Music will know that we’re always out to deliver hard hitting interviews, so we made sure to quiz, Bangers singer, Roo Pescod on all the important issues. We caught up with Roo outside Retro Bar in Manchester, and talked about what makes the ‘Bangers sound’, their upcoming appearance at FEST 10, the meaning behind ‘Geeks & Pedophiles’ and pasties (because Bangers are from Cornwall).

Interview :: Franz Nicolay

“I don’t know if I could hang out with that guy” – Franz Nicolay

Franz Nicolay may possibly be the most interesting and talented man on the planet. He can play the guitar, banjo, accordion and, no doubt, countless others, he’s got the voice of an angel and he writes books. It’s hard to come up with something that the man can’t do. We chatted to Franz shortly after he arrived at the Night & Day Cafe in Manchester to support Frank Turner. Prepare to be intrigued.