Under The Bridge #20: Milo Lost His Voice

“I Have Never Satisfied A Woman, I Have Never Satisfied A Woman” – Ian Critchley

To try and get us back to our bi-weekly schedule we’ve got another, highly topical, Under The Bridge podcast for you this week. Barlow and Ian sat and chatted about Descendents’ fun, but shambolic, show at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Against Me! taking on the One Tree Hill theme tune, Blink-182’s cancelled European plans and the Westboro Baptist Church’s picket of a Less Than Jake gig.

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #20: Milo Lost His Voice (Download or Subscribe on iTunes)

Music – Descendents

  • Suburban Home
  • Rotting Out
  • Coolidge
  • Sour Grapes
  • Catalina


  • Bad Religion’s two 2011 UK shows
  • Laura Stevenson & The Cans give away their album
  • Against Me! to release new 7″, tour with Lemuria and Screaming Females, record One Tree Hill theme song
  • Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake) responds to WBC picket
  • The Emmergency Room (Dan Andriano) album out this summer
  • Blink-182 postpone 2011 European tour

Main Topic

  • Descendents’ shambolic show at Shepherd’s Bush


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EP Review :: Cynics – Dave & Angela

“Cynics have managed to capture the highs and lows of life as a young guy or girl living in the UK without seeming contrived or cliched”

I was first introduced to Cynics back last year, although I loved what he was doing, I thought that maybe the rest of his band couldn’t make it. See, for quite a while now, Cynics has just been one man, the enigmatic, Giles Bidder. His debut release, Stones I’ve Thrown, was one of the best things I heard last year and I’ve been clamoring for more ever since. Now a full band, Cynics have been working on some new tracks – three of which make up the ‘Dave & Angela’ EP.

I’m just gonna come out and say it, the title track is fantastic. Just the other week I was cursing Giles for having me listen to this track about seven million times (definitely not an exaggeration) over the course of about four hours. If you can listen to a song on repeat for that long and still love it it’s got to be quality, right? Whilst it definitely feels weird hearing Cynics as a full band at first, the addition has added a new and welcome dimension to the sound that will melt away any apprehension you might have about Cynics going full band. It’s a light upbeat song that you won’t be able to get out of your head (trust me!) and you’ll want nothing more than a bit of sun and a cold beer.

‘Moorhen’ is a more downbeat track than the opener and kind of feels like the aftermath of the events described in ‘Dave & Angela’. The process of waking up and knowing you’ve got to find your way home is never good, and this track captures that sentiment perfectly. Simplicity and relatability are qualities that come through in all of Cynics’ songs, and it’s this that makes me want to listen to anything they put out.

The third and final track is probably the best on here. ‘Twenty Five’ is another tale of a good night with friends and all the things that come from that. Like the opener, it’s a more upbeat song, and it caps the EP off nicely. In three tracks Cynics have managed to capture the highs and lows of life as a young guy or girl living in the UK without seeming contrived or cliched. This is something that can only be achieved if you’re writing what you know, and it’s clear that’s the case here.

You can download ‘Dave & Angela’ free of charge from Kind Of Like Records. You can check out more Cynics-based stuff here.

Going Underground :: Apologies, I Have None

Finally back to good fucking punk rock.

The past month(ish) of Going Underground have been a variety of different genre’s from indie rock to piano pop. Thankfully, this week, I’m going back to roots and kicking it with some awesome punk stylings. This weeks Going Underground is all about Apologies, I Have None.

I think the first time I ever saw Apologies was at the Southsea fest (check out the video!), but I could have possibly watched them before. I drink a lot, and remember very little. All I know is the first time I saw the Southern four piece I was so invigorated by their hard hitting huge (Triple ‘H’) sound I had to take a trip to the men’s room to relieve myself.

The funny thing about this band is that the bands bassist, I’m pretty sure, is American, or sounds a fuck load like it. This, in contrast with three totally cockney accents and some silver tongue action, makes for some entertaining on-stage banter. Plus the American guy always wears a little bandanna which to me, is hilarious, sorry PJ.

Their sound has similarities to Against Me! in their early days, semi-distorted big open chords and shout a long vocal melodies. On record, the atmosphere of Apologies live show is not even close to lost. It’s just as upbeat and I’m sure anyone listening to this band on the bus, or “tube” as these lads most likely travel on, will look like a total twat when they smash their fist into the air with the meatiest grin brimming from ear to ear.

Apologies, I Have None are a band. I would recommend them. Even more so if you like music.

4/5 brews, though as the weeks go on, this rating system seems more and more pointless.

In a follow up article I’m going to put up all of the tour dates of the band’s upcoming tour with Crazy Arm. There are a few dates before that, and an abundance of songs, on their MySpace.

You can also “like” the band on Facebook, and buy their music on iTunes.

Going Underground :: Abi Thommes

It’s going to, once again, be something a little different from the usual punk rock antics of “Going Underground.” I am back, Barlow will never again commandeer the ship that is my “new and exciting music” slot, because he is a shit.

This week we have a special treat, singer/songwriter Abi Thommes.

I first met Miss Thommes outside Camden tube station in lovely London. She was busking with such intensity it was hard not to pay attention. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and her mellifluous vocals, she displayed more power than any stadium rock outfit I have ever heard. Quality, not quantity.

Her music is unfeigned, impassioned and very intimate. Every note draws the listener closer to the subject matter and give a feeling that each and every song is written specifically for given moments within your own life.


The majority of songs on her MySpace are live but you wouldn’t of known unless it was stated. There’s not a single flaw, off note or finger slip as she graces the headphones and speakers of her growing fan base.

This being said, the studio recorded tracks come as a great treat. With a full band recording the close personal feeling of her live songs is replaced with a copiousness that creates a huge sound which would fill the nooks and crannies of any of the local London venues she often frequents.

Please do check out Abi Thommes if you are a big fan of laid-back acoustica (clearly not a word) and even if you’re not, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! 4/5 brews, can’t give a full 5 to a southerner!

Her upcoming gigs are as follows:

18th October @ The Vibe Bar

4th November @ Hobgoblin in Angel

and “Busking Jubilee Bridge whenever I have a spare moment and it is not raining!”