Interview :: Jimmy Islip (The Magnificent/Milloy)

“Is touring hard for you because you’re in every band ever?”

If you’ve never seen Jimmy Islip play, you’ve clearly never been to a gig in the UK (seriously, he pops up in the oddest of places). He’s played with some of the biggest names in punk as the frontman of The Magnificent, has gone solo on split record with Chuck Ragan, Sam Russo and Helen Chambers, and has recently joined, Wakefield punk outfit, Milloy as their drummer. We caught up with him in Manchester shortly after The Magnificent had got off stage.

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #24: She Tricked Me With Her Vagina -or- Have I Got Enough For Bus Fare? (1st Anniversary Show!)

“I might just start selling my shit, like…One of your five a day” – Ian Critchley

Can you believe that, a little over a year ago, the idea of doing a podcast was just a passing thought? Oh how far we’ve come. There’s been times when we ran way too long, times when the audio quality wasn’t exactly the best and we’ve definitely offended every listener we have at least once. Despite all of this (and Ian’s original misgivings) we recorded 24 episodes of Under The Bridge.

It started off as little more than two, badly recorded, dudes getting drunk over Skype and talking crap about the latest nuggets of wisdom, bestowed upon us by the music industry. Today…it’s still the same, with Skype replaced by Ian’s flat. In all seriousness though, we’ve had some great guests on the show: Ben Marwood, Chris Farren (Fake Problems), Giles Bidder (Great Cynics) and Jeff Clemens (Gamerwok Entertainment), just to name a few. We’ve also crafted a much tighter, well prepared show. Yes, believe it or not a lot of thought goes into each UTB recording.

So, if you enjoy “the podcast that Chris Farren hates most” – hearing the “Frank Turner Minute”, our stories of woe and all our crudest moments – thank you. I just have one question…why? (Leave your responses in the comments). Anyway, here’s to another fantastic year of Under The Bridge. We’ve got some great stuff coming up that we think you’ll be into. For now, why not listen to Episode #24, or maybe you should watch it?


Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #24: She Tricked Me With Her Vagina -or- Have I Got Enough For Bus Fare? (stream/download or subscribe on iTunes)

Or, perhaps you’d like to watch it?

Music – The Falcon – God Don’t Make No Trash -or- Up Your Ass With Broken Glass

  • Feed The Monkey, Drown The Worm -or- Goin’ Home
  • Look Ma! No Fans! -or- Do You Want Fries With These Songs?
  • I’m So Happy I Could Just Cry Myself To Sleep -or- The Routes We Wander
  • Building The Perfect Asshole Parade -or- Scratching Off The Fleas
  • Huffing The Proverbial Line Off The Proverbial Dong -or- The Blood And The Frog


  • Chuck Ragan collaborating with Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsberg, Todd Beene (Lucero), Frank Turner, Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) and more on new record.
  • Billy Bragg releases ‘Never Buy The Sun’
  • Henry Rollins touring the UK in 2012
  • Against Me! Talk White Crosses re-release
  • Frank Carter leaves The Gallows
  • Weezer announce cruise
  • Chuck Ragan/Helen Chambers/Sam Russo/Jimmy Islip split coming via Specialist Subject
  • Barlow & Ian (and Jon Snodgrass) name Austin Lucas’ new backing band


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Moon & Back

Interview :: Helen Chambers

“MySpace scares me now” – Helen Chambers

Helen Chambers recently played an intimate show in Leeds with, our buddy, Austin Lucas. The York-based songstress had been recommended to us many times before and with good reason: She’s awesome! Before the show we had a drink and chatted about working with Chuck Ragan, getting her work out there and what happens when you google her name.

Going Underground :: Helen Chambers

Going Underground is back!! Holy SHIT! Back with a vengeance! ACTION! FIREWORKS! SLAP BASS SOLO! ….soft acoustic jams?

Okay, so for the return of the ever awesome Going Underground where I, Ian the king of life, talk about cool unknown acts and put embarrassing pictures of them as the article image I was going to do a little bit of words on the hard-hitting punk band Bangers. I didn’t. Instead, after watching two stella(r) performances by the lovely Helen Chambers, who doesn’t actually drink much whiskey, I decided to talk about her instead.

Helen Chambers music can only be described in one word, “awesomebeautifullovemusicoftrustlifeanddesire.” The songs themselves are not in any way overtly complex, using the standard folk open chord progression trip and sticking with a simple one guitar one singer (with a little self-backing,) so you won’t find anything here in the way of avant-garde experimentation. But hey! fuck Muse and their 52 guitar track song, right?

The strongest part of the Helen Chambers experience, what pulls these simple folk songs out from the mediocrity of a lot of acoustic music and gets them truly rooted inside your heart, becoming a constant pull on the strings with every listen, are the vocals. I know this is Going Underground and is in no way meant to get technical, but Helen’s unique voice implements a strange kind of vibrato which gives the melodies an almost haunting feel. This, paired with the stripped down instrumentation, gives Helen Chambers a sound that comes close to a modern day, female, Nick Drake.

Helen has recently played with Austin Lucas and took part in the second Under The Bridge gig where wine was drunk and lifelong friendships were made.

I’d recommend all of Helen Chambers songs but particularly “Paper and Glue” for a good old cry. It’s a song that, when played live, almost brought me to tears and I never cry. I’m a man. A man of steel with a heart of coal. Hell, if she can bring forth a passionate response in someone as emotionally bankrupt as myself, there must be something really special in those chords.

Helen Chambers can be found on Facebook and on Bandcamp so listen to her music, it’ll make you want to fall in love. Hopefully not with her though, her husband is fucking massive and will kill you.