Podcast :: Under The Bridge #12: I Saw Chris Wollard In Ken’s Kebabs

“…it’s called, ‘My Bastard Child The Monkey’…and the band’s called Gorillaz” – Ian Critchley

After a few tech issues (there’s always something, isn’t there) Under The Bridge is back. Episode #12: I Saw Chris Wollard In Ken’s Kebabs – a subtitle inspired by an El Morgan Facebook status update from six months ago – is not the only offering we’ll be delivering unto you this festive season. As per usual it’s a show full of debauchery and everything should be taken in good humor and with a pinch of salt. This week we discussed how Rihanna hypnotizes her listeners, the awesomeness of the new Crazy Arm single and we took at look at our nominations for Album of the year.

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #12: I Saw Chris Wollard In Ken’s Kebabs (right click/ctrl + click to download or Subscribe for free on iTunes)


  • Sonisphere Lineup News
  • Biffy Clyro Talk X-Factor
  • Frank Turner Playing Intimate London Show
  • Earache Records Merch Shop Now Open
  • Coldplay Making Concept Album
  • Get Free Angels & Airwaves DVD With Macbeth Shoes Purchase
  • Sharks Signed By Rise Records
  • Gorillaz Bassist Hasn’t Had A Stroke
  • Pre-Order New Against Me! 7″
  • Ja Rule Arrested
  • Yo Gotti and OG Boo Dirty Involved In Brawl, Shooting

Main Topic

  • Album Of The Year

Going Underground :: Refuse to Lose! (With The Arteries, Bangers & Above Them)

Has it really been 5, 6 or 7 weeks since the last Going Underground? I don’t know, I don’t care and neither should you.

This installment has a bit of a twist as it’s promoting three bands, a gig featuring those three bands and the fucking awesome monthly night this gig is taking place. Intense right? Let’s see how it goes.

Refuse to Lose is a monthly event in Manchester at the Retro Bar, a pub, I’m sure, quite a few are familiar with. If you enjoy good music, good fast hard punk rock music, as I do, then it event is for you. the Anniversary, Lawrence Arms, Against Me! Jawbreaker, Texas is the Reason, the list goes on. In fact, the list never seems to end, with none of the obscure requests I bring to the DJ booth being met with rejection. So if you miss this RTL, there’s always next time.

But don’t miss this one.

It’s this Saturday, 02/10/10, doors are at about 9pm, 21:00 hours soldier! It’s only four pound sterling in and after the bands there’s a party til 3am, will worth 400 pennies.

I’m not entirely sure what order the bands are playing so I’ll just wing it.

Above Them have already been mega vamped within the Going Underground section so go back and read that or check them on their MySpace.

The Arteries are, unfortunately, a southern band, haling from Swansea. I say unfortunately, but it seems to more bands I here from down south, the more I feel like I should live there. To list there influences would be a cliché, repetitious process, so I’ll just say they’re really ace and play some wholesome kick balls punk rock. Check them out.

Bangers are from Falmouth, which is located somewhere in the UK, but I could not tell you were. Google maps it. Another band keeping the groove of 90’s punk alive all the way into the………10’s? Anyway, another is not used in the sense that there are too many bands making this music or that it has gone stale, quite the opposite. There is something very special about Bangers, as there music floods into my ears I imagine Hot Water Music starting out there first tour…….but like, being from the U.K. Fuck it. Here’s their MySpace.

So come down to the show! If you don’t I’ll punch you. All the bands, Refuse to Lose, Retro Bar, everyone involved, everyone who turns up and in fact, everyone on the fucking planet (except Barlow) get’s 5/5 special brews because I love all these bands that fucking much.

Details about the show can be found on Facebook.

The Arteries and the Bangers are releasing a split next month with, the super babe duo of, El Morgan and Kelly Kemp, you can buy that here. Read Barlow’s review of it too.

Above Them’s Album, Blueprint For A Better Time, can be bought here or on iTunes

Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 6: Off Down To Sarfsee

“Stop being bastards.” – Ian Critchley

After a week of absence due to some technical problems Under The Bridge is back! As per usual we mention Frank Turner, Fake Problems, and Crazy Arm. This time around we discuss our best and worst gig stories and take some from ‘the community’. The stories of Southsea Fest are in there too. We also tried to make it a little shorter, so you don’t get bored half way though. Check out the show notes below.

If you want to send us questions, suggestions or anything else email barlow.ant@gmail.com

This week’s music:

. ‘Amazing Girl’ – El Morgan

. ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ – El Morgan & The Arteries

. ‘Bridges Over Broken Hearts’ – Kelly Kemp & Bangers

. ‘Thousand Nights Of Fun’ – El Morgan

. ‘Ballroom’ – El Morgan & The Arteries

.’The Great Fall Down’ – Kelly Kemp & Bangers

. ‘Your Life (Is Your Direction)’ – NoComply

Under The Bridge – Episode 6: Off Down To Sarfsee

Show Notes:


  • Fake Problems ‘Real Ghosts Caught On Tape’ is out
  • Crazy Arm Tour with Against Me!, Fucked Up, Japanese Voyeurs
      • 8th – White Rabbit, Plymouth (Darren Johns acoustic solo show, with The Xcerts)
      • 9th – London (with The Dissociates + more) TBC
      • 10th – Prince Albert, Brighton (with Attack! Vipers! + Kepi Ghoulie + Trippin Violet)
      • 22nd – Mo’ Live, Southampton (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 23rd – Slam Dunk, Manchester (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + lots more)
      • 24th – Solus, Cardiff (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 25th – Academy, Bristol (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 26th – Kasbah, Coventry (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 27th – QMU, Glasgow (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 28th – Rock City, Nottingham (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 29th – Met University, Leeds (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 31st – University, Plymouth (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • NOVEMBER
      • 1st – Junction, Cambridge (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 2nd – Academy, Oxford (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 3rd – Electric Ballroom, London (with Against Me! + Fucked Up + Japanese Voyeurs)
      • 5th – Trix Club, Antwerp, Belgium (with Against Me!)
      • 7th – La Maroquinerie, Paris, France (with Against Me!)
      • 8th – Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland (with Against Me!)
      • 9th – Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany (with Against Me!)
      • 10th – Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark (with Against Me!)
      • 11th – Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden (with Against Me!)
      • 12th – Garage, Oslo, Norway (with Against Me!)
      • 14th – Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany (with Against Me!)
      • 15th – Longhorn, Stuttgart, Germany (with Against Me!)
      • 16th – Garage, Saarbrucken, Germany (with Against Me!)
      • 17th – Backstage, Munich, Germany (with Against Me!)
      • 18th – Huxleys, Berlin, Germany (with Against Me!)
      • 20th – Kofmehl, Solothurn, Switzerland (with Against Me!)
      • 21st – TBC, Bologna, Italy (with Against Me!)
      • 22nd – TBC, Venice, Italy (with Against Me!)
  • Zutons singer nutted some cunt
    • Found guilty after admitting to assault. Said it was in self defence.
    • Headbutted some guy after his girlfriend was insulted
  • Hawthrone Heights to support Amberlin
    • GLASGOW Garage (15)
    • LEEDS Cockpit (16)
    • MANCHESTER Academy II (17)
    • CARDIFF Millenium Music Hall (19)
    • NORWICH Waterfront (20)
    • PORTSMOUTH Wedgewood Rooms (21)
    • LONDON Islington Academy (22)
  • Enter Shikari announce Christmas show
    • Gig at Hertfordshire uni on Dec. 18th
    • Support from Rolo Tomassi and Young Guns
  • Yellowcard recording new album, says Twitter
  • Fenix TX announce tour
    • Oct 19 2010 Wedgewood Room Portsmouth, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 20 2010 Rescue Room Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 21 2010 Sugarmill Stoke-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 22 2010 Fibbers, York York, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 23 2010 The Academy Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 24 2010 Cathouse Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 25 2010 O2 Academy 2 Newcastle, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 27 2010 Slade Room Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 28 2010 Corporation Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 29 2010 Six Feet Under Newport, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 30 2010 Academy 2 Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
    • Oct 31 2010 Freeze Festival London, UNITED KINGDOM
  • The Drums will continue as a three-piece
    • They released a statement saying Adam Kessler had left the band
      • “There have been some questions as to recent events and we are sad to confirm that Adam Kessler has left The Drums. The Drums (Jonny, Jacob and Connor) will continue as a three member band, and though we are distressed by recent events we are excited for the future. Despite recent reports, we haven’t replaced anyone. We have started work on the new album and are all thrilled to be embarking on our first US tour this month and returning to the UK in November to play concerts. We thank you all for your support and will see you soon”
  • Wyclef Jean gives up on Hatian presidency to promote new record
  • Michael Jackson MMO being developed
    • Planet Michael Jackson will launch next year
    • Will allow Michael Jackson fans to meet in ‘an immersive virtual space themed after iconic visuals drawn from Michael’s music, his life, and the global issues that concerned him.’
  • 50 Cent has told his followers he’d like to find a woman online
    • ‘A yal be on twitter meeting each other. Then yal be f***ing this s**t is crazy. I wanta find me a bad b**ch on twitter. Lol’
  • The Frank Turner Minute:
    • Frank’s covered ‘ADT’ by Fake Problems. You can listen on his YouTube channel
    • He’s also on the Bad Religion compilation being put out by Spin. He’s covering ‘My Poor Friend Me’
    • New album coming in “spring”
      • Recording in January
      • Some songs with the band, some without

Main Topic

  • Gig stories

What Anthony’s Been Listening To

  • El Morgan + Kelly Kemp
  • Crazy Arm
  • Above Them
  • Fake Problems
  • Apologies, I Have None
  • Look Mexico

What Ian’s Been Listening To

  • Chuck Ragan
  • Kelly Kemp/El Morgan
  • Apologies, I have none
  • Thin Lizzy

Emails/Questions – Email address – underthebridgecast@gmail.com

  • Is Ian really gay? – Anon. via Formspring
  • You guys are so sexy. How do you do it? – Anon. via Formspring
  • Do you guys find it hard to review albums like you’d bought them? – Chris


John Berna’s Words Of Wisdom

  • When women say size doesn’t matter they’re lying. Show them your bank account sum and watch how fast they’ll run. – John Berna (2010)


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    • Go and read our stuff at Moon & Back Music
      • Get Up Kids gig review
    • Coming Up
      • Sundowner – We Chase The Waves album review
      • Kelly Kemp & Bangers/El Morgan & Arteries EP review
      • Southsea writeup
      • Going Underground
      • Dicking Around in Southsea video
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    • This week’s music is provided by El Morgan, The Arteries, Kelly Kemp, Bangers & NoComply
      • Kelly Kemp & Bangers/El Morgan & The Arteries split 7″ – October 11th

Video :: Dicking Around In Southsea (Featuring: The 255s Apologies I Have None, Above Them & Crazy Arm)

After an extended leave of absence Dicking Around productions is back with a new video. After the poor audio quality on those Jonah Matranga videos, you thought we’d have learnt something. Well, we haven’t. The audio is as terrible as ever, but that will be fixed for the next installment. This one was kind of on a whim, using borrowed equipment and recorded by two guys that had just taken a 9-hour coach ride. I’m sure you can forgive us.

The story is that we decided we needed a bit of an adventure after sitting on our collective laurels for almost the entire summer, so where else could we go other than to Southsea? The all-day festival, which took up the entirety of the town’s Albert Road, was great. Loads of great bands played and we got to see some people we hadn’t seen in a while. The journey almost took it out of us, we were running on very little cash, but we came out alive. Check out the video below.

Advance EP Review :: Kelly Kemp & Bangers/El Morgan & The Arteries

What happens when you combine two Southsea songstress’ with two awesome punk bands?

For many artists the split EP (or EP’s in general) are a thing of the past. Thankfully they’re still a factor in the underground music scene, helping promote new bands and introduce people to acts they otherwise might have passed by. I mean, Without Alkaline Trio’s iconic split with Hot Water Music, the sultry tones of Chuck Ragan and Chris Wollard might have eluded me for even longer (cheers, Ian). That’s exactly what’s happened here.

I was introduced to El Morgan back in May when she toured with Austin Lucas and I, along with many others in that pub cellar, immediately became a fan. When I found out she was putting out some new material, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The fact that this was a collaborative effort was icing on the cake. Unlike the Trio, my love of El’s music had given me three new artists to listen to. I’d heard of everyone included on this record before, but had never really checked them out. As per usual, I find out I should’ve been listening to these guys a long time ago and feel like a fool.

This type of collaborative effort is something I’m not familiar with. Maybe I’ll sound like even more of a fool, but this combination seems rather original. Four artists – two singer/songwriters and two bands – paired up to collaborate on a record. It intrigued me to say the least, especially considering I was a fan of the El/Arteries tracks in their original form. The outcome is great.

El’s tracks have a harder edge than the acoustic originals. The main vocal is delivered with a ferocity I’m not used to hearing from her, and it took me a few listens to properly appreciate them. The addition of The Arteries turns simple, melodious, acoustic songs into fast paced punk anthems. ‘Ballroom’ is probably my favorite of El’s tracks, and a good bit slower than ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’, so I was really interested in how this would turn out. I was really impressed – as I was with all four tracks – but the way this track slowly builds before revealing it’s true punk colours made it for me. I still have a soft spot for the originals though.

Kelly’s songs are one’s I’m less familiar with and I think that made them an easier listen. I wasn’t constantly thinking about another version, like I was with the other two. The former NoComply singer really shows her range here. ‘Bridges Over Broken Hearts’ is my favorite of the four tracks. I still haven’t got it’s sing along hook out of my head. ‘The Great Fall Down’ is just as good. Both tracks have got a great 90’s punk feel to them. They’re fun, sing-a-long songs that’ll stick with you for a while. If you’re a punk fan and want something new and interesting to listen to, you won’t go wrong with this.

The EP is released on 7″ on October 11th. You can buy it at Specialist Subject Records and get the MP3s now.

Interview :: El Morgan

We first saw El Morgan when she played with Austin Lucas in Leeds last month and she blew us away. When we heard she was going to be in Manchester and at Refuse To Lose, we jumped at the chance to see her and have a chat.

After a few Facebook messages, we were sorted. Sat in a place commonly known, in Manchester, as Vimto Bottle (due to the giant wooden bottle of Vimto on it). We chatted to Miss Morgan about her first time in Manchester, getting to play with her heroes and her possible inclusion on The Revival Tour.

Ian Critchley: How’s it going?

El: Morgan: Pretty good. I’ve been in a car for a long time, but it’s pretty awesome.

Anthony Barlow: You drove up?

EM: We got driven up here from Portsmouth today.

IC: You’ve just come off a tour with Austin Lucas. How was that?

EM: Yes. It was brilliant. It was really good. It’s really good to tour with such an awesome artist. I met him last time and he’s sort of a bit of a good mate now as well,

AB: I was going to ask how the tour with Austin came about actually

EM: Well, I’m in a band called Livers & Lungs as well and we played with Austin at The Windmill in London, in Brixton, and sort of met him then. Our friend Lloyd booked his first tour, that we played with him on. Then in Swansea, we were supposed to play with him again, but some of the other band members couldn’t go, so I went on my own. Which meant I met him one on one and…

IC: You’ve played with some pretty high profile people too. What’s it like playing alongside your heroes, as such?

EM: Pretty awesome, because you kind of look it and you go “oh my god, I love these guys” and then you meet them and they’re really cool, normal people, really down to earth. It’s like, you can only be a fangirl for so long *laughs*.

AB: You’ve played with Chuck Ragan as well, haven’t you?

EM: Livers & Lungs did, yeah. We played with him when he did the Frank Turner tour. He came and did a show for the lovers of Chuck in Swansea. He was really cool.

AB: Nice. We missed the Leeds one.

IC: Yeah, we missed his secret gig in Leeds.

EM: Apparently, that was crazy. It was so much fun.

AB: Well, it was in Santiago’s. The best place in Leeds

IC: Speaking of Chuck Ragan, The Revival Tour is supposedly coming to the UK. Do you think you’d be part of that if it did?

EM: I think I might lose my shit if I got to be apart of the Revival Tour *laughs*. I dunno. I doubt it. I can’t wait to go and see them when he’s over with the Drag The River guys and Austin and Corey Branan. I’ll definitely be at some of those shows. I can’t wait.

IC: Your music has been put into the pigeon-hole genre of ‘folk-punk’. How do you feel about the rise of folk punk?

EM: I think a lot of people get tarred with folk-punk. I really like some folk-punk. I like a lot of artists who get told they’re folk-punk. I think that if you like punk music, but you happen to play an acoustic guitar you get put in folk-punk. I get the ‘folk’ tag a lot as well, so I dunno. It’s a bit of a cliche to say this, but tags are so annoying. You know what I mean?

AB: Yeah, definitely. You’ve been compared to acts like Laura Marling and Emmy The Great as well, how do you feel about that?

EM: The last one I got was Lily Allen. It’s amazing. I’m not sure how much I’d go for that myself. I think they’re amazing, but…

AB: Do you think it’s because you happen to be female and play an acoustic guitar?

EM: Yeah, a little bit. Occasionally. There’s a lot of really amazing artists and I think people try and find the closest thing. If they’re gonna use your gender to do that, then I’m not gonna hold it against them. It’s not always that close is it. People like to say ‘oh, it sounds like this. It sounds like that’. It’s just a matter of taste isn’t it.

AB: Of course, smooth talker over here (that’s Ian, by the way) compared you to Ani DiFranco in Leeds.

EM: Yeah. Well, that’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me. I’m not sure if I’d go with that. I think she’s stunning.

IC: You’ve been getting some pretty high praise recently, we’ve got a great quote here: “If you don’t like El Morgan, you’re a dickhead”. That one’s from Austin [Lucas].

EM: *laughs* whiskey will make you say things like that.

IC: Against Me! played on Wednesday and we went drinking with them after and well… (Here’s where Ian, not so casually, glances at me – Anthony.)

AB: Oh yeah, I started bigging up your cover of ‘Sink Florida, Sink’…

EM: You didn’t?

AB:…to Tom Gabel whilst doing shots

EM: Whoa! *laughs*. What’s he like?

IC: He’s nice. He’s really nice. Everyone involved with the tour, all the crew and everything were all super friendly. George Rebelo is now my best friend.

EM: *laughs*

IC: The album Fight Or Flight is dedicated to Nick Morgan, who is that?

EM: That’s my dad. He died last July. He brought me and my sister up, singing since we were very small. We were a very musical family, so we were very close. It’s been a pretty tough year.

IC: Yeah, definitely. Where did the name of the album come from?

EM: I, literally, woke up at five o’clock in the morning and knew that’s what it was gonna be called. *laughs* It was one of those inspiration things.

AB: Speaking of names, the name El Morgan is spelled so many different ways.

EM: Yeah, I know.

AB: *laughs* Is that your fault?

EM: I got nicknamed ‘L’, the letter, when I had just started sixth form, because I didn’t like being called Ellie. I just said call me L and they went “what? like L”. It just stuck, but when you’re nearly thirty you can’t really have a single letter name. When you’re at work and all that kind of thing. It’s just El for Eleanor.

IC: You’re a big supporter of the ‘Saafsee’ punk scene. Did I say that right?

EM: Yeah boi! *laughs*

All: *laughs*

IC: Do you know anything about the Manchester scene? If you do, how do you feel the two compare?

EM: Well, I love the 255 boys. When they came down to Southsea, it was really nice to meet those guys. I’m more of a newbie to it than Tim or Jack or other members, but it’s been really nice to meet a lot of people. I look forward to getting to know a little more about it, because I’ve never been to Manchester before, so this is my first time!

IC: Yeah.

AB: Serious question now. If Chuck Ragan, Henry Rollins and a shark had a fight, who would win?

EM: Chuck Norris.

AB: Chuck Norris? Chuck Ragan.

EM: Chuck Norris would win in a fight against anyone. That’s the punchline.

IC: *laughs*

AB: Well don’t I feel like an idiot now.

IC: When you played in Leeds, you drew a heart on your album cover when you signed it for me, does that mean that you’ll be my girlfriend?

EM: I’m afraid not, but it does mean I think you’re very nice. I’m afraid I’ve already got a boyfriend.

AB: You’ve crushed him now.

IC: I know, yeah. I’m not coming to the gig now.

EM: *laughs*

IC: We thought you and Austin were gonna drive off a cliff, so that he could write some new material.

AB: How did it go?

EM: We’re planning on it. It’s in the pipeline. We were busy *laughs*. We found other things to write songs about. I stubbed my toe, it was a bit traumatic.

IC: That song, is it on the set list for tonight?

EM: Yeah, it’s where I’m gonna get the power for tonight from. My achey foot.

IC: Finally, you said it’s your first time in Manchester, is it going to be your last?

EM: Definitely not. Unless they kick me out and don’t let me back in.

AB: We’ve not been kicked out yet.

IC: Well, not for a while

AB: There was that one night…

EM: *laughs*

IC: I think that’s all we’ve got so thanks a lot

AB: Yeah, thanks for doing it on such short notice

EM: It’s alright, cheers.

Check out El on Myspace.