Video :: Dicking Around In London (Featuring: Ben Marwood, Abi Thommes, The Leano, Kill Chaos, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun And Chris T-T & The Hoodrats)

“I thought we were getting underground tickets, not waiting for the Pepsi Max”

After the success (maybe?) of Dicking Around in Southsea, we’re back to bring you some more music from another city. Dicking Around in London was filmed on October 9th in and around Lexapalooza – an all day gig in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign – and features the likes of Ben Marwood and Chris T-T. There’s even a cameo from Jamie Lenman (formerly of Reuben)!

We’re going to cut the performance videos out and release them separately for your viewing/listening pleasure. That’s right, the video looks and sounds great this time. Awesome! Check it out below.

We’d like to thank Evan and everyone on the crew for organizing the event, Frank Turner for letting us know about it, all of the bands for being apart of it and the people of London for putting up with us.