Moon & Back Session :: Austin Lucas

“You are fucking gross” – Austin Lucas

On his recent UK tour, we caught up with Austin Lucas and put him to work. After all, playing a song to a video camera is exactly what you want to do on your birthday, right?! Austin, very kindly, obliged to play us a new tune for a Moon & Back Session and it’s absolutely awesome. ‘Alone In Memphis’ is going to be featured on his new record and we can’t wait to hear the final version. But, for now, we have this to tide us over.

Apologies for the camera not quite getting Austin’s guitar into shot. This room was tiny and there was five of us in there. Regardless, we think it turned out great. Be sure to check out Austin’s latest record A New Home In The Old World and tell us who you want to see do a session for us in the comments below!

‘Alone In Memphis’

Songs To Cure Depression :: Austin Lucas – ‘Farewell’

“Yes, it’s true. Oh Lord, it’s true.”

It had been yet another night of tossing and turning. I’d been so tired earlier in the night I made the statement “you can take a 20cc shot of exhaustion and anxiety yet, when laced with a sense of glee, you can sleep easy.” But this had been made hastily. I’d preemptively counted my chickens and now they’d hatched, I released all they held was moldy yolks with the bitter taste of insomnia.

I hadn’t drank for two days, which wasn’t that strange an occurrence, but after the past month or so (hell, who was really keeping count?) of hard binging my mind rejected my attempt at sobriety by placing an Olympic long distance event of racing thoughts and disabling my ability to get a decent nights rest.

Eventually I got some sort of micro sleep, not even enough to increase the battery life of my being to a working level, and I headed out into the day. The sun was beaming, as it had been for the past few days, so a walk seemed a logical option. Not just due to the weather, but a bus ride would possibly result in a snooze and it was always better to run on empty than a little.

This should probably be called “Songs to Cure Sleep Deprivation” (at least for this installment) because, even though I was burning out, I still felt a wind of optimism on an otherwise still day. But this may have been due to Austin Lucas, and his album Somebody Loves You. Not an obvious choice for a pick me up, emotional or otherwise, but there was something in how the songs shifted from intense guitar riffs to sombre, more mellow, sounds that allowed the body and mind to shift between a perky state to one of relaxation. The anxiety and depression was depleted, but this was done whilst shooting an energetic rocket of adrenaline up my caboose. The song that really did it for me, mainly because I’d completely forgot about it, wasFarewell’. The song ends the album with a fast paced ecstasy paired with vocals that could cause an iron girdle to tingle with that special excitement that comes only with the greatest of vocal melodies.

Unfortunately, this was the only video I could find for the song, so sorry about that. It’s just one static shot taken from another video. But maybe you could load some girl on girl (or guy on guy if that’s what makes your motor hum). Mute it, and just have Austin play in the background. That way you can have both your visual and audio senses completely satisfied. Hell, it worked for me.

Video :: Apologies, I Have None – ‘Clapton Pond’

Apologies, I Have None have a new record coming out really soon, and it’s shaping up really well. Having already released ’60 Miles’ earlier in the year, the London-based band have just debuted another new song. ‘Clapton Pond’ is a massive tune – which is totally indicative of the band’s previous work – and the video is an absolute masterpiece. Shot by Julian G. Harding and starring Sam Russo, it feels more like a short film than a music video and is deserving of all the praise it’s getting.

Apologies, I Have None head out on a short UK tour with Crazy Arm and Great Cynics on February 29th, and are playing a few dates with, acclaimed country singer/songwriter, Austin Lucas. Shortly after, the band will embark on the release tour for, debut album, London. This is followed by a few dates with Touche Amore and Pianos Become The Teeth.

  • White Rabbit, Plymouth – Feb 29th w/Austin Lucas
  • Croft, Bristol – March 1st w/Austin Lucas
  • The Hydrant, Brighton – March 2nd
  • Firebug, Leicester – March 3rd
  • Fighting Cocks, Kingston – March 4th
  • Karma Cafe, Norwich – March 5th
  • ManchFESTer II – Kraak Gallery, Manchester – March 17th w/Above Them, Sam Russo, Calvinball, Great Cynics + more!
  • The Central, Newcastle – March 18th
  • Santiagos, Leeeds – March 19th
  • The Flapper, Birmingham – March 20th
  • The Edge Of The Wedge, Portsmouth – March 21st
  • The Old Blue Last, London – March 22nd w/Sam Russo + ‘Special Guests’
  • Thekla, Bristol – March 26th w/Touche Amore + Pianos Become The Teeth
  • Sound Control, Manchester – March 27th w/Touche Amore + Pianos Become The Teeth
  • XOYO, London – March 28th w/Touche Amore + Pianos Become The Teeth

Album Of The Year :: Austin Lucas’ Top 5

The idea that there’s a one true ‘album of the year’ is a pretty misguided one. With that in mind, we’ve tried to offer up a series of recommendations from both the Moon & Back Music staff, and from a few notable names from the world of music.

In a year where his own release – ‘A New Home In The Old World’ – has garnered much critical acclaim and a number of ‘Album Of The Year’ nods, Austin Lucas shows some appreciation for his five favourite records of 2011.

5. Sunday Valley – To The Wind And On To Heaven

This album, is the first release from these Kentucky boys.  Honestly, it’s incredible for a debut and really shows a lot of promise.  As far as where this band is headed, etc.

Imagine a band, that mixes Dick Dale and Waylon Jennings and you’re starting to see where they are coming from.  Obviously, there is more to their sound than that.  But, it’s these things along with they’re propensity for utilizing gospel and bluegrass imagery, that puts them close to my heart.  Will they do the same to you?  Honestly, I have no idea. You should give them a spin and see though.

4. Ninja Gun – Roman Nose EP

This EP is an amazing example of how catchy and infectious a band can get, without sacrificing song writing and overall credibility.  Honestly, Ninja Gun have one of the silliest names for any band, out there.  Don’t let their name fool you though.  They are one of the best American rock and roll groups out there.  They effortlessly mix American southern rock and British psych pop like no other band.  Trust me, they aren’t the pop punk band from the 90’s that you think they are.  They, are however, a rock and roll, juggernaut.

3, Tom Waits – Bad As Me

This is a Tom Waits album. He’s incredible and everyone knows it.  He always has been and always will be.  This album is no exception.

2. Josh Small – Juke

When I first heard the unmixed rough tracks of this album, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it.  I heard all sorts of off the wall sounds and percussion.  But then, when I received this finished album in the mail.  Put it in the stereo and cranked it up for the first time, I was blown away.  Josh created an amazing album, where influences from Elton John and Steely Dan, mix (and actually work) with Josh’ trademark boogie woogie and howl.  This album proves to me, what I always assumed to be gospel.  Josh Small is an intensely gifted songwriter and arranger.  Capable of taking music, into incredible places.

1. Glossary – Long Live All Of Us

This band is the best band going, right now. As far as musicianship and excellence and diversity in song writing.  Nobody can touch the Glossary folks.  This album proves that a band who is 7 albums and 15 years into their career, can not only stay great but in fact, get better.  Go from amazing to un-fucking-beatable. Truthfully, Glossary is an unstoppable force and it’s a crying shame that more people don’t know what an incredible band they are.  If you read this, though.  You could be the next lucky person,  to buy their album and have your metaphorical dick, knocked into the dirt.

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #24: She Tricked Me With Her Vagina -or- Have I Got Enough For Bus Fare? (1st Anniversary Show!)

“I might just start selling my shit, like…One of your five a day” – Ian Critchley

Can you believe that, a little over a year ago, the idea of doing a podcast was just a passing thought? Oh how far we’ve come. There’s been times when we ran way too long, times when the audio quality wasn’t exactly the best and we’ve definitely offended every listener we have at least once. Despite all of this (and Ian’s original misgivings) we recorded 24 episodes of Under The Bridge.

It started off as little more than two, badly recorded, dudes getting drunk over Skype and talking crap about the latest nuggets of wisdom, bestowed upon us by the music industry. Today…it’s still the same, with Skype replaced by Ian’s flat. In all seriousness though, we’ve had some great guests on the show: Ben Marwood, Chris Farren (Fake Problems), Giles Bidder (Great Cynics) and Jeff Clemens (Gamerwok Entertainment), just to name a few. We’ve also crafted a much tighter, well prepared show. Yes, believe it or not a lot of thought goes into each UTB recording.

So, if you enjoy “the podcast that Chris Farren hates most” – hearing the “Frank Turner Minute”, our stories of woe and all our crudest moments – thank you. I just have one question…why? (Leave your responses in the comments). Anyway, here’s to another fantastic year of Under The Bridge. We’ve got some great stuff coming up that we think you’ll be into. For now, why not listen to Episode #24, or maybe you should watch it?


Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #24: She Tricked Me With Her Vagina -or- Have I Got Enough For Bus Fare? (stream/download or subscribe on iTunes)

Or, perhaps you’d like to watch it?

Music – The Falcon – God Don’t Make No Trash -or- Up Your Ass With Broken Glass

  • Feed The Monkey, Drown The Worm -or- Goin’ Home
  • Look Ma! No Fans! -or- Do You Want Fries With These Songs?
  • I’m So Happy I Could Just Cry Myself To Sleep -or- The Routes We Wander
  • Building The Perfect Asshole Parade -or- Scratching Off The Fleas
  • Huffing The Proverbial Line Off The Proverbial Dong -or- The Blood And The Frog


  • Chuck Ragan collaborating with Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsberg, Todd Beene (Lucero), Frank Turner, Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem) and more on new record.
  • Billy Bragg releases ‘Never Buy The Sun’
  • Henry Rollins touring the UK in 2012
  • Against Me! Talk White Crosses re-release
  • Frank Carter leaves The Gallows
  • Weezer announce cruise
  • Chuck Ragan/Helen Chambers/Sam Russo/Jimmy Islip split coming via Specialist Subject
  • Barlow & Ian (and Jon Snodgrass) name Austin Lucas’ new backing band


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The Podcast

Moon & Back

Interview :: Austin Lucas

“If you’re fucking thirty and still listen to Goldfinger…”

It’s been a good while since Austin Lucas was last in the UK, so it was great to sit down with him for a chat in a lovely ‘green room’ provided by the staff at Santiago in Leeds. Austin’s got a big tour with Willie Nelson (fucking Willie Nelson!) coming up soon, so we talked a lot about that, the possibility of him moving back to Europe and had a bit of a rant about Ska.

Video shot and edited by Dicking Around Productions.

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #19: “Soz, I Thought You Had Cat-Like Reflexes”

“Come down to hell and suck my red cock” – Ian Critchley/Satan

We tried and failed to get back to our regular bi-weekly schedule, but at least you have another podcast to listen to. This week’s podcast is a shorter one than the last few (we’re trying to keep them within an hour), but it’s still as insightful and offensive as ever. This week Ian makes sure you know the differences between ‘classical’ and ‘baroque’ music, we talk about the Jeff Buckley biopic and we answer a ton of questions. Music comes from Austin Lucas’ new album, A New Home In The Old World (buy it here!)

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #19: “Soz, I Thought You Had Cat-Like Reflexes” (Subscribe on iTunes)

Music – Austin Lucas

  • Thunder Rail
  • Somewhere A Light Shines
  • Keys
  • Nevada County Lines


  • Frank Turner Minute
  • Bob Dylan Plays Vietnam
  • London’s ‘Supergig’ for Japan Is Canceled
  • Sonisphere Lineup Additions
  • Capdown UK Tour
  • Cynics’ New EP/UK Tour
  • White Stripes Final Show To Be Released On DVD
  • Jeff Buckley Biopic To Go Ahead

Main Topic

  • N/A


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Moon & Back

Promo :: Austin Lucas UK/European Tour

After the release of A New Home In The Old World, Austin Lucas is heading out to tour the UK and Europe once again. I know for a fact that Austin loves playing European shows, so anyone who heads to one of these is in for a treat. Joining Austin on all of the below dates is Digger Barnes. A regular member of Chuck Ragan’s band, Barnes has also released his own solo material in the form of Time Has Come and a two 7″ records.

Having seen Austin live a couple of times, I know that you won’t walk away disappointed. So please go and check out a show if he’s playing near you. The UK dates are a little sparse, but I know he’d do more if he could. Check out the dates below.


3rd –  Hannover @ Chez Heinz
4th – Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof
5th – Aachen @ AZ
6th – Brighton @ Prince Albert
7th – Leeds @ Santiago’s
8th – Brixton @ Windmill
9th – Paris @ Espace B
10th –  Laussane, CH @ Espace Autogere
11th – Freiburg @ Swamp
12th – Stuttgart – Club Zwölfzehn
13th – Cologne @ Underground
14th –  Helsinki @ Bar Loose
15th – Berlin @ Lovelite
16th –  Schweinfurt @ Alter Stattbahnhof
17th –  Dresden @ Ostpol
18th –  A Vienna – Fluc Wanne
19th –  Budapest @ A38
20th – Prague @ Studio Rubin
21st – Chemnitz @ Pyro Catharsis
22nd – Bremen @ G18
23rd – Hamburg @ Molotow

It’ll be a shame if you can’t make it. If only he knew two awesome guys that could put together a little ‘tour documentary’ for those three UK dates…

Album Review :: Austin Lucas – A New Home In The Old World

“His ability to turn a phrase is such, that he could put David Lee Roth to shame”

Country music is a genre that, some would say, is based on past successes. Johnny Cash will always have a place in my heart and it’s great to see Willie Nelson still kicking it, but there’s a new ‘outlaw’ of country out there. His name? Austin Lucas. The Indiana-born singer/songwriter is back with his fourth record and, whilst his previous work has been a wholly acoustic affair, A New Home In The Old World sees Austin bringing something new and exciting to the table.

I’ve always loved the raw, stripped down nature of Austin’s music, so it really came as a surprise when I heard that electric guitar come in on ‘Thunder Rail’. I was slightly taken aback, because it was anything but out of place. It was vastly different to anything I’d heard him do before, but it had all the qualities that keep me listening to his music again and again. With this in mind, I was expecting radical changes and an album unlike anything we’d heard Austin do before. Whilst there’s quite a lot different about A New Home In The Old World, it’s still distinctly an Austin Lucas record. That’s what I love about it.

If you’re one of those folks who doesn’t take well to change, fear not, A New Home In The Old World still has some acoustic-only tracks to appease you. ‘Nevada County Lines’ and ‘Keys’ are tracks that immediately spring to mind. It’s great to see Austin delve a little into politics, as he talks about the harshness of war on ‘Keys’. The line “a man just ain’t a main until he’s dealt some death” will be with you for a while after listening. Nevada County Lines’ is my favorite track on the album. Anyone who can’t see how beautiful a this song is really needs to reevaluate their life. Austin’s soft singing (and that of, his sister, Chloe), combined with the slightest bit of guitar and the hum of a pedal steel makes for the most perfect of love songs. The same can be said for the album’s closer. ‘Somewhere A Light Shines’ marks a perfect end for the record and the introduction of a horn section makes for a nice surprise.

It’s tracks like that which made me an Austin Lucas fan. They stick with you long after you’ve listened and he’s always so ‘on point’. Not only that, but his ability to turn a phrase is such, that he could put David Lee Roth to shame and the amount of emotion poured into each song is incredible. It’s clear Austin has a passion for everything he’s singing about. This is something that’s missing from a lot of new music, and something which he’s managed to achieve on four full length records.

If you’re already an Austin Lucas fan who hasn’t bought this yet, I’m wondering why. It’s arguably his best work to date and deserves a place in anyone’s music collection. If you’re yet to experience his music yet, you might want to start here. This is definitely his most accessible record to date, but that’s no bad thing. Even if you’re not a country music fan, I implore you to check this out. I’m going to pour myself another whiskey and give it another spin.

Video Interview :: Austin Lucas, Jon Snodgrass, Cory Branan, Chloe Manor (The Budget Helicopter Tour)

“…The best bits of The Revival Tour”

Austin Lucas, Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River), Cory Branan and Chloe Manor agreed to chat with us for a bit at Leeds’ Brudnell Social Club. The Budget Helicopter tour was in full effect and the guys were ready to head out to the rest of Europe. Instead of boring your arses off with a wall of text, we made this a last minute video feature. We discussed everything from touring with the family to the drawing of helicopters. Enjoy!

Thanks to Austin, Jon, Cory and Chloe for letting us do this, and to Joe Brownridge for standing there for ages and filming it.