News :: Moon & Back To Release Menzingers Benefit Compilation

The other night in Manchester, The Menzingers played an absolutely awesome show with Leagues Apart, Red City Radio and The Bouncing Souls. After the show, the guys came to hang out with everyone at a bar. During this time, their van was broken into and a whole lot of stuff was stolen.

Last night, Greg Barnett (guitar/vocals) released the following statement:

We played a sold out show at The Moho last night in Manchester which ended up being the absolute best show of tour. It was one for the books. Everything’s going great. We walk around the block to the van and I hear Dave give a quiet “oh fuck”. The driver side window was smashed out and three personal bags were stolen, my bag with all of our tour money inside it, $2000 in US in case of an emergency. €5000 Euros, an iPad, 3 iPods, 3 passports, 2 pairs of RayBans, my personal tour journals from the last year and a half which included all of my lyrics and all of my memories, a digital camera, prescriptions, It really fucking sucks because it’s not your fault and so many – in fact an absurd amount of you want to help out. It’s pretty surreal and heartwarming to know we’re not alone in this situation.

In response to this we here at Moon & Back Music have decided to help them out by putting together a Menzingers covers compilation. This compilation will be released on Bandcamp in the near future and will feature tracks from a lot of fantastic artists. All proceeds will, of course, go to The Menzingers.

The first of these tracks is available to listen to now, and it comes courtesy of Giles Bidder from Great Cynics.

We’ll have details on the other artists and where/when you can download the compilation in the coming days.


Anthony Barlow

Editor, Moon & Back Music

Amy Winehouse :: 1983 – 2011

Amy Winehouse found dead at 27.

It is with great sadness that Moon&Back Music announces the death of british soul singer Amy Winhouse, she was 27.
Discoverred at her Camden home at around 4pm today(23rd July, 2011).A Police statement has confirmed that  “On arrival, officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene,”
The death is being treated as unexplained. Furtehr inquiries are being investigated into the circumstances surrounding the demise of the popular musician.
Winehouse’s deeply troubled personal life has been the focus of the music media in recent years. The “Back to Black” singer has already recieved many tributes and accolades from all aspects of the entertainment industry and beyond.

Canada, Eh? :: The Flatliners

“What kilometer per hour does this boat go, eh?” – Chris Cote (Kut U Up)

The Flatliners brand of ska-infused punk rock is one that’s really easy to get behind. Like many of the bands on Fat Wreck their music is really high energy and a lot of fun. Their success hasn’t come without hard work. Since forming in 2002, the Ontario-based foursome have garnered quite the fanbase. They’ve toured across North America and Europe relentlessly, releasing three albums in that time too.

Their latest record Cavalcade was released this past April and is a real tour de force. It’s no surprise that it’s vying for record of the year at a number of publications. Some might have thought it too clean, but it’s hard not to be won over by Chris Cresswell’s powerful, throaty vocals and the record’s sheer sense of urgency. Though many would beg to differ, for me, they’re a punk band with ska influences, not a ska-punk band. That distinction is very important.

The band have announced that they’re on their way back to the UK, and will be playing a host of shows in February next year. Along for the ride will be, Swansea punks, The Arteries and, Exeter’s own, OK Pilot. Before that they’ve got a run in their homeland with, fellow Canadians, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, The Menzingers (who played with The Arteries just the other night) and, Moon & Back favorites, Fake Problems. Check out the dates below:

  • 9th Dec. – L’Agitee, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 10th Dec – Mavericks – Ottoawa City, Ontario, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 11th Dec – Underworld – Montreal, QC, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 13th Dec – The Red Dog – Peterborough, ON, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 14th Dec – The Mansion – Barrie, ON, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 15th Dec – The Schwaben – Kitchener, ON, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 16th Dec – The Casbah – Hamilton, ON, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 17th Dec – Sneaky Dee’s (19+) – Toronto, ON, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 18th Dec – Sneaky Dee’s (All ages) – Toronto, ON, Canada w/Fake Problems, The Menzingers, Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  • 27th Dec – House Of Blues – Boston, Massachusetts w/The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, H20
  • 2nd Feb – Bang Bar – Basingstoke, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 3rd Feb – The White Rabbit  – Plymouth, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 4th Feb – The Croft – Bristol, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 6th Feb – Speakeasy – Dublin, Ireland w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 7th Feb – Hobo’s – Bridgend, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 8th Feb – TJ’s – Leeds, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 9th Feb – Night & Day – Manchester, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 10th Feb – The Crown – Middlesborough, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot
  • 11th Feb – The Gaff – London, UK w/The Arteries, OK Pilot

Visit The Flatliners official website

Listen to The Flatliners on MySpace

Download Cavalcade on iTunes

Be sure to check out our Canadian friends Unrated Music too!

News :: Blink-182 To Tour UK In 2011

“It’d be nice…”

XFM have announced that, premiere pop-punker’s, Blink-182 will play a number of arena dates across the UK next Summer. Will they have a new album by then, who knows? Either way the band will be playing, at least, five UK dates. Something that’s sure to excite fans, yours truly included.

  • July
    • 08 – Manchester MEN Arena
    • 12 – Newcastle Arena
    • 13 – Nottingham Arena
    • 15 – Birmingham LG Arena
    • 18 – London 02 Arena

Tickets go on sale on November 26th

Promo :: Under Stars & Gutters


Irish punk rock band Under Stars and Gutters have released their first EP Soundtrack To This City today on Death To False Hope records. The 5 track EP is available for download for free or donation from here

The band also have plans to tour the UK in January/ February so be sure to catch them live.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Patton

Germs Of Perfection :: New Politics

I’ll be honest with you, I know very little about this band. New Politics are a punk trio from Denmark and, like everyone involved with this wonderful project, heavily influenced by Bad Religion.

They’ve a sound that’s unlike what I’ve heard in a long time. It’s hard punk with a pop-infused edge. How that works, I’ve actually got no idea. It does though, and their take on ‘Generator’ (one of my favorite Bad Religion tracks) is great. It’s got a slight elecro feel too it, but it works well and is definitely worth a listen. The track is taken from Bad Religion’s 1992 album of the same name.

You can listen to the track here.

Germs Of Perfection :: Cobra Skulls Feat. Fat Mike

It goes without saying that Bad Religion had a big influence on punk rock. Scratch that, they had a big influence on music in general. No band were more influenced by them than Cobra Skulls, something that’s evident as soon as you hear one of their tracks. To leave these guys off a Bad Religion tribute album would be criminal.

They’ve brought their A-game with this track and brought in a familiar face to help. Fat Wreck head honcho and NOFX frontman, Fat Mike joins the Skulls to collaborate on this cover of ‘Give You Nothing’ originally featured on their 1998 album Suffer, the title track having already been covered by Tegan & Sara.

You can listen to the new track here.

Against Me! Cancel UK/European Tour

Due to “unforseen circumstances” Against Me! have been forced to cancel their UK/European tour. The Florida-based punk rockers were due to start their tour late next month, but today cancelled the tour and left hundreds of fans gutted.

Crazy Arm, Fucked Up and Japanese Voyeurs were set to support the band and are now hoping to salvage some of the dates. Darren Johns, lead singer of Crazy Arm, told fans to “watch this space.”

Against Me! released the following statement:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances Against Me! have had to cancel all upcoming tour dates in 2010. Refunds will be available at point of purchase, sorry for any inconvenience this has caused our fans.”

Germs Of Perfection :: Frank Turner

Yesterday I told you guys about the new Bad Religion tribute album that’s being streamed on MySpace. I’ve now decided I’ll do a daily post for each new cover, just to make sure you check out some very cool songs, covered by some very cool artists. Today we have one from a very familiar face.

Polar Bear Club’s cover of ‘Better Off Dead’ was streaming yesterday and they took the typical punk rock route with their cover. Today it’s Frank Turner’s turn and, as per usual, Britain’s premier punk rock troubadour put his own spin on his version of a classic Bad Religion track. It’s a much slower take on the song, and reminded me of his cover of Black Flag’s ‘Fix Me’. It’s different, and probably not to the taste of most hardcore Bad Religion fans, but I prefer my covers this way. If it was the same you’d just listen to the original, right?

‘My Poor Friend Me’ comes from Bad Religion’s, 1993 album, Recepie For Hate. An album which features one of the band’s most iconic songs ‘American Jesus’. If you’re not a punk fan or not really into Bad Religion, be sure to give this album a go anyway. I guarantee there’ll be something on here you like.

You can listen to the track as well as tracks from Polar Bear Club and Tegan & Sara here.

Frank Turner, Tegan & Sara, Fake Problems Featured On Bad Religion Tribute Album

Germs Of Perfection

The words “tribute album” might send shivers down your spine, as you think about all those terrible CDs sold in infomercials. Fear not, you won’t be getting anything like that here. I’ve talked a little about this on Under The Bridge, but haven’t had any solid details until now. To celebrate their 30 years as a band, Epitaph – with partners MySpace and Spin Magazine – are putting out a Bad Religion tribute album.

Germs Of Perfection: A Tribute To Bad Religion will feature artists like Polar Bear Club, Fake Problems, Tegan & Sara, Frank Turner and Ted Leo covering some of Bad Religion’s most famous songs. The album will be available to stream online, with a new track being debuted each day, before being compiled and available to download. The best thing about all of this is that it’ll be free of charge. You can’t argue with that, can you?

You can listen to the tracks here. Polar Bear Club’s cover of ‘Better Of Dead’ is streaming now.

Bad Religion’s latest album The Dissent Of Man was released on Monday (27th) and you can buy it from the official Epitaph Records store.