Moon & Back Session :: Joe McCorriston

© 2012 Ian Percival

“Are we going?” – Joe McCorriston

It’s not only Mark McBabe McCabe that can do songs in lifts ya know? On the very same night, Morcambe-based singer/songwriter, Joe McCorriston performed two songs in a Manchester Piccadilly lift, including a cover of Hot Water Music’s ‘Trusty Chords (accompanied by Dog Coffee). The other track, ‘Dismantled Chord’ is taken from, Joe’s debut album, Try As You Might. And we’ll have a review of that up on the site very soon.

We love doing sessions, and we want to do as many as we can. If you’ve got someone you’d like us to get in session drop us a message in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter. Next week we’ll have Mikee J Reds in session.

‘Dismantled Chord’

‘Trusty Chords’ (Hot Water Music Cover)

All videos shot and edited by Dicking Around Productions. If you’d like to give these fools a job, head to their website.

Moon & Back Session :: Mark McCabe

“She’s not thick, she’s from Austria” – Mark McCabe

Back in March, Scottish singer/songwriter, Mark McShit McCabe went on a tour around the UK with Oxygen Thief. Rather than hang around Manchester all day doing nothing, we took the pair of them under an old railway bridge (you know the one, it’s been in a few of these videos now) and filmed a couple of sessions. Unfortunately for Mark, he could only get one song out before we encountered some technical difficulties. However, all was not lost. Later that night we commandeered a lift in Manchester Piccadilly train station and set the camera rolling again.

Mark performed, a track of his own, ‘Catch The Wind’ (watch the background of that one!) as well as a cover of Alkaline Trio’s ‘Warbrain’. Remember, if you want to see a particular artist perform in session, please leave us a comment, message us on Facebook or hit us up on Twitter. Next week’s session comes courtesy of Joe McCorriston.


‘Catch The Wind’

‘Warbrain’ (Alkaline Trio cover)

These videos were shot and edited by Dicking Around Productions in association with Moon & Back Music.

Moon & Back Session :: Crywank

"Crywank In Session" - © 2012 Anthony Barlow

“…nothing more than complaints from a dumb spoilt kid”

Crywank is the alter-ego of James Clayton, a singer/songwriter from Barnsley. Having garnered a lot of attention with, his first album, James Is Going To Die Soon, Crywank has become a staple of the UK’s acoustic scene. Now with Narcassist On The Verge Of A Breakdown, his latest album, out and available for download – both records are available for free online – we thought it was about time we did a session.

Crywank played two songs from the new record, and they came out awesome. Please share with your friends, like on YouTube, subscribe and all that stuff. Drop us a line in the comments if you have any ideas who we should session with next.

Nostril Tampon

You Couldn’t Teach Me Integrity

Filmed under a bridge in Manchester by Dicking Around Productions and edited in a less glamourous location.

Moon & Back Session :: Oxygen Thief

“Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi” – Everyone

Oxygen Thief recently took on a jaunt around the UK (accompanied by, the awesome, Mark McCabe) and we chucked on a show for them in Manchester. Y’know, because we’re nice like that. So before the gig started we thought we’d record a session under the very bridge our podcast/promotions thing/psuedo-record label is named after. Little did we know, we’d have some, pretty awesome, intruders.

Seriously, we have no idea who these girls are. If you do, please let us know by emailing us by clicking those links in the sidebar. And, as always, please let us know what you thought in the comments and on YouTube. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave those here too. For now, why not enjoy two awesome songs from Oxygen Thief and his two-part dance troupe.

‘Paper Planes’ (M.I.A. cover)

‘Mestle & Porter’

Moon & Back Session :: Austin Lucas

“You are fucking gross” – Austin Lucas

On his recent UK tour, we caught up with Austin Lucas and put him to work. After all, playing a song to a video camera is exactly what you want to do on your birthday, right?! Austin, very kindly, obliged to play us a new tune for a Moon & Back Session and it’s absolutely awesome. ‘Alone In Memphis’ is going to be featured on his new record and we can’t wait to hear the final version. But, for now, we have this to tide us over.

Apologies for the camera not quite getting Austin’s guitar into shot. This room was tiny and there was five of us in there. Regardless, we think it turned out great. Be sure to check out Austin’s latest record A New Home In The Old World and tell us who you want to see do a session for us in the comments below!

‘Alone In Memphis’

Moon & Back Session :: Abbie Broom

'Abbie Broom In Session' - © 2012 Anthony Barlow

“…It’s alright, because this motorbike is really warm” – Abbie Broom

This session was a bit of a mad one to record. We found out Abbie was going to be in Manchester shortly before she arrived, and had more sessions to shoot that day. Needless to say, we were in a bit of a rush. So after trying to find a well lit corner of Manchester to film, we threw Miss Broom out into the cold and had her perform a couple of songs before running off into the night to our next engagement.

Despite our hastiness (it was cold out there too!) and the lack of light, the session came out really well. Background noise and Manchester’s least courteous people aside, of course. If you want to hear more from Abbie, head over to Rough Trade.

Anyway, enjoy!


‘Dorothy’s Heels’

Moon & Back Session :: Mike Scott

© Michelle Midwinter 2010

“This is a song about Polish ladies…” – Mike Scott

While on tour with Random Hand’s Joe Tilston, we asked Mike Scott if he’d like to partake in one of these ‘Moon & Back Sessions’ we’re so fond of doing. Not only did he oblige, but he dragged a few more people in on it too.

Backed by Luke Yates (Sounds Of Swami) and Ren Aldridge (Ren Spits At Magpies), Mike performed ‘Following The Leader’ – a track from Everything Else – and I think you’ll agree that it turned out rather well. You can hear more from Mike by heading over to his Bandcamp page and by ‘liking’ him on Facebook.

As always the video was shot and edited by Dicking Around Productions. Thanks a lot to The Star & Garter, Manchester, for letting us film. if you have any suggestions as to who we should get in session next, put it in the comments, write to us on Facebook, or send us something on Twitter.

‘Following The Leader’

Moon & Back Session :: Dave Hughes

© Robert Balmer 2012

“I got the chorus slightly in tune that time…”- Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes recently embarked on a short UK tour with Emma Hallows. Under The Bridge (and, by proxy, Moon & Back) organised a Manchester show for the pair and, whilst we were waiting for things to get rolling, we shot a session with Dave under a bridge.

Dave performed ‘Tacitus (Burn Like A Fire)’ – a track taken from the Hughes/Harker/Hallows split released on Under The Bridge Records – and ‘Mirrors’ for his session. Sorry about all the wind, talking and trains. These are the hazards of filming outside. Regardless, both videos turned out well. Enjoy!

As always the video was shot and edited by Dicking Around Productions. If you have any suggestions as to who we should get in session next, put it in the comments, write to us on Facebook, or send us something on Twitter.

‘Tacitus (Burn Like A Fire)’


Moon & Back Session :: James Hull (Leagues Apart)

“Holy shit I look like an idiot when I’m drunk!” – James Hull

Having made his triumphant return to Manchester, we decided it’d be a good idea to get James Hull to do a session. Why we thought this is beyond me, we did though. With his hangover from the previous night, presumably, still lingering (he played an ‘Under The Bridge’ show) we set Leagues Apart’s tallest member to work again, after an intimate gig at Manchester’s Star & Garter.

James decided to play a Leagues Apart song (I don’t think you can call it a cover if they did the original, right?) as part of his session and even managed to improvise a completely new verse just for us. Enjoy!

‘Damage Deposits’

Moon & Back Session :: Beans On Toast

“I’m gonna change the name of that song to ‘Egg Free Mayonnaise'” – Beans On Toast

If you’re not familiar already, Beans On Toast is a folk singer/songwriter from Essex, and he might be one of the only artists in recent memory worthy of the ‘folk’ label. His songs are filled with comedy, tales of woe and are as ‘true to life’ as I’ve ever heard come out of any singer/songwriters mouth. Beans was in Manchester for a show, so we decided to record a little session. A session featuring two brand new songs, no less!

The session was recorded at V Revolution – a newly opened punk/hardcore record/vegan lifestyle shop on Oldham Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter – a place that every music in Manchester should get behind. It’s not often you get someone trying something like this and, they’ll tell you themselves, it’s a bit of risk. Massive thanks to those dudes for helping us out with this one. It’s really hard to record sessions in bad light!

As always, enjoy the session and if you’ve got anyone you’d like to see performing for Moon & Back drop us a comment.

‘Protest Song’

‘Beer & A Burger’