Going Underground :: Special Agent Set

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What Would Joe Barlow Do?

Has it really been 2, 3 or 4 weeks since the last Going Underground? I don’t know or care, and neither should you. Today we show the world the wonderful Special Agent Set, fronted by a handsome man named Joe Barlow (no relation to Moon & Back’s own Barlow).

I always find it extra peculiar when good music comes from a giant toilet like Bolton, but Special Agent Set are definitely something special. Sounding like they should have been on Punk-O-Rama 3, their sound is of true pop-punk. They don’t bend to fit into a cliche, Fall Out Boy-esque, style like so many others. This is a thinking punks band, not music for 14 year old girls who wanna donk the drummer. Think Hot Water Music. Think Lawrence Arms. Think Belvedere. Think fucking awesome!

The band have just finished recording their album, which is due for the release in the next month or so, so look out for that! Also there is an acoustic E.P available on their BandCamp page.

I give Special Agent set 4/5 special brews, they’ll get an extra point when they enlist me as their front man.

Special Agent Set are opening for the Get up Kids at the Dog and Partridge this Thursday (26/08/10). Details can be found in the link below:


You can also check them out on MySpace

Going Underground :: Well Wisher

This weeks musical cavaliers are, Manchester-based, Well Wisher.

I first heard of the band Well Wisher, working with vocalist Michael Cahill who, in his eternal drunken wisdom, once imparted on me a piece of advice I will take to the grave:

“People need to realise to early 90’s emo music was the best kind of music ever and just start listening to it again.”

It was something along those lines, anyway. This band is exactly that; ‘Emo’ music at it’s best. Reminiscent of sounds before the My Chemical Romancers, before Jessie Lacey and before TBS lost John Nolan and became audio diarrhea.

Well Wisher’s greatest strength isn’t on record, (not that the recorded stuff isn’t wicked!) but during their live shows. They have such an incredible dynamic, you’d think watching Black Flag was a laid back gig. There is humour, great audience interaction and such raw energy in every members enthusiasm for the music they play, not to mention some D.I.Y stunts throughout the set.

Luckily, and the reason this has come out a little earlier than planned, WW are playing at the Oxford this Thursday 29/07/2010 along with half a dozen other awesome bands. No words I write could describe just how cool it is to watch this band play, you can only truly believe it first hand. With such great live sets and an upcoming E.P (which the band aim to have out by late August, if any band was gonna bring back a music scene that truly deserves reviving, Well Wisher are your men.

I give them 5/5 Special Brews, with bonus points for being so damn old school.

Details of Thursdays gig can be found via this link:


You can listen to Well Wisher via their Myspace which can be found at:


Going Underground :: Above Them

With a minimum of bands to bother (probably due to festival season) I’ve slowly found my clarification for existence slipping away, so decided to start ‘Going Underground’ — A cliché-named segment to promote wicked music that very unfortunately evades the public eye. This will feature on the site weekly/bi-weekly/whenever the fuck I feel like it, I haven’t decided yet.

First on the agenda is a beautiful band called Above Them.

Above Them have been flying just below radar for sometime now, but since the release of their “now-nearly-a-year-old” album, Blueprint For A Better Time, the trio have been well and truly making a name for themselves in the punk scene playing with other greats such as Chillerton, The 255s and even the almighty Chuck Ragan.

The bands sound itself is a hard one to pin: It’s slick, smooth and melodic but at the same time featuring all the rawness of true punk rock or a chapped arse, but in a good way. Above Them have totally found their own sound. They’ve a uniqueness that is so relieving when compared to the many ‘might-as-well-be-tribute’ bands that occupy the punk scene.

As a live act the boys don’t hold back, with high energy, hard-hitting sets and some half decent banter to boot. Go and listen to the boys from Pontefract on Myspace, buy their album, go watch them live, whatever. Just make sure you sample the sweet sound that is Above Them. Oh, and buy a t-shirt, they’re smart as fuck.

I give Above Them 4/5 Special Brews, they lose a point because they’re from Yorkshire.

Above Them are playing an all day festival at the Oxford pub in Manchester this Saturday 24/07/10. Details below:


You can buy Blueprint For A Better Time on i-Tunes by clicking this link:


Interview :: White Belt Yellow Tag – Glasgow’s King Tut’s

The northeast’s hottest new alternative rock band gives an exclusive interview to Moon & Back Music ahead of their UK tour


White Belt Yellow Tag

With their debut album Methods scheduled for release on the 5th of April, White Belt Yellow Tag are currently in the process of a relentless tour of the UK. With the inaugural date of the tour in Glasgow’s world famous King Tut’s, Moon & Back Music caught up with them to discuss their plans, thoughts and personal opinions on their music and peers.

With a growing fan base throughout the British Isles and beyond, White Belt Yellow Tag (WBYT) bill themselves as an alternative rock band hailing from the northeast of England. Comprising of Justin Lockey and Craig Pilbin, they are more than usually joined on live tours with Tom Bellamy on drums, the trio were more than happy to take time out from their busy pre-show and tour schedule to speak candidly with Moon & Back Music.

On the eve of their tour that will take them to numerous locations varying from smaller to mid level venues from Newcastle and Leeds to York and of course London. When asked about the relentlessness of the tour, the band replied with their usual casual swagger. Agreeing that the pressures of the road were indeed something that could not be taken likely, it was merely another occupational hazard and the price that has to be paid when playing in a road band. Indeed, Tom Bellamy when consulted as to his impressions of Glasgow admitted it was relatively hard to get one when he had only been present in the city for approximately an hour. The other members had been present a little longer and all agreed that they found Glasgow, and King Tut’s, more than an enjoyable place to play. The city, and Scottish crowds in general, has certain notoriety for tougher, less easily pleased crowds but this merely added to the excitement and prospect of the evening’s gig for WBYT who relished in the pressure.

When approached about the nature of the band’s direction and potential ambitions of the new album, WBYT took a decidedly more philosophical and more unexpected approach to the dealings of the music industry. Upon the mention that their website described them as alternative rock, Lockey, Pilbin and Bellamy scoffed at the notion that such a broad encapsulation of an even wider variety of music could be used to describe them, or any, kind of music. When quizzed on this notion, the band simply replied with the idea that their music, although certainly more than qualified to be described as alternative and indie rock, was not intended to be bracketed with such a mainstream title. The direction in which WBYT has taken in recent times has not been dictated by corporate labels or indeed what is deemed “fashionably popular”. It has been more akin to a group of musicians who enjoy working, playing and touring together and more than willing to commit their foreseeable futures to a project that has a great promise and is filled with potential.

In the current financial climate with its frivolous uncertainty and equally harsh commitment to any great future investment it is difficult for bands like White Belt Yellow Tag to flourish on talent alone. However, with their excellent attitude and fierce loyalty to their cause it is no surprise to find that WBYT are now on the verge of being booked for several major summer festivals throughout the country. In an industry as volatile as the music one, especially in today’s climate, it can be an almost impossible task to stand out amongst the crowd. White Belt Yellow Tag, however, may just be about to disprove that theory but only time will tell

Jonathan Whitelaw

Check out the band’s official website and MySpace accounts for upcoming tour dates and releases: http://www.myspace.com/whitebeltyellowtag and http://www.whitebeltyellowtag.com/

Promo :: Shift Enigma – You’ll Never Know

Liquid Drum N Bass – Soulful & chilled, but just upbeat enough to go completely tits to it when you feel like it.

With a guitar riff strongly retsembling the acoustic version of Incubus’ “Pardon Me” (for some reason,) an incredibly famous (and overused) rave acapella and an overall slight lack in production value, You’ll Never Know, on paper, sounds like the kind of track you find littered all over IMOdownload and SoundCloud because it’s been promoted to hell by some 14-year-old, raised by the Internet rather than his parents, and bound to end up in an IT support job. That is far from the case -Shift Enigma’s latest offering is a track of charm – blissful percussion, a touch of heartbreak in the vocal, a structure that resonates in you – and that’s a pretty rare thing in a genre that generally prides iself on how loud and distorted it is. A little Staind – Outside to Metallica’s St Anger, if you will. Relax. Enjoy. Tune out.

Promo. :: Hold Your Horse Is Announce UK Tour w/ Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea

Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea are a Brighton based four piece who make a post-rock/post-hardcore racket along the lines of Fugazi, Cursive, and Drive like Jehu. In 2009 they recorded a debut EP described by reviewers as ‘a shouty delight’, ‘a raw, atonal blast of alt-rock’ and ‘astonishingly mature’. The band came to the forefront of the Brighton scene, playing shows in nearly every venue and sharing stages with the likes of Itch and Everyone to the Anderson, as well as being played on BBC 6 music by Tom Robinson. 2010 will see them taking their sounds elsewhere with the release of their absolutely brilliantly titled second EP ‘It’s the Falling That Counts, Not the Landing’.

CM,CS MySpace

Hold Your Horse Is are a three piece from Frimley/London/Brighton who take a heavy influence from 90’s American Indie and 00’s British Post-Hardcore. Their unusual name istaken from the title of a seminal album by 2 piece Californian noise merchants Hella; whom they don’t sound much like.

In just over a year of existence, they have been: played on Radio 1 by Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens, played on 6 Music by Tom Robinson, picked up ex-Reuben bassist Jon Pearce as manager, self released 2 EPs sold and played over 60 shows, sharing stages with a huge range of bands such as Micachu & The Shapes, Baddies, To The Bones, Tubelord, Blakfish, Brontide, Copy Haho, Dive Dive, Spectrum 7, Chickenhawk and the Outcry Collective.

HYHI MySpace