Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 2: Real Idiots Caught On iTunes

“If You Don’t Like James Brown, You Should Fuck Off” – Ian Critchley

We’re back for a second episode. That’s right, we didn’t get canceled and Paul still hasn’t chucked us so all is well. This week we’re ‘Real Idiots Caught On iTunes’. We got some beers and a better set up and hopefully this is a little bit more listenable than it’s predecessor.

We’ve tried to tidy up the show a little bit more. We couldn’t help, but give a few more mentions of Frank Turner. This episode was really all about Fake Problems. The, Florida-based, indie-punk foursome provided us with music for this week and we talked up their new album, Real Ghosts Caught On Tape, and their support slot with Gaslight Anthem on their US tour. We also try and find out which new/recent artists we’ll be listening to in 50 years time and discuss the niceness of, Against Me! frontman, Tom Gabel.

We’ve also got a new segment that comes courtesy of, tour manager extraordinaire, John Berna. He’s provided us with some ‘Words Of Wisdom’. Under The Bridge is a podcast you can live your life by. Fact!

Prepare to listen to us getting drunk. Also: We mean “stalk” in the nicest possible, non-creepy, way.

Under The Bridge – Episode 2: Real Idiots Caught On iTunes (Featuring Fake Problems)

As I mentioned, music this week comes courtesy of Fake Problems. Here’s the tracklist for this week:

  • Sorry, OK, Sorry
  • Alligator Assassinator
  • Diamond Rings
  • Born & Raised
  • Rumble In The Jungle
  • Heart BPM

Disclaimer: Apologies to anyone offended by this episode of Under The Bridge (especially you, Chris Farren). Everything said was said in jest and is not meant to be taken seriously. I mean, when do you ever take us seriously and, honestly, why should you? We’ll try and curb the drunkeness, but it’s highly unlikely this show would exist without the help of a few Scrumpy Jack’s. – Barlow x

Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 1: Something To Do With Trolls

First of all, we’d like to appologise to Paul Tyers for this podcast being around two months late. We originally planned to do this on a train to/from Leeds on May 5th, but we’ve only just gotten around to doing it.

‘Under The Bridge’ is a music podcast hosted by us two – Anthony Barlow & Ian Critchley – in which we chat bollocks about music for a while, tell some stories, give out some recommendations and promote some up and coming new bands. This week we have an interview with, Far frontman, Jonah Mantranga as our “main topic”. We also discuss the merits of the film ‘Riding In Vans With Boys’. how good Crazy Arm are and stalking Frank Turner.

Under The Bridge – Episode 1: Something To Do With Trolls (Featuring Crazy Arm)

This week’s music was provided by Crazy Arm. You can find out more about the band on their MySpace and be sure to buy their album here.

The tracks used are as follows:

  • Roasting River
  • Still To Keep
  • Kith And Kingdom
  • Henry Fabian Flynn
  • Poverty And Spit
  • Broken By The Wheel

Each episode we want to feature a different, up and coming, artist. So if you have any suggestions you can contact us by email, by leaving a comment below or on Twitter.

Free Download! fun :: “At Least I’m Not As Sad”

To coincide with their first trip to the UK, New York based three-piece fun. are set to release their double A-side debut single ‘Walking The Dog’ / ‘Be Calm’ as a limited edition 7” vinyl, on March 29th through Friends Vs Records.

These two tracks are taken from their forthcoming album ‘Aim & Ignite’. ‘Aim & Ignite’ will be released on Hassle Records with exclusive bonus content on May 31st. Download a preview track from the album at www.hasslerecords.com/free_download/fun/ – ‘At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)’.

As well as playing several London clubnights and a matinee show at the Barfly in March, fun. have just been announced as main support to Joy Formidable at the Electric Ballroom on 24th March.

fun. is what happens when three extraordinarily talented musicians come together to create something altogether new and wonderful.  Nate Ruess, late of The Format, has teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff, resulting in their ingenious debut, ‘Aim & Ignite’.  The trio melds an array of diverse inspirations – spanning Broadway to The Beach Boys, ‘Nilsson Schmilsson’ to ‘Pinkerton’ – into an irresistible collection of freewheeling pop songcraft.

Promo & Download :: Alexx Chalise – Break Me

A little while back I received an email from a singer/songwriter from all the way across the pond in L.A. That singer was Alexx Calise. She sent me a track from her new album stating that I might like “the esoteric rock/punk styling” of her music. Well, she wasn’t wrong; her mix of rock and electonica is a refreshing mix which works surprisingly well.

A couple of her songs are circulating MTV reality shows and some of those angsty American sitcoms like One Tree Hill. I had a listen a few times and I have to say that I like it. The electronica elements at the start grab my attention and as it goes on I can’t help but nod my head along to it.

So in my opinion we should all listen and pray to whichever deity that we choose that she comes across the water and plays some UK shows for us all.

MP3 :: Break Me (FINAL MIX)

Alexx Calise

Promo :: Editors – You Don’t Know Love (Caged Baby Remix)

Remember the stir between new and old fans of Editors with the release of In This Light and on This Evening last year? You dedicated, ‘been-with-them-since-the-start’ die-hards screamed ‘incredulous’! Whilst those of you with a more unbiased ear shouted ‘hey! yeah, I like this!…who is this?’. Well, the no-man’s land in Editors’ sound that created the chasm of divide between you all seems to have been filled, strangely enough, by the release of You Don’t Know Love, track four off the aforementioned record on January 25th,

As a freebie, Editors are giving away the sexy jig-along remix by Caged Baby, for free. Can’t say no to that can ya? Download and play to your hearts content below!

MP3 :: Editors – You Don’t Know Love (Caged Baby Remix)

We Say Summer… do you?

This is We Say SummerWe Say Summer, (the title was a giveaway,) not that they really need any introduction, this 5 piece “musical friendship team,” as they call themselves, have been making so much noise the past 12 months that O.A.P’s all over the U.K have been telling their grandchildren to “turn that racket down,” they must have feedback in their hearing aids, because the music is far from “racket.”

With hooks so big you could catch Moby Dick and live shows tighter than a pair of Speedos on Rick Waller’s stunt double, there’s no wonder that these boys are making a name for themselves in bedrooms and venues all across England and other parts.

Once hailed as one of the top ten pop-punk bands on MySpace (before they fucked up the genres), We Say Summer are gig buddies with all the top UK pop-punk bands, giants such as Saving Aimee, Me Vs. Hero and Not Advised all helping make them household names.

With an up and coming tour (see www.myspace.com/wesaysummer for dates) and a new E.P to be released this summer, the band can only get bigger and better, and with more penis jokes than you can shake, well you get the idea, there is bound to be some fucked up laughs a long the way.

You can download the band’s new track, ‘Good Times and Road Signs’ here

To hear more of We Say Summer and to find out when they’re in a town near you, check out their MySpace. The band’s self titled EP is available on iTunes.

Had Jesus been de-homotised?

Is this a modern, cosmopolitan take on a love song? A stinging, satirical stab at society? Or, a  bunch of people having a laugh with instruments?

You’ve got to love Iceland’s quirkniess. If you can see these guys there (they rarely tour outside), then do; their live sets are just fantastic.

Viking Giant Show :: The Cure

“I’m going to the preacher now, cus I think I may be gay
The preacher’s gonna make me okay”

The Viking Giant Show MySpace | Buy VGS on icelandicmusic.com

Free Track:: Moby – One Time We Lived (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)

Moby is perhaps best known for soulful, laid-back, slightly depressing tracks – that or his prodigal “Go,” which no doubt contributed to the creation of modern club & rave music alike.

moby-wait-for-me-coverMatrix & Futurebound, producing individually under their corresponding aliases for some years, are already becoming a heavyweight duo in the world of Drum N Bass – even despite their first track together being a remix of Justin Timberlake’s “Lovestoned” – which is quite frankly, horrific. Still, maybe we all have to do something a little cringe-worthy even now and then. Probably.

They really are more of a remix act, but that’s not to say the tracks arn’t original. M&F mix up punchy-as-fuck drums with plenty of melodic, trancey elements, and coupled with a vocal from whatever track they’re remixing, it’s more than likely a quality track. One Time We Lived is no exception, and definately worth a listen. In the grand scheme of things, if you hate it – you didn’t pay for it. Hooray for the Internet!

Download “One Time We Lived” (Matrix & Futurebound Remix) by Moby