Podcast :: Under The Bridge #36: “Let’s Do A Fuck In Thatcher!”

“That’s kind of being a shit drug dealer, if you’re gonna put your drugs in a cap that says ‘This Is Crack’…” – Ian Critchley

It’s that time again, folks! Under The Bridge is back and, once again, we’re joined in our favourite boozer by Emma Hallows to discuss music and other inane subjects. In this episode, we discuss what happens when the three of us go to places and get drunk. This includes a lot of chatter about the insanely good time the three of us had at ManchFESTer II and a Women’s Rights House show in London.

We also played some bloody good new songs from Apologies, I Have None, Tim Barry, The Magnificent and Well Wisher. You should check all of those bands out, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes if you liked it so much. For those who just want to dip your toe in the murky waters of UTB, there’s a link below.

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UTB #36: “Let’s Do A Fuck In Thatcher”

Podcast :: UTB #35: We’re Going On Tour With Soundgarden Too!

“If you see an old woman on the street…hit her with a crowbar” – Ian Critchley

The subject of Carol Vorderman is firmly off the table for this week’s Under The Bridge, we’re sticking to the music talk. Thank christ for that! This week Emma Hallows tells us all about her recent tour with Dave Hughes, we discuss hypothetical meetings between penguins and polar bears and are asked the question “What is Cliff Richard doing right now?”

This week’s music is provided by Great Cynics, Martha, Harker and The Menzingers. No excuse for this being late. Barlow (eds note: honestly) just forgot we’d done it. It was edited, ready to go, and everything!

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Under The Bridge #35: We’re Going On Tour With Soundgarden Too!

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #34: “Barack Obama’s Wife Looks Like A White Lesbian”

“There are four rules with women…” – Ian Critchley

So…we were in The Garratt to record the show and Ellen Degeneres was on the TV above us doing push ups with Michelle Obama. This is where that title comes from and that’s all we’re going to say on the matter!

So this episode of Under The Bridge is the most inane and offensive episode we’ve ever done. It doesn’t even have anything to do with music really. Honestly, we went in without show notes and flew by the seat of our pants. There was a group of people eating food on the table across from us and, yes, we carried on these conversations. No, we weren’t drinking. Maybe we should drink more, because stuff like this wouldn’t happen.

So we talked about nothing and got a passing guest in the form of, Well Wisher’s, Mike Cahill. Barry also passed through, but didn’t really do much, and Lewis Bolland makes his triumphant return. We also have new music from Lucero, Cheap Girls and Ben Marwood.

If you want to email us questions and/or ‘contructive’ criticism direct your answers here – utbcast [at] gmail [dot] com.

UTB #34: “Barack Obama’s Wife Looks Like A White Lesbian”

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #33: Check My Kurt Cobain Cover

“Me and Oli Wood will punch each other in the face and punk rock will end” – Ian Critchley

The latest Under The Bridge has everything you could possibly want from a podcast. Well maybe not everything, but it’s pretty much all there. We’ve attempted to be funny, we dragged Emma Hallows in to be our guest again and we’re playing new tunes from the likes of theHell, Sharks and Above Them. As per usual it’s not for the faint hearted, but I doubt there’s many out there that can resist the charms of Moon & Back’s dynamic duo.

Alongside the new music and general offensiveness, we also answer some questions from the community and have really ‘deep’ discussions on a number of topics including predicting how punk rock will end! Do you know what you’re looking forward to in 2012? Neither do we! We had a go at trying to hype some stuff up though. Tell us if it worked by emailing us at utbcast [at] gmail [dot] com, or by messaging us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Under The Bridge #33: Check My Kurt Cobain Cover

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #32: “Bill Murray Gets More Snatch Than Me”

“Good afternoon, and welcome to the misogynist podcast” – Barry

We’re back from our Christmas break with an awesome show all about last year. Emma Hallows, Andy Greenland, and our friend Barry (who you might remember from episode 30) all joined us to talk about all the good stuff that happened last year, and to look forward to the year ahead. We talked about everything from Chuck Ragan to Southsea Fest and handed out the not at all coveted ‘Under The Bridge Awards’.

In between our ranting and raving we also played some awesome music from the likes of The Menzingers, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun and even Amy Winehouse. We hope you enjoyed the show. If you didn’t, email us at – utbcast [at] gmail [dot] com and tell us how utterly shit we are.

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Under The Bridge #32: “Bill Murray Gets More Snatch Than Me”

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Podcast :: Under The Bridge #31: “Who Reads Blind People Magazine?”

“Is that Sam Russo outside Speedy Peppers? …Or my Dad?” – Ian Critchley

Under The Bridge is back for what might be the last time this year. Lewis Bolland is our guest as we talk about everything from porn to the Bee Gees. We didn’t have much of a topic, but when do we ever? Either way, we think you’ll enjoy it. Splitting up our inane banter, we played some really awesome tunes. There’s a new one from Apologies, I Have None, a cracker from Digger Barnes and even a bit of At The Drive-In.

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Under The Bridge #31: “Who Reads Blind People Magazine?”

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Podcast :: Under The Bridge #30: Church Street In Ruins

“No Comment!” – Sam Russo

We decided to change the show up a little bit this time around. I know, I know, we do that a lot. We just like to keep things fresh, is all. Anyway, for the foreseeable future we’ll actually be playing full songs on the show. That means none of that ’30-ish second clip bullshit’ any more! We also recorded this one in the pub with a lot of guests. We’d like to do that again, but who knows if it’ll happen.

Anyway, the reason for the change in formatting is down to one thing. We have a theme tune! Ryan from Mixtapes – a wonderful band from Ohio – set up a ‘song shop’ service (I guess), so we took him up on this and he recorded us a theme tune. We think it’s pretty good and you’ll like it too. With that in mind we thought that one full song and then a bunch of clips was a bit rubbish, so we’ve consulted our ‘legal representative’ Matt Baldwin (of Matt & Mondo fame) and this episode features songs from Bangers, Emma Hallows, The Gaslight Anthem and Sam Russo.

This week we are joined by Emma Hallows, Kieran Kelly, Sam Russo and Matt Swaby to discuss what happens when you piss off a bunch of hardcore Gaslight Anthem fans, how Helen Chambers may or may not be a dolphin and how it’s probably good to shut up when you’re on the internet. We were also joined by a burlesque compere called Barry who’s absolutely hilarious. Shame we’ll never see him again.

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Under The Bridge #30: Church Street In Ruins

Podcast :: UTB #29: “No Helen, You’re Not Shit”

“It’s like the lesbian concept…” – Ian Critchley

We decided, in our infinite wisdom, to dedicate this episode of Under The Bridge to our friend Helen Chambers. Helen’s an awesome singer/songwriter from York (check her session out!) and, seeing as she made a few cameos o The Revival Tour this year, we thought we’d give her a ring so she could talk about her experiences on the tour – which included singing songs with Chuck Ragan and Dan Andriano. We were also joined by Jenny Gorton, who judged us way too harshly as we talked about The Borrowers, this year’s Warped Tour and why Dave Hause might think we’re stalking him, amongst other things.

Music this week was provided by Helen Chambers. We hope you enjoy the show. If you do, please rate, review and subscribe on iTunes, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and maybe even follow us on Twitter. If you want to listen to past episodes, you can go to the Under The Bridge website. Please do, that would be awesome!

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Under The Bridge #29: “No Helen, You’re Not Shit”

Podcast :: UTB #28: “This Review Is Totally Based On Opinion”

“…and I’ve been insulting as fuck” – Ian Critchley

After a month of absence the Under The Bridge podcast is back, baby! Did you miss us? I know you did. After The Stone Roses reformed last week, we decided to talk about the ‘reunification’ of bands: The ones that did it well, the ones that didn’t and the ones we’d really like to see happen. Music this week is ‘tribal’, in some sense at least. Ian found an old CD and that’s how it began.

We probably should have played a bit of STEPS or The Stone Roses, perhaps even a bit of Take That. Instead, music this week comes from: Crazy Arm, A Tribe Called Quest, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and…The World Wide Message Society. Y’know, because that’s how we roll: 80’s cheese, awesome British punk, old school hip-hop and bad religious…something.

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Under The Bridge #28: “This Review Is Totally Based On Opinion” (right click to download)

Podcast :: Under The Bridge #27: “Wheatus & Chips”

“If Brian Fallon tried to mug me, I’d just chin him” – Ian Critchley

There was another ‘Under The Bridge Presents…’ show the other week, so we couldn’t miss such a great opportunity to podcast. All of us p iled back to a house in Manchester and recorded the show. Our guests this week are: Martin Moran, Clare Arnstein, Graeme Brown and Giles Bidder (of Great Cynics). The show is completely off the rails and barely audible. It was fun to do though. Don’t judge us.

Our music this week is inspired by that show, so we have Crywank, Louise Distras, Jimmy Islip and Great Cynics breaking up the show. If there’s any music you’d like us to play or things you think we should discuss on the show, email utbcast [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Under The Bridge #27: “Wheatus & Chips” (stream/download or subscribe on iTunes)