Songs To Cure Depression :: Austin Lucas – ‘Farewell’

“Yes, it’s true. Oh Lord, it’s true.”

It had been yet another night of tossing and turning. I’d been so tired earlier in the night I made the statement “you can take a 20cc shot of exhaustion and anxiety yet, when laced with a sense of glee, you can sleep easy.” But this had been made hastily. I’d preemptively counted my chickens and now they’d hatched, I released all they held was moldy yolks with the bitter taste of insomnia.

I hadn’t drank for two days, which wasn’t that strange an occurrence, but after the past month or so (hell, who was really keeping count?) of hard binging my mind rejected my attempt at sobriety by placing an Olympic long distance event of racing thoughts and disabling my ability to get a decent nights rest.

Eventually I got some sort of micro sleep, not even enough to increase the battery life of my being to a working level, and I headed out into the day. The sun was beaming, as it had been for the past few days, so a walk seemed a logical option. Not just due to the weather, but a bus ride would possibly result in a snooze and it was always better to run on empty than a little.

This should probably be called “Songs to Cure Sleep Deprivation” (at least for this installment) because, even though I was burning out, I still felt a wind of optimism on an otherwise still day. But this may have been due to Austin Lucas, and his album Somebody Loves You. Not an obvious choice for a pick me up, emotional or otherwise, but there was something in how the songs shifted from intense guitar riffs to sombre, more mellow, sounds that allowed the body and mind to shift between a perky state to one of relaxation. The anxiety and depression was depleted, but this was done whilst shooting an energetic rocket of adrenaline up my caboose. The song that really did it for me, mainly because I’d completely forgot about it, wasFarewell’. The song ends the album with a fast paced ecstasy paired with vocals that could cause an iron girdle to tingle with that special excitement that comes only with the greatest of vocal melodies.

Unfortunately, this was the only video I could find for the song, so sorry about that. It’s just one static shot taken from another video. But maybe you could load some girl on girl (or guy on guy if that’s what makes your motor hum). Mute it, and just have Austin play in the background. That way you can have both your visual and audio senses completely satisfied. Hell, it worked for me.

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