Moon & Back Session :: Abbie Broom

'Abbie Broom In Session' - © 2012 Anthony Barlow

“…It’s alright, because this motorbike is really warm” – Abbie Broom

This session was a bit of a mad one to record. We found out Abbie was going to be in Manchester shortly before she arrived, and had more sessions to shoot that day. Needless to say, we were in a bit of a rush. So after trying to find a well lit corner of Manchester to film, we threw Miss Broom out into the cold and had her perform a couple of songs before running off into the night to our next engagement.

Despite our hastiness (it was cold out there too!) and the lack of light, the session came out really well. Background noise and Manchester’s least courteous people aside, of course. If you want to hear more from Abbie, head over to Rough Trade.

Anyway, enjoy!


‘Dorothy’s Heels’

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