Songs To Cure Depression :: RX Bandits – ‘…and the Battle Begun’

“…take of your shoes, it’s time for dancin'”




Subject: Attendance

Dear XXXX,

Sorry I haven’t been in attendance much these past few weeks. I’ve been having a really bad time with my anxiety/depression/etc and it has been hard for me to face being at university.

I’m going to work hard at getting my head back into place and hopefully after this week will be in full attendance for the rest of the term.

Is it possible to have all the assignment and hand in dates in a reply e-mail? That way I can catch up at home before next Monday’s lecture.

I’m sorry if this has caused any problems and I’d hate my poor attendance to appear as a disinterest in the course. I’m enjoying it very much (when I’m actually there) and want to do the best I possibly can during my time at university. It’s a shame my issues hold me back, otherwise I’d be giving it my all.

Incidentally, I was told by a friend that Winston Churchill had similar mental health issues during his life. So perhaps there’s hope for me becoming a fat, bald, cigar smoking maniac who runs the country for a while too.

Again, apologies for my absence,

Ian Critchley

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