Gig Review :: Pressure Kids – The Vic Inn

“…Charlotte untangled her microphone lead, as if unleashing an excitable puppy, and jumped into the crowd…”

Far from kicking back, Pressure Kids have continued to work hard since winning Tamworth Battle of the Bands in 2011; rehearsing, writing and performing numerous gigs across the Midlands.

Following on from the success of their self-titled E.P., featuring four of their studio-recorded tracks, they have committed to energetic and exciting live performances at venues including The Flapper and the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham. Their most recent gig was held at the Victoria Inn in Derby. Pressure Kids were billed as ‘support’ for a touring band called “The Hype Theory”. Sadly, the headliners flailed into the shadows of the effervescent and vivacious Pressure Kids, who, once again, demonstrated true showmanship, impressive musicality and showcased two great new songs.

The room boasted the biggest crowd of the evening as Pressure Kids took to the stage and the band fed of the atmosphere created by the anticipating crowd. Charlotte Lombardi is every inch the dynamic lead singer, a powerhouse who charms her way around the stage. She knows her craft and therefore never fails to captivate the audience with her charismatic and energetic performances. Heard commenting “Who needs the gym? I’m knackered!”, she never fails to commit 100% to every performance.

Her bandmates offer the perfect support for her unique style, physically bouncing off one another on stage, their chemistry is blatant. Each talented in their own field, the guitarists give the tracks depth whilst the strong bass-riffs pulse through every song. The drumming is always energetic and powerful, allowing the crowd to tap their feet and clap their hands; audience participation is a must!

The stage at ‘The Vic’ was somewhat restricting in terms of size, yet never ones to succumb to any kind of restraint; Pressure Kids overcame their boundaries by simply ignoring them. The bassist climbed onto the edge of the stage, playing and balancing in tandem whilst Charlotte untangled her microphone lead, as if unleashing an excitable puppy, and jumped into the crowd, dancing with ‘fans’ who were singing along to their popular songs.

As well as the ever-increasingly recognised tracks such as ‘Monster’ and ‘Rocking Chair’, the band played a new track called ‘Lioness’ and another new song called ‘CBA’. The former is a guaranteed hit. In fact, I’d put money on it. The chorus is unforgettable, catchy and musically fantastic whilst the lyrics have everyone in the room hooked on Charlotte’s every word. Their older, better-known songs didn’t disappoint, successfully delivering the guitar-driven pop they claim to offer. Pressure Kids essentially produce feel-good music with a gritty edge, pop to sink your teeth into.

Following rapturous applause, the band headed off-stage to ‘mingle’ with the crowd who received them with open arms and congratulations. Not only have they concocted an impressive repertoire of incredible tracks, they have the likeability factor. They are proud of their music, rightfully so, and never fail to impress with their performances.

Following one signed band and preceding another signed band, neither of which packed the kind of punch Pressure Kids do, I fail to see how the amazingly talented likes of Charlotte, Simon, James, Dan and ‘Danimal’ remain unsigned. I beg of you, spread the word and share some Pressure Kids love!

Pressure Kids can be found here: and their E.P. is available on i-tunes.

Photograph, used with permission, by ‘Reality Control’ photography:


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  1. Gerry Lombardi says:

    Hi as a parent it is so pleasing to hear the amazing reviews our “Sharl”, Dan x 2 ,Simon & James continually
    keep receiving .
    I am confident that their hard work and determination will truly give them the success they deserve . They are
    truly an exiting & an amazing band!!
    Come on you “Record Companies” get your pen and paperwork out & sign PK will not be disappointed

    Spread the “Word”
    “I LOVE PK”
    We love you Sharl your Mamma & Papa x

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