Songs To Cure Depression :: Fake Problems – ‘RSVP’

“The world is brighter than you’ll ever know.”

Sometimes it can feel like a goddamn word-hole: That all encompassing feeling of dread, pulling everything positive with such force that the good moments seem to sail by so fast they barely even existed at all, leaving you feeling all the more worse for even believing there was salvation, and compressing them into a single atom of despair.

This is how I felt over the past week and the idea of facing reality again on Monday was almost unbearable. I rode through it though, like I had a choice, and decided, on the bus ride into one of the nearby towns, I needed something to change my negative outlook. I’d stopped the binge drinking over the past four days. but even that wasn’t keeping my head above the water. The music was the only saviour now, and what better to create a complete polar switch of mood than the self-proclaimed “beach-punks,” Fake Problems.

Now, to be fair, I could have chosen pretty much any of the tracks from Real Ghosts Caught On Tape, as the perky pop melodies could shake the cobwebs off even the Grim Reapers nut sack. But I decided to slam down ‘RSVP’ as it is arguably, along with first single Soulless, the most upbeat on the album. Plus, I really like the version in the video below, and Casey Lee’s awesome lead guitar parts make what is already a great song fantastic.

So that was me, on a bus, tapping my feet with such enthusiasm I was certain everyone on the bus could hear it, and was pissed off with me, miming every word as if the band were playing on route and once again smiling. Well, at least until next week.

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