Podcast :: Under The Bridge #34: “Barack Obama’s Wife Looks Like A White Lesbian”

“There are four rules with women…” – Ian Critchley

So…we were in The Garratt to record the show and Ellen Degeneres was on the TV above us doing push ups with Michelle Obama. This is where that title comes from and that’s all we’re going to say on the matter!

So this episode of Under The Bridge is the most inane and offensive episode we’ve ever done. It doesn’t even have anything to do with music really. Honestly, we went in without show notes and flew by the seat of our pants. There was a group of people eating food on the table across from us and, yes, we carried on these conversations. No, we weren’t drinking. Maybe we should drink more, because stuff like this wouldn’t happen.

So we talked about nothing and got a passing guest in the form of, Well Wisher’s, Mike Cahill. Barry also passed through, but didn’t really do much, and Lewis Bolland makes his triumphant return. We also have new music from Lucero, Cheap Girls and Ben Marwood.

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UTB #34: “Barack Obama’s Wife Looks Like A White Lesbian”

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