Songs To Cure Depression :: Sum 41 – ‘Rhythms’

“Since You Found Me Out.”

I’d hit rock bottom again, after a Saturday to Tuesday binge which totalled around 90 hours of drinking (with six for sleep) I’d awoke with a headache that felt like a pneumatic drill to the temple and a pain in my stomach that mimicked how I imagine the pain of a flesh eating virus would feel. I spent the next few days lay almost-comatose, feeling sorry for myself and vowing that I would, from now on, sober the hell up, work harder on my writing, and pull myself out of the pit oblivion that is, depression. But thinking, or even saying these things out loud, doesn’t necessarily make them happen and this is where music often steps in.

But what music would pull me out of the dark and make me start smiling again? It was all so obvious, cheesy pop punk from Canada. They’re upbeat, fun, good to dance to, and they also have a shit hot drummer. Sum 41 are a band, and even though (in this writers opinion) they’ve deteriorated musically recently with their new adult approach to the pop punk fix, All Killer No Filler still stands out as one of the greatest pop punk albums of the 20th century. Rhythms is a crucial song in clarifying all of the above points, with a great drum track, fun catchy vocal rhythms and all in all, a damn fine feel good vibe throughout the almost 3 minutes of three quarter length punk inspired pop.
I also thought it might be nice to make this a bit of a Spanish lesson as there was no official video for this track.

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