Album Of The Year :: Austin Lucas’ Top 5

The idea that there’s a one true ‘album of the year’ is a pretty misguided one. With that in mind, we’ve tried to offer up a series of recommendations from both the Moon & Back Music staff, and from a few notable names from the world of music.

In a year where his own release – ‘A New Home In The Old World’ – has garnered much critical acclaim and a number of ‘Album Of The Year’ nods, Austin Lucas shows some appreciation for his five favourite records of 2011.

5. Sunday Valley – To The Wind And On To Heaven

This album, is the first release from these Kentucky boys.  Honestly, it’s incredible for a debut and really shows a lot of promise.  As far as where this band is headed, etc.

Imagine a band, that mixes Dick Dale and Waylon Jennings and you’re starting to see where they are coming from.  Obviously, there is more to their sound than that.  But, it’s these things along with they’re propensity for utilizing gospel and bluegrass imagery, that puts them close to my heart.  Will they do the same to you?  Honestly, I have no idea. You should give them a spin and see though.

4. Ninja Gun – Roman Nose EP

This EP is an amazing example of how catchy and infectious a band can get, without sacrificing song writing and overall credibility.  Honestly, Ninja Gun have one of the silliest names for any band, out there.  Don’t let their name fool you though.  They are one of the best American rock and roll groups out there.  They effortlessly mix American southern rock and British psych pop like no other band.  Trust me, they aren’t the pop punk band from the 90’s that you think they are.  They, are however, a rock and roll, juggernaut.

3, Tom Waits – Bad As Me

This is a Tom Waits album. He’s incredible and everyone knows it.  He always has been and always will be.  This album is no exception.

2. Josh Small – Juke

When I first heard the unmixed rough tracks of this album, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it.  I heard all sorts of off the wall sounds and percussion.  But then, when I received this finished album in the mail.  Put it in the stereo and cranked it up for the first time, I was blown away.  Josh created an amazing album, where influences from Elton John and Steely Dan, mix (and actually work) with Josh’ trademark boogie woogie and howl.  This album proves to me, what I always assumed to be gospel.  Josh Small is an intensely gifted songwriter and arranger.  Capable of taking music, into incredible places.

1. Glossary – Long Live All Of Us

This band is the best band going, right now. As far as musicianship and excellence and diversity in song writing.  Nobody can touch the Glossary folks.  This album proves that a band who is 7 albums and 15 years into their career, can not only stay great but in fact, get better.  Go from amazing to un-fucking-beatable. Truthfully, Glossary is an unstoppable force and it’s a crying shame that more people don’t know what an incredible band they are.  If you read this, though.  You could be the next lucky person,  to buy their album and have your metaphorical dick, knocked into the dirt.

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