Album Of The Year 2011 :: Cara Moore’s Top 5

The idea that there’s a one true ‘album of the year’ is a pretty misguided one. With that in mind, we’ve tried to offer up a series of recommendations from both the Moon & Back Music staff, and from a few notable names from the world of music.
Today it’s the turn of, Moon & Back contributor (and our favourite American!) Cara Moore.

1. Dave Hause – Resolutions

I saw Dave with this album at the beginning of the year, and Twitter promotion is to thank for that. I dragged a along a group of friends to Kentucky to see him, and we all left massive fans. He let me buy his album for $9 because I tried to pay the last dollar in quarters. I doubt more than two weeks passed this year without me listening to this album. ‘Prague’ and ‘C’mon Kid’ are personal favorites.

The rest fall in no order but definitely were defining albums of 2011 for me:

Laura Stevenson And The Cans – Sit Resist

This album really blew me away. I can’t thank Fake Problems(knew they’d find a way in here!) enough for exposing them to me. This is again a choicenthat was greatly influenced by seeing them live. The lyrics are just so honest and I love the variation of instruments used. Every single sound compliments Laura’s unique voice.

The Horrible Crowes – Elsie

Anyone who knows me knows this is a given on my list. I was really happy with how Elsie turned out, mostly because it wasn’t The Gaslight Anthem like critics predicted. I had the opportunity to see one of the two US shows and it was amazing. This album just moves. There are sad songs and soft songs and powerful songs. Fallon has amazing vocal range and Ian’s ability to come through and play so dynamically as a complimentor, taking background or really blowing it out and commanding is genius and really completes the album.

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

I’m a massive CWK fan. I really wish they would’ve toured to StL. Regardless this album is so good. It is poetic and strong and weird and great. I love that no CWK album sounds like it is trying to reinvent the sound yet they are all CWK. I feel like all I can say is so so good, and Hey! Listen!

The Swellers – Good For Me

This last spot was so so so hard to pick and I felt like not only was it hard enough to filter but there are still albums thatbI haven’t heard. I think this is going to be a surprise to some but I loved this album. I was even surprised by it. It was so relateable for me. I listened to it countless times this year. When I was pumped, when I was sad, when I wanted to hear something heavy-ish, when I was shoveling snow…OK not the last one yet but this album is like the color black; goes with everything. Super amazingly nice group of guys to boot.

Honorable Mention:

Ben Marwood – Outside There’s A Curse

Not only do I adore this album and Ben in general (he wrote me a poem once!) But I owe a lot to it. It was what really brought me to M&B, the podcast and mostly Ian and Barlow. It’s so mystical yet haunting yet full of lore and bouncy. He’s like the folk Buddy Holly ‘everyman.’

Other notable records:

Tom Waits – Bad As Me

Title Fight – Shed

Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room – Hurricane Season

Chuck Ragan – Covering Ground

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Peyton On Patton

The Kooks – Junk Of The Heart

Man this was exhausting. I’m glad it only comes once a year.

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