Interview :: Frank Turner

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“…he’d stand stock still, with a single tear rolling down his face, as all these eight year olds punched him, repeatedly, in the balls.” – Frank Turner

Ahead of his sold out show at Manchester’s O2 Apollo, we had another chat with Frank Turner. It’s been quite the year for the singer/songwriter: He and The Sleeping Souls completed their first headline tour of America, he’s scored a show at Wembley Arena and his latest album, England Keep My Bones, is bound to be cracking a few ‘Album Of The Year’ lists.

We talked to Frank about what it’s like taking to the road with a folk band and a punk band, who’s going to support him at the Wembley show, and he reveals a few details about his forthcoming hardcore band.

3 Responses to “Interview :: Frank Turner”

  1. Ellison says:

    This is a great interview, but you really need to invest in a lapel mike or SOMETHING. It’s almost impossible to hear Frank unless you plug in your headphones. And the music playing in the background is super distracting. And the pull-out quote is inaccurate.

    • Hey man, we usually use a lapel mic, but due to the size of the room we didn’t deem it necessary. As for the bedding music, that’s a fault on my part. Glad you enjoyed the interview though!

  2. […] su anterior banda. Esas y otras cosillas las podéis oír en la entrevista que le hicieron para Moon & Back Music. […]

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