Podcast :: Under The Bridge #30: Church Street In Ruins

“No Comment!” – Sam Russo

We decided to change the show up a little bit this time around. I know, I know, we do that a lot. We just like to keep things fresh, is all. Anyway, for the foreseeable future we’ll actually be playing full songs on the show. That means none of that ’30-ish second clip bullshit’ any more! We also recorded this one in the pub with a lot of guests. We’d like to do that again, but who knows if it’ll happen.

Anyway, the reason for the change in formatting is down to one thing. We have a theme tune! Ryan from Mixtapes – a wonderful band from Ohio – set up a ‘song shop’ service (I guess), so we took him up on this and he recorded us a theme tune. We think it’s pretty good and you’ll like it too. With that in mind we thought that one full song and then a bunch of clips was a bit rubbish, so we’ve consulted our ‘legal representative’ Matt Baldwin (of Matt & Mondo fame) and this episode features songs from Bangers, Emma Hallows, The Gaslight Anthem and Sam Russo.

This week we are joined by Emma Hallows, Kieran Kelly, Sam Russo and Matt Swaby to discuss what happens when you piss off a bunch of hardcore Gaslight Anthem fans, how Helen Chambers may or may not be a dolphin and how it’s probably good to shut up when you’re on the internet. We were also joined by a burlesque compere called Barry who’s absolutely hilarious. Shame we’ll never see him again.

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #30: Church Street In Ruins

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