EP Review :: The Xcerts – Slackerpop

“The four stripped down tracks are worth the price of admission alone…”

This year has been a big one for The Xcerts. They’ve played to crowds across the UK and Europe, which included a tour in support of Charlie Simpson. With Charlie taking a crack at acoustic stuff, it only seemed fair that the Xcerts boys do the same. They couldn’t exactly blow the roof off the venue before Charlie came on, armed only with a six string, could they?.

Of course not everyone (that includes yours truly) got to see these ‘alternative’ versions, so it’s great to have a few of them here on this re-release of ‘Slackerpop’.¬†These ‘alternative’ versions make up the majority of the EP and, whilst they all sound cleaner and softer than the originals, they all work really well. ‘He Sinks, He Sleeps’ really stands out: Not only does it sound so different to the Scatterbrain original, but it’s got this really eerie quality to it that had me hitting play again and again.

The four stripped down tracks are worth the price of admission alone, but let’s not forget that ‘Slackerpop’ is still one hell of a tune. It’s one of my favourite tracks off Scatterbrain and I can’t help but be reminded of, Xtra Mile¬†alumni, Reuben (RIP) every time I hear it. Aside from that, everything here is a brand new listening experience. You might have heard the originals, but that doesn’t mean you should pass on this EP. If you saw them in the summer, you already know you’re in for a treat!

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