Podcast :: UTB #28: “This Review Is Totally Based On Opinion”

“…and I’ve been insulting as fuck” – Ian Critchley

After a month of absence the Under The Bridge podcast is back, baby! Did you miss us? I know you did. After The Stone Roses reformed last week, we decided to talk about the ‘reunification’ of bands: The ones that did it well, the ones that didn’t and the ones we’d really like to see happen. Music this week is ‘tribal’, in some sense at least. Ian found an old CD and that’s how it began.

We probably should have played a bit of STEPS or The Stone Roses, perhaps even a bit of Take That. Instead, music this week comes from: Crazy Arm, A Tribe Called Quest, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and…The World Wide Message Society. Y’know, because that’s how we roll: 80’s cheese, awesome British punk, old school hip-hop and bad religious…something.

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Under The Bridge #28: “This Review Is Totally Based On Opinion” (right click to download)

2 Responses to “Podcast :: UTB #28: “This Review Is Totally Based On Opinion””

  1. Ian says:

    The world wide message TRIBE ya douche.

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