Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Everyone in the world at this point already knows that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and the man who brought us the iPhone and iTunes has died of pancreatic cancer on October 5 2011.

People may be thinking: “What the hell does this have to do with music…? Have you forgotten which website you write for?!” but I do believe the guy deserves a mention. Steve Jobs totally revolutionised the way we listen to and share music. End of.

How many of you are sitting here reading this, while iTunes is downloading or playing something in the background or your iPod is dangling off your ears or blaring out of the dock across the room?

There has been a massive change since the first iPod, which is crazy considering it has only been out 10 years. No longer do you need to reinforce your pockets to keep it in (as awesome as it was, it was a bit big), now we have gigs of music at our very fingertips… on a device about the size of our fingertips.

None of this would have been possible with out Steve Jobs. The man took the way we listened to music, saw past the limitations of CD’s, threw it all into the blender and came out with the iPod and we’ve never looked back since.

Your grandparents, or even your parents would probably never in their wildest dreams have thought that they could carry around thousands of songs, videos, photos with them all day on a matchbook sized machine.

Now, I’m not the biggest Apple fan. I don’t like Macbooks, I don’t own an iPhone, I think the iPad looks a bit annoying (give me a keyboard any day) but the one thing I can’t deny is that I’d be utterly lost without my iPod. Whether I’m on the train going to uni, going for a run, skating, snowboard or just sitting around the house I need a soundtrack for my life and my iPod caters to my every need.

Steve Jobs was a pioneer, I could live without most Apple products but I couldn’t live without my iPod. It’s a constant accessory that goes with everything. It is a way to listen to music that is practical, looks good and is easy to function, what more could you ask for..?

All of this is why Steve Jobs deserves a little mention here today. For now he’s resting up on the iCloud and we’re all iSad (couldn’t resist, they are trending on Twitter after all).

RIP Steve Jobs, 1955-2011. iPod 1G Advert

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