“…A Chuck Ragan Fishing Show?”

“My dream is to, someday, start a Chuck Ragan fishing show…” – Geoff Rickly (Thursday)

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About seven months ago we interviewed Geoff Rickly from Thursday and he mentioned it was his “dream” to start a Chuck Ragan fishing show. We’d been told in the past that Chuck was an avid fisherman, and this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Over the following months (almost) every person we interviewed would hear the question “…Comission a Chuck Ragan fishing show?” With an interview scheduled with Chuck, Barlow cut together a video of (almost) all the responses to the question. It was only meant to be for the man himself (hence why it’s just appearing on here), but he loved it and we sent it public.

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Over the past few days we’ve seen a steady increase in the hits on this video, which is always cool. Today I look and it appears to be everywhere. It’s appeared on the Twitter of Hot Water Music (Chuck’s band), Thursday’s Twitter and the official Revival Tour Twitter. Chuck’s record label, SideOneDummy have posted it on their Facebook page and a bunch of awesome blogs have picked it up too.

This is just a message of shock and a thank you to everyone who’s posted the video so far. Plus, we needed to have it up on here! Chuck has seen the video and you’ll get to see his reaction tomorrow.

Thanks everyone,

Barlow & Ian

Editor(s) – Moon & Back Music

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