Moon & Back Session :: Into It. Over It.

Ladies and gentlemen…Into It. Over It.

The idea of having artists do “sessions” for Moon & Back is an idea we’ve been throwing around for a while. Today, that idea comes to fruition. Into It. Over It. performed in Manchester last night, so we asked Evan if he’d be kind enough to record a couple of songs for us. He obliged and completely blew us away.

First up, he performs a fantastic version of, his own, ‘Augusta, GA’ (taken from the album Twelve Towns). He followed that with a brilliant cover of Iron Chic’s ‘Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good). Be sure to let us know who you’d like to see do a ‘Moon & Back Session’ and, if they’re on tour somewhere near us, we’ll do our best to track them down. I hope you enjoy this. We’ve got a few more lined up and would love to keep bringing these to you on a semi-regular basis.

All footage was shot and edited by, our in house video team, Dicking Around Productions. Check them out here.

Augusta, GA

Bustin’ (Makes Me Feel Good)

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  1. Top stuff, that dude is really good.

  2. […] It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss recently performed two songs for a session with Moon Back. Weiss’ performance included “Augusta, GA” from 2011′s Twelve Towns as well […]

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