Album Review :: Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room – Hurricane Season

“…a record that’s so different from his other work, and yet it still feels very similar. If that makes sense?”

It’s been a few years since Dan Andriano announced his solo project, The Emergency Room. Having previously released some acoustic demos online and nothing more, some thought the project may never see the light of day. Going under the moniker of Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room, the Alkaline Trio bassist has finally let his debut solo creation see the light of day and has surpassed all my expectations.

I think he’s written the best of Alkaline Trio’s songs and I adore Tuesday’s Freewheelin’, but I really didn’t know how a Dan Andriano solo record would pan out. Had it been just another ‘punk goes acoustic’ effort I wouldn’t have been disappointed, but I’d have certainly thought it was a missed opportunity. So when I heard the piano come in on, opening track, ‘It’s Gonna Rain All Day’ I couldn’t have been happier. As the album progressed, and more instruments were introduced. Add to that, Dan’s fantastic lyrics, especially his knack for wordplay, and I wondered why I’d ever doubted that Hurricane Season could be anything less than fantastic.

In fact, I’d go as far to say that, within this collection of songs are some of Dan’s finest. Not only are they great songs, but they really show off his range as a songwriter and reveal some of the influences that might not be as clear in his other work. ‘Let Me In’ has got this great rock & roll sound to it, kind of like if Elvis Costello played stuff from the current punk scene. The same atypical influences can be seen in ‘Me And Denver’. Whilst it’s been said countless times before, by better writers than I, that Dan Andriano was the first crooner of punk rock this track typifies that. It feels almost like an more modern Neil Diamond song, and that’s no bad thing.

Hurricane Season has really allowed Dan to push himself as a songwriter, and take risks he might otherwise not be able to with Alkaline Trio. It’s a record that’s so different from his other work, and yet it still feels very similar. If that makes sense? It’s easily the best thing to come out of Alkaline Trio in the past few years (and that’s coming from a fan of their recent work), and is easily my favorite record of the year so far.

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  1. nikki says:

    yea but what does the two red letters on the album cover mean? I cant figure it out…

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