Album Review :: Roy Santiago – The Great Pretender

Rock does it Dutch

Roy Santiago - The Great Pretender courtesy of Jezus Factory Records

Multi talented, multi instrumentalist, Roy Santiago offers up his latest album The Great Pretender. Putting a face to what is touted as a thriving scene, Santiago provides an image and sound that satisfies.

The Netherlands is a country that is famous for a great many things. A great footballing nation, great painters and liberal laws on certain smokables. They are not, however, famous within the musical industry for rock acts. It would take even the hardest, most open minded rock fan to think of a world famous, world class rock act, the closest coming in the form of the Van Halen brothers of their eponymous band, although they emigrated at a relatively young age and are American citizens.

It is with great pleasure then, that M&B presents the latest offering from Roy Santiago, a man on a mission to provide quality, and quantity, of top quality music from a country desperate to make its mark.

The Great Pretender therefore is much more than yet another album from a man who seems to be constantly working on one project or another, a contender for the busiest Dutch musician on the planet surely. With an eclectic and mysteriously upbeat tempo, The Great Pretender provides ten tracks of soft, harmonic and passively enjoyable pop rock tracks that will suit a broad spectrum of listeners.

There are no three-chord riffs or thundering drum solos here and those hardcore rockers who are looking for that will be supremely disappointed. Instead a quantative, laid back rock, almost jazz feel is created from Santiago as he whispers his dulcet baritones in your ear, creeping on your shoulder.

Despite there being no real groundbreaking tracks, lyrics or harmonies within the bulk of the album, Roy Santiago is worth a listen merely from a music fans’ perspective of discovering a different country’s approach to an established genre and format.

Jonathan Whitelaw

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