Single Review :: Funeral For A Friend – Broken Foundation

“…a highlight of the band’s career”

Funeral For A Friend are back with the third single to be released of their latest album, the brilliant ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’. Broken Foundation is a return to form for the welsh rockers that will keep both new and older fans happy.

On the heals of ‘Tales Don’t Tell Themselves’, weaker and softer tunes left the band stuck in the ‘emo’ trap and competing with pop-punk bands instead of staying to their roots. Thankfully they refused to conform any longer and are back and better than ever.

Indeed this is a return to the band’s first two albums – heavy and in your face. But it’s built on the wealth of experience accumulated over the years by the post-hardcore veterans on how to create great melodies and memorable choruses. The only problem is that this track typically starts off so fast-paced that it doesn’t get the opportunity to build up into something bigger – instead staying at the same pace throughout.

That being said, the blistering guitar work combined with the blend of singing and screaming makes this a highlight of the band’s career and one of the better songs they have come up with in the recent years and an instant post-hardcore anthem.

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