Podcast :: Under The Bridge #19: “Soz, I Thought You Had Cat-Like Reflexes”

“Come down to hell and suck my red cock” – Ian Critchley/Satan

We tried and failed to get back to our regular bi-weekly schedule, but at least you have another podcast to listen to. This week’s podcast is a shorter one than the last few (we’re trying to keep them within an hour), but it’s still as insightful and offensive as ever. This week Ian makes sure you know the differences between ‘classical’ and ‘baroque’ music, we talk about the Jeff Buckley biopic and we answer a ton of questions. Music comes from Austin Lucas’ new album, A New Home In The Old World (buy it here!)

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #19: “Soz, I Thought You Had Cat-Like Reflexes” (Subscribe on iTunes)

Music – Austin Lucas

  • Thunder Rail
  • Somewhere A Light Shines
  • Keys
  • Nevada County Lines


  • Frank Turner Minute
  • Bob Dylan Plays Vietnam
  • London’s ‘Supergig’ for Japan Is Canceled
  • Sonisphere Lineup Additions
  • Capdown UK Tour
  • Cynics’ New EP/UK Tour
  • White Stripes Final Show To Be Released On DVD
  • Jeff Buckley Biopic To Go Ahead

Main Topic

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