One Night Only :: Single Review – Can You Feel It?

3 years after releasing their debut album, One Night Only are back with their self-titled second. They are also releasing a single, “Can You Feel It”, in conjunction with Coca-Cola.

The music video for “Can You Feel It” was released on YouTube in March and has received ample amounts of praise and over 190,000 views. Perhaps the backing of a major international company such as Coca-Cola will give the band the musical acclaim they’re striving for.

The track will debut as the soundtrack of the forthcoming global advertising campaign for the Coca-Cola television commercial called “Walls”, the theme of which being young people enjoying kicking-back with a can of Coke and their favourite music.

After a few listens of “Can You Feel It”, it is catchy, upbeat and fun but there doesn’t seem to be much body to the song. The instrumentals are good with strong percussion and nice guitar riffs throughout the track, but nice is a word commonly used to describe something that’s lacking a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ which can be found in an awesome song of higher calibre. In terms of lyrics, this song falls a little flat, it’s certainly not lyrically interesting or exciting but after successful appearances at festivals over the years, such as Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds & T in the Park, I have a feeling the “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh” in the chorus is aimed at excitable festival crowds this summer and international fans. So if crowd interaction is what the band want, “Can You Feel It” won’t fail to get people moving and singing along.

You can tell that the band have teamed up with Coca-Cola for this track too, it’s light-hearted and will easily reach it’s aim of appealing to a global audience, what with the simple verses and chant of a chorus. The international advertising campaign features teenagers from around the world singing alongside One Night Only and gives them the opportunity to upload a video and add it into an interactive music video. Accessible online via Coca-Cola music sites, teenagers will be able to see themselves in the video with the band; a strong unique selling point for cyber-happy teenagers. I get the impression that audience participation is key in this single, in more ways than one, and as far as pop-rock anthems go, I fear it falls a little short of the mark, but in terms of a light-hearted, simple and catchy tune, it hits the nail on the head!

One Night Only band member George Craig said, “The whole vibe of this project was to show that music has the same effect on people all over the world. It can be a real release from day to day life and there’s nothing better than getting in from school, opening a Coke, and playing your favourite music”.

Overall, the single does exactly what it says on the tin (or can…?). It’s a soft, catchy pop song with an upbeat vibe and good musicality. One Night Only are grabbing the global industry by the horns and hoping this campaign with Coca-Cola will boost their success even more. [J]

‘Can You Feel It’ is released on the 8th August 2011.

Check out the video here:

The track will make its debut as the soundtrack to the new global Coca-Cola television commercial called “Walls.”

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