The Horrors, Birmingham Academy 2

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Tonight The Horrors showed that they were not just a novelty act. After their well received sophomore outing Primary Colours, it was always going to be an interesting gig. The surprisingly eclectic audience were mostly indifferent to the two largely forgettable support bands, both of whom seemed to think that impersonating the very band that they were supporting would guarantee them a good reception, but when The Horrors finally emerged at around 9.30 anticipation was pretty high.

Opening with the synth soaked Mirror’s Image there was instant uproar. Frontman Faris Rotter stalked the stage, muttering and screaming whilst all hell broke loose in an explosion of plastic pint classes and all manner of beverages down at the barriers (it was pretty obvious that the stewards would be in for a bust night).  Storming through most of Primary Colours, the atmosphere slowly got rowdier which saw crowd surfers attempting to cling to the alcohol doused lights above. Closing their main set with an excellent rendition of A Sea Within a Sea, the excitement was palpable for all to feel. load testing websites But this was nothing compared to when the band reemerged for their encore.

Storming straight into the classic live track Count in Fives, the Academy 2 explodes into instant riotous action. Strobe lights were working over time as all the old classics from Strange House were performed with as much gusto as would be expected. The end of the set – Gloves- saw Faris dive into the adoring fans at the barriers with the job undoubtedly well done.
Either love them or hate them, with their unique mix of goth-surf and garage rock, theres no denying that The Horrors put on a great show!

If you haven’t gave Primary Colours a listen yet, heres the opening track Mirror’s Image for your delectation.

The Horrors – Mirror’s Image

You can buy the full album from XL Recordings

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