Single Review :: Some Kind Of Leader – Changer

A new Welsh Indie outfit are ready for your ears.

Some Kind of Leader

Are there any more over used terms in modern music than “electro”, “indie” and “rock”. Save for the overtly peculiar and frankly self indulgent “eurodance” of Lady GaGa, these three loosely fitting genre types cling to bands like the saggy, frowning trousers of children’s entertainers or Party Clowns to the uneducated. Yet the latest Cardiff based group, Some Kind of Leader, have taken a bold step forward and branded themselves as the triple crown of vulgar mediocrity.

Hailing from the shiny Welsh metropolis of Cardiff, Some Kind of Leader are seeking to make their own mark on the music scene the same way as their national brethren Stereophonics and Catatonia have done before them. Currently unsigned, this aspiring four piece have set about the challenge of conquering a small piece of the overcrowded market with enjoyable, if a little shallow, music.

Their most recent single offering, “Changer” is a lethargic, mid tempo indie number that performs well as background music for any and all occasions. This should not be misconstrued necessarily as a bad thing, after all Dire Straits and The Eagles both started as entertainment, party/pub bands who were more there for dressing than performance.

Musically and professionally, “Changer” is sound, as is the performance of the confidently quiet members of the group. The lead vocals of Ali Price acts as a tame overlord to the cymbal heavy drumming of the wonderfully Welsh sounding Gareth Davies. It is his percussion partner Matt Blumberg who steals the show however as the constant heartbeat of the track and evident talent as a fret board master are given their due respect and time to shine on the track. Guitarist Leon Hartley also deserves more than a nod as his specifically Indie sounding strumming are capable and unnoticeable competence.

In all, “Changer” serves as a fairly bog standard introduction for yet another indie band trying desperately to make a mark and name for themselves. Regardless of scale of ambition, Some Kind of Leader have some hard work and endeavor ahead of them, a fact that they are no doubt aware of. A point of interest would be some of their other work, notably, “In Our Best Interests,” which acsts much better as a broader spectrum and representation of the group’s ability, ambition and musical direction.

Jonathan Whitelaw

Check out the band’s official website here:

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