Single Review :: London Elektricity – Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm / The Plan That Cannot Fail

Hollow, cold and haunting, London Elektricity’s new single “Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” is humble but sharp-edged, with rough, raw straight-from-the-wax breaks and a minimalistic, slow-motion-movie approach to a genre that is no longer afraid to show its versatility (and one that, fortunately, does not rely on “rinsing it out proper” to gain popularity.) This two-tracker is London Elektricity’s first work in 3 years, and with vocals reminiscent of Sia’s “Breathe Me” and an odd change in moods being a prominent feature, Hospital Records’ new offering might not be ripping up every dancefloor in the country this month, but it definitely won’t be going unnoticed.

“The Plan That Cannot Fail” is a slightly safer bet for London Elektricity, admittedly, but fails to disappoint. A piano richer than a bath of Belgian Chocolate and Honey, an infinite soundscape, a drum break like James Brown’s backup after a 12-pack of redbull and what can only be described as some insane kind of spiritual, euphoric, feel-good, summer’s-here-but-it-isn’t-really-but-it-feels-like-it stellar experience for the soul. Nice.

Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming album “Yikes!” which is coming soon on Hospital Records. Pre-orders are available now.

Watch the video from 18/03/2011 at

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