Podcast :: Under The Bridge #17: “I Hate Bitches!”

“Why does Thom York spell his name with a ‘H’, is he a wanker?” – Ian Critchley

Wouldn’t a tattoo of an aligator wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigar saying “I hate bitches” be great? We seem to think so. In this latest dose of Under The Bridge we’re joined by, GamerWok Entertainment editor in chief, Jeff Clemens for more offensive and insightful musings about music. In this episode we have an interview with Giles Bidder (a.k.a Cynics), talk about the new Radiohead record and discuss colloquial terms for English and Canadian money.

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge #17: “I Hate Bitches” (right click/ctrl + click to download or Subscribe on iTunes)



  • You’re Alright
  • Stones I’ve Thrown
  • Be Excellent To Eachother
  • Knightcap
  • 14 Coleman Street


  • Frank Turner Minute
  • Thursday to play three pre-Groezrock shows
  • Justin Bieber gets shot on telly
  • The Menzingers to play Warped Tour
  • Trio to “reimagine” old tracks for new release
  • Lady Gaga says ‘hollywood parties’ won’t change her/compares new songs to heroin
  • Matt Skiba and Atom Willard form From Hell
  • New York Dolls playing London
  • Kayne causes Epilepsy
  • Austin Lucas announces European tour
  • Michael Jackson’s kids talk about him all the time
  • Moving North 15 in Manchester

Main Topic

  • Cynics Interview



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