Video :: Delta Maid – Tighten Up (Black Keys cover)

Delta Maid is rapidly ascending the ranks on the contemporary country circuit.

Delta Maid

Citing some of the best guitarists and musicians ever as her inspiration, Delta Maid, the young, 25 year old Liverpudlian country singer has had a phenomenal twelve moths. With the likes of BB King, Stevie Ray Vauhan and Taj Mahal as heroes, she is certainly aiming high.

Here we have but a snippet of her undeniable talent. Covering the Black Keys’ seminal tune “Tighten Up” from their album Brothers (Reviewed by M&B) Delta makes a strong case not only for herself but budding young women breaking into the country scene. With a voice that cradles the listener in its softness and pronounced glory, Delta lends her talents to a song that has been igniting the mainstream charts for a considerable time now.

Eagle eared listeners may also recognise this from FIFA 11, although the sounds of anguish, frustration and down right anger at internet connectivity and various bugs may have drowned it out.

All of Delta’s information can be found on her personal website:

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