Canada, Eh? :: MC Abdominal

“Me and a crap rapper? Nothing alike”

Now if you don’t already know, this article is paired with Canada’s Unrated’s Ello Governor, where we cover a Canadian artist and they do a UK one, this week I’m (Ian) taking control of the article and am going to be writing about MC Abdominal, who, by looking at the picture we’ve used, we assume is already a huge fan of the feature.

The strange thing about Abdominal, or Abs as he known to many, is that he is still a relatively unknown rapper. He’s been on the rap scene for over ten years and has collaborated extensively with DJ Format, toured with Jurassic 5 and released his first solo album Escape from the Pigeon Hole in May 2007. So why has Abs not hit the big time? I imagine it’s partly due to his personality. Though I’ve never met the guy, from listening to pretty much everything he’s ever been on, its clear this a down to earth guy who comes across as giving a huge shit about his fans, he probably wants to keep things nice and personal.

Though Abdominal has never really been seen “in the spotlight” of rap music, Pedal Pusher won the 2007 Echo Songwriting Prize, his ability on the mic is unmatched by any MC of the past twenty years, if ever. Often self-proclaiming his overwhelming lung-capacity, check the track Breathe Later, Abdominal will no doubt soon become one of the major hitters in the hip-hop world, if he chooses to, but I can’t see him ever losing his love for his audience like so many “big” rappers out there.

Abs will have a new record out sometime at the start of the new year called Sitting Music, which features backing by his new band The Obliques, which will hopefully bring around a UK tour! You can check his music out on MySpace. Escape from the Pigeon hole is available via iTunes. So if you haven’t already got it from your local record shop, buy it!

…and remember, always walk left, stand right.

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  2. supamessa says:

    hello abdominal
    you have a spectacular flow
    and a supply of oxygen incredible
    I love your sound
    I have a little mix with my mpc
    thank you for this good hip hop

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