Help Ian Make An EP!

What you gotta do to be part of the E.P is simple.

1. Download something to record yourself on. If you haven’t got any preferences, use Audacity. You can get that for free here.

2. Download the vocal track I prepared from here.

3. Add the vocal track to Audacity and create a separate track to record your vocals on.

4. Make sure you use headphones so the backing track isn’t picked up on your recording.

5. Hit record and sing your heart out, the lyrics are, “WE HAVE FAITH, BUT THESE DAYS IT AINT GETTING MUCH SUSSED, OUR STOMACHS ARE PITS, AND WE TALK ABOUT OURSELVES TOO MUCH.” (Just follow the backing track. Its easy.)

6. After recording, delete the backing track and mix down so JUST your vocal track is on the finished piece.

7. Slap the track into an e-mail and send to me in an email or Megaupload it and drop the link into a message on Facebook! (Harmonica Frank)

I was hoping to have this done by the 19th of December so get your tracks in pronto!

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