Podcast :: Under The Bridge #10: “Duke I is nou ervo .-“

“Suffolk can’t have a lord, it doesn’t even have a post office” – Ian Critchley

No, you’re not seeing things. This is another episode of Under The Bridge. We’ve not taken the podcast weekly, it’s just Ian (a.k.a. Jesus King Of The Gods) is in Spain and wouldn’t be able to record next week, as planned. Rather than have you lot stew for a week whilst he’s getting all tantastic, we recorded a week early. I can hear you all saying “aww, bless” in unison now.

Anyway, this week it’s not just us two providing you with a dose of bullshit. We’ve also got, Editor In Chief of Unrated Music, Jeff Clemens on the show. He chimes in on this week’s most pressing issues, whilst adding a touch of Canadian class to proceedings. On the cards for this episode: Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, more on Kanye West being his arrogant self and we talk about Lord Dani Filth…yes, Lord.

Go on, have a listen – Under The Bridge #10: “Duke I is nou ervo .-“ (right click/ctrl click + save to download or subscribe on iTunes)


  • Bomb The Music Industry to cover Weezer’s Blue Album
  • Eminem finds dating difficult
  • New Jacko song is real
  • Punktastic detail new compilation
  • Kanye West gives ‘concert’ on plane
  • Thin Lizzy to tour UK in 2011
  • Cradle Of Filth frontman becomes Lord


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