Podcast :: Under The Bridge #9: We Should Have Gone To University, So We Did

Ian and Jamie Lenman (formerly of Reuben)

“I could go for a lefty, but that’s just messy” – Ian Critchley

After another ‘lost episode’ (one that should have featured guests), here’s episode 9 of Under The Bridge. This week we had a bit of a Reuben theme to our episode. For the ill informed, Reuben was an alternative rock band from Surrey that split up in 2008. There’s a campaign to get their song ‘Christmas Is Awesome’ to the top of the charts this Christmas and we’re fully behind that. Also this week: We announce a new ‘worlds nicest man’, we tell you why NATO canceled an Arcade Fire gig and tell you about a bunch of cool bands touring the US.


  • Blamethrower
  • Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies
  • The Weight Of The World
  • Suffocation Of The Soul
  • Agony/Agatha

Go on, have a listen – Under The Bridge #9: We Should Have Gone To University, So We Did (right click/ctrl + click to download)

Main Topic
Make Reuben’s ‘Christmas Is Awesome’ number 1 in the UK charts this Christmas!


  • Chuck Ragan ousts Jonah Matranga as ‘World’s Nicest Man’
  • Plan B not looking to crack America
  • North American Tour News (Quick mention)
  • XFM Winter Wonderland lineups announced (Quick Mention)
  • Johnny Cash memorabilia up for auction
  • Public Enemy raise $75,000 for fan-funded album
  • Foo Fighers to play two shows in…Milton Keynes
  • NATO Cancel Arcade Fire Gig
  • Taylor Swift likes a man to ‘take charge of her’
  • George Harrison once tricked Paul McCartney into thinking he was his dead mother
  • MC Hammer disses Jay-Z. Jay-Z doesn’t care
  • Lil’ Wayne released from prison (Quick Mention)
  • Justin Beiber gets bullied on the Internet


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The Podcast

Moon & Back


Stuff worth mentioning

  • Album review – Robert Plant – ‘Band Of Joy’ by Jonathan Whitelaw
  • Interview – Oli Wood (Above Them)
  • Goiing Underground – Yashin
  • Album Review – Morrissey – ‘Bona Drag (20th Anniversary Edition)’
  • Promo – Frank Turner -’I Still Believe’
  • Going Underground – Hans Island
  • EP review – Under Stars & Gutters – ‘Soundtrack To This City’ by Joe Brownridge
  • Album review – Bad Religion – ‘The Dissent Of Man’
  • Album review – Dave Acari – ‘Devil’s Left Hand’

Coming Soon

  • Interview – Andrew Jackson Jihad
  • Interview – Austin Lucas, Jon Snodgrass, Cory Branan, Chole Manor (video)
  • Album review – N*E*R*D – Nothing
  • Dicking Around in London


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