Canada, Eh? :: TV Heart Attack

Canada, Eh?

In conjunction with the fine folks at Unrated Music, I bring you a new weekly feature; designed to deliver unto you some undiscovered audio delights from the land of Mounties and maple syrup. Up first are, Vancouver-based indie rockers, TV Heart Attack.

According to, frontman, Jason Corbett “some things are best left unexplained”, the story behind these guys’ debut record is not one of them. If it wasn’t for insurance money, TV Heart Attack might not be where they are today. An accident that claimed Jason’s guitar was the starting point to their road to success.
After independently releasing their self titled debut, the band have gone from strength to strength: They’ve gotten tons of airplay, toured Canada relentlessly, had a few TV appearances and played festivals alongside some of the biggest names in indie rock. They seem to be having a great time doing it too.
It’s clear to me that bands like Joy Division and others of that ilk have inspired these guys no end. TV Heart Attack are definitely a band that embrace their influences, but abstain from the path of rehashing what’s gone before. With a sound not too dissimilar to that of The Killers or Franz Ferdinand, I see no reason why these guys won’t make it big. They’re clearly talented enough, but dedication is key. Keep an eye out for TV Heart Attack. They might not really be my cup of tea, but I predict big things.

You can find these guys on their official website and on MySpace. Be sure to check them out!

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