Promo :: My Chemical Romance – ‘Danger Days, The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’

After a long wait for My Chemical Romance  fans, the new album/ rock opera/ phenomenon, whatever you want to call it has landed. The new theme, a futuristic comic book, designed by  Front man Gerard way himself. And of course with a new wave of music comes a new wave of merchandise, tour dates and trailer videos.

The band have been  releasing song trailers and surveillance videos creating more and more hype as more and more information gets released on the album. With the dramatic cult following behind the highly ‘Emo’ “Welcome to the black parade” under their belts,  My Chemical Romance have taken a risk with “Danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys”  because it’s more raw, more edgey and is shedding the old persona of the cancer suffering, gothicism of the last album.

Though the songs released don’t have as much of a sheer punk rock edge as previously conceived,  the three songs that fans have heard are truly anthemic. The first, “Na Na Na / Art Is The Weapon”  really portrays a ready for action mood, it’s fast  paced and is catchy beyond belief. The video to this song was really the first big reveal to the fans about the album. With the band clad in bandito scarves, running around the desert firing ray guns at men in masks and white suits what could go wrong? The second song to be heard is slightly more like a ballad,  called ‘Sing’,  again very catchy, this song is very much a stadium tune. The latest song  to be released is called ‘Save yourself, I’ll hold them back’ it starts with a guitar riff  reminiscent of  The Foo Fighters. The structuring and bridges remind me of Cage The Elephant, with Gerard speaking over distorted guitar  waiting for it to just build up and explode.

So With the band running all over Europe at the moment and the website updating more than Phillip Schofield does his twitter, the hype is building thick and fast. I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of many MCR fans when I say , THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

By Choo/Chloe   Cooper

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