Gig Review :: Cancer Bats – The Cockpit, Leeds – 31/10/2010

Cancer Bats was always going to be a treat, so I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to see them on Halloween.

Vera Cruz emerge looking like stereotypical Frenchmen (striped white and black t-shirts and mustaches). Very fitting, seeing as they’re French. I really liked them, but they seemed to have trouble getting the crowd going. Hardly surprising really when your playing in a room when there’s only one band on everyone’s mind. Be sure to check out their EP. It’s available from their website.

While watching Trashtalk was fun for fans of extreme stage acrobatics, the sound quality was poor and seemed to be lower quality than their albums. This wasn’t helped by the previously mentioned acrobatics that the cockpit is renowned for. Even the presence of Michael Jackson on drums didn’t perk up this performance for me.

The Cancer Bats took to the stage in Halloween spirit, with a variety of costumes ranging from the grim reaper to the devil. A good range of songs from all of their albums were played, classics and new songs alike. As expected, here’s where the crowd really got going. They were, without doubt, the highlight of the night. Saving ‘Hail Destroyer’ till the end, was the cherry on top of the set.

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