EP Review :: Under Stars & Gutters – Soundtrack To This City

After a successful tour with The Lawrence Arms, Irish punk band, Under Stars & Gutters have released, their first EP, Soundtrack To This City, just in time for a forthcoming tour of the American East Coast.

Starting out with ‘We Want Control’ US&G reveal their punk side with both with its title and lyrics. The band set a high standard for the rest of the EP and establish a blend of guitar, bass and drums to call their own. Whilst the chaotic intro wasn’t all that amazing, when it slows down the track starts to really shine. Short instrumentals and better sounding vocals are what really make this song worth listening to. ‘3167’ – a love song with a fast heavy beat – works well. Definitely one of the better songs on the EP.  ‘Just Like A Movie’ is a real highlight of this record. The instrumental half way through is brilliant in it’s own right, and helps break up and redefine US&G’s sound. Of all the songs included, ‘If You Met Drama’ stands out the most and, in my opinion is, the best here. A catchy chorus helps this song shine out above the rest. ‘This City’ sounds lacking compared to the others and, for me, is the most average song here.

Overall ‘Soundtrack to this city’ is a solid first release. Despite some songs seeming a little average, it definitely has some songs that you’ll have on repeat time and time again.  The EP is available to download here for free.

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